Top 5 Best Cordless Power Drill On The Market

Best Cordless Power Drill On The Market

With the proliferation of internet and DIY solutions, cordless drills have become an elementary part of every homeowner’s toolbox. Banked on the increasing need for cordless drills in most homes and workshops, I spent a couple of weeks researching and testing some of the industry’s best cordless power drill so you do not have to waste time and money finding the right cordless drill for your project.

What Is The Most Use Of Best Cordless Power Drill?

Generally, cordless power tools can longer be assumed given how they charge quickly, with best type battery, remain powered up for long hours, and pack serious features to ensure high performance. This has seen cordless drills become efficient for both small project, like assembling furniture and installing fixtures, and for bigger tasks, like home remodling and general constuction.

Whether you are professional contractor or homeower with endless home improement projects, you should be able to make one of these best cordless power drills a basic part of your toolbox.

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#1 DEWALT DC970K-2 18 Volt Compact Drill

DEWALT DC970K-2 cordless power dril

  • Model: DC970K-2
  • Diameter of the holes: 1/2
  • BPM (beats/blows per minute): 0-8,500 / 0-29,000
  • Speeds: 2
  • RPM: 0-450/0-1,500
  • Battery Volts: 18V
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • The DC970K-2 is a well-balanced drill to inspire comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Suitable for both heavy and light duties.
  • Great battery reliability
  • Produces more noise than other drills
  • Use Nicad battery, which are heavier than Li-ion batteries.
  • Some users have reported that it’s not suitable for heavy duties.
DEWALT DC970K 2 Cordless power drills
DEWALT DC970K 2 Cordless power drills

Being the top selling cordless drill on Amazon, it’s evident that it lives up to most users expectations besides Dewalt being of the best brand for cordless power drill. This model is a reasonably priced, lightweight and multipurpose drill that will offer you easy entry into close-fitting spaces while packing a powerful punch.

The drill comes with two different speed transmission settings graded at 0-450 RPM and 1500 RPM, giving it the capability to be used for both heavy and light duties. With the A inch chuck made from strong plastic, it should be strong enough to resist abrasion. It also features 17 clutch (torque) settings, which makes it suitable all applications.

For battery reliability, the drill come with two batteries rated at 1.2 Ah and an hour charger.

If you are looking for best Cordless Power Drill that is fit for handing drilling and driving tasks around the workshop and at home, I would recommend the DEWALT DC970K-2 18 Volt Compact Drill.
I bought this drill at least 4 or 5 years ago, and it is still running strong! Using original batteries, although you can tell they do not operate at 100%.
This drill is incredible. Holds a charge forever with light periodic usage. Powerful as you need it to be, but back off with torque control. I’ve bought and thrown away a few cheaper drills before this, and wish I’d just gotten the Dewalt to begin with. Awesome


#2 BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK Cordless Power Drill

BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK cordless drill

  • Model: LDX120PK
  • Diameter of the holes: 3/8
  • Torque: 115 in-lbs
  • Speeds: 1
  • RPM: 0-650
  • Battery Volts: 20V
  • Battery capacity: 1.5Ah
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Impresssive speed control
  • Reliable battery life
  • Strong and powerful design
  • Comes with a single battery
  • Not suitable for industrial (heavy) duties.
  • The storage bag does not have enouh space to all drill bit items.
BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK Cordless power drill
BLACK+DECKER Cordless power drill

Speaking of the best Cordless Power Drill brand, Black and decker can never go unmentioned. The company is widely known for the best industrial power tools, powered paint tools, lawn and garden tools as well as cleaning products.

The Black and decker LDX120PK 20 volt Max Lithium-lon drill is a very resouceful tool for drilling into plastic, wood and plastic along with different screw driving tasks. Powered by a 20 volt Lithium-lon battery, you are determined of have an additional level of control for the drill. With the 11 pastion clutch that gives you more power to manage the drill, you are certanin that it would fit on whatever you are drilling.

For high performance, it can take up to 650 RPM thanks to its 115 inch-lbs of torque. The chuck size is 3/8 inch.

This drill works at variable speeds making it relevant for different jobs. It features an LED work light that will help you keep visibility intact.
We got this for our first home and it has been a life saver right off the bat! We use it at least every other day. This is a great basic tool kit for around the house jobs. Also comes with a very sturdy carrying case!
This is better than i expected, perfect size, works with wood, walls etc and does not make much noise either but still is very powerful .. worth its price.


#3 Bosch PS32-02 12 Volt Max Brushless 3/8-inch Drill

Bosch PS32-02 cordless drill

  • Model: PS32-02
  • Diameter of the holes: 3/8
  • Torque (in. lbs.): 265
  • Speeds: 2
  • RPM: 0-400 / 0-1,300
  • Battery Volts: 12 V
  • Battery capacity: 2.0 Ah
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Its light weight ensure balance and comfort.
  • Durable EC Brushless motor
  • It features the Autolock chuck that makes it very convenient and best cordless power drill for most users.
  • It’s noisy compared to other drills
  • Recommended for light duties only
  • Comes with one battery
Bosch PS32-02 Cordless power drill
Bosch PS32-02 Cordless power drill

You should be ready to drill and work on your home’s renovation tasks without experiencing the slightest bit of fatigue and discomfort with this industry’s best cordless power drill that weighs in at 2lbs and a 6.5 inch head-length. Powered with 12V Lithium-lon battery, the drill is able to last for hours. The powerful charger ensures the batery recharges quickly.

With 21 different clutch settings and an adjustable trigger, you are able control the power and speed when drilling or driving. Bosch PS32-02 12 Volt Max Brushless 3/8-inch Drill can be used to drill, sink and remove screws on plastic, metal and wood.

The most impressive feature on this drill is the Autolock chuck, which makes it easy to quickly loosen or tighten without using and additional tools. With the 2 speed setting and a high-torque setting at 180 inches/pound, you are assured of a powerful and high speed drill.

This is top of the line for small rechargeable drills. It is well designed and does everything very well. 100%+ satisfied!
so much lighter than my older Panasonic. It’s become my go to tool every time I step outside to work on a project.


#4 Milwaukee 2407-20 M12 3/8 Cordless Power Drill

Milwaukee 2407-20 M12 3/8 Cordless Power Drill

  • Model: 2407-20
  • Diameter of the holes: 3/8
  • Speeds: 2
  • RPM: 0-400, 0-1,500
  • Battery Volts: 12V
  • Battery capacity: 2.5 Ah
  • Weight: 2.43 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Suitable for drilling and driving into tight places.
  • Its light weight ensures balance and comfort.
  • The 12 Volt battery is compatible with its system and lasts for hours.
  • Appropriate for light duties only.
  • It heats up faster compared to other drills.
  • Mostly plastic structure.

The Milwaukee 2407-20 M12 3/8 cordless Drill comes with a 2-speed transmission setting rated at 0-400 RPM and 0-1500 RPM for a variable and speedy driving and drilling experience. The compact 3/8 inch drill is widely recommended for light duties on metal, wood and plastic.

With a 275 inch-lbs of torque and 19 clutch settings, you’ll be able to have the best drilling experience as per your own preferences. The slanting barrel ensures screws goes into tight places while the in-built LED light keeps visibility intact.

For comfort and balance, this power tool weights 2.75 lbs with a length of 7-3/8 inches. The chuck is A-inch for a reliable compatibility with other accessories.

Milwaukee’s is certainly one of the best cordless drill brand in the industry today since its range of cordless drills have been known to fulfill most users’ interests.
A strong and powerful little drill. And at a great price. I also own a Milwaukee angle drill. I use it most of the time instead of a my electric drill. I think these are the best drills on the market!
Wow, extremely powerful compact drill! Great chuck on this model for holding bits in place. Great LED light and the battery meter on the side. I will be buying more M12 tools. I highly recommend this drill to anyone that needs a compact drill.


#5 Makita XT273R 18V LXT Lithium-lon Compact Cordless Drill

Makita XT273R cordless drill

  • Model: XT273R
  • Diameter of the holes: 1/2
  • Torque (in. lbs.): 480
  • Speeds: 2
  • RPM: 0-400 & 0-1,500
  • Battery Volts: 18V
  • Battery capacity: 2.0 Ah
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • The hammer drill can be used for light and heavy duties.
  • Good torque under reduced speed.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Heats up faster.
  • Its heavy compared to other drills
  • Too much vibration and noise.

Speaking of the forerunners in the introduction of cordless power tools, Makita can never go unmentioned and for some time now, the Makita XT273R 18V LXT Lithium-lon Compact Cordless Drill has been one of my person favorites, as far as the best power drill is something to go by.

The Makita XT273R 18V LXT features the variable 2-speed transmission graded at 0-400 RPM and 0-1500 RPM. The a inch hammer (XPH01Z) driver drill is certainly the perfect supplement to this power tool. Weighing at 3.4 lbs with a 1420 inch-lbs of torque, this hammer drill offers whatever you need without feeling even the slightest bit of discomfort.

Powered by 18 Volt compact 2Ah batteries that charges at 25 minutes, you’re definiterly assured of a reliable battery life. The 4 pole motor is also a great additional to combo kit since it provides 480 inch-lbs of max torque for handing heavy work.

For safety, the impact driver features the Xtreme protection Technology (XPT) to protect it from mechanical damages alongside its advanced dust and water resistance.
I’ve used them both a number of times and have had no problems. They seem to have good power behind them and the batteries have lasted me a number of uses. I’ve drilled easily through hardwood and steel, and the impact driver effectively removed 4″ rusty screws from the studs in my garage.
Very satisfied!! Quality is definetly better than Dewalt that lasted only for a month period before i started having issues with it. This is my second Makita drill and after 2 years my other set of Makita drill is still working flawlessly. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for quality and good performance.


Always remember to evaluate you projects to know the right cordless power drill that will work for you. The drills are widely classified into 3 major categories: General use, Light Duty and Heavy duty.

Whether you are professional contractor or homeower with endless home improement projects, you should be able to make one of these best cordless power drills a basic part of your toolbox.

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