Greenworks 40v Leaf Blower Review: Lightweight design provides easier control

Greenworks 40v Leaf Blower Review

A rake is not that useful when you have a big yard. It is always a good idea to have something more powerful to blow away debris and leaves which can gather up overnight. The perfect solution to this problem is the leaf blower. With the help of the leaf blower, you can quickly get rid of debris and leaves covering your lawn or your backyard. However, if you have tried searching for a leaf blower, you would notice that there are numerous options available. Rather than helping you out, the countless options can confuse you.

We would today exactly help you solve this problem. We will review one of the best leaf blowers on offer. We are speaking about Greenworks 40v leaf blower. Our detailed Greenworks 40v leaf blower review will help you understand why it is one of the best leaf blowers on offer.

Greenworks 40v leaf blower Features

Let us first start with the features. Once you go through them, it is easy to understand why it is such a popular option.


Greenworks Lightweight Leaf Blower only 7 LBS
Greenworks Lightweight Leaf Blower only 7 LBS

One of the main reasons why people prefer a rake as compared to a leaf blower is because of the weight. However, when you’re going with this leaf blower, you will suffer from no such problem. It weighs 3.3 lbs. Considering the heavy-duty leaf blower and excellent flow rate, it is pretty lightweight. The lightweight means that you can use it for the bigger lawns as well as the patios without any hand fatigue. It is one of the main USP of this leaf blower.

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High Voltage

Available 40V Tools
Available 40V Tools

The voltage of a leaf blower is directly proportional to the power that it can generate. The higher the power, the more will be the flow rate. The leaf blower which we are discussing has a rating of 40V. Due to the voltage rating of 40 V and the lithium-ion battery, it can provide you with a high flow rate, which can eliminate leaves, organic matter, debris, and other contaminants from your lawn. When you consider this factor in conjunction with the lightweight, it is a winner.

Lithium-ion battery

As we stated above, it consists of a lithium-ion battery. The advantage of such a battery is that the discharge current is on the lower side. It means that when you’re not using it, it can efficiently retain power. As a result, the standby time is on the higher side. The Greenworks 40v leaf blower has a runtime of 14 minutes, which makes it perfect for personal use. Also, Lithium-ion batteries are comparatively less bulky than the other variants. The lithium-ion battery not only makes it more efficient but also lightweight, which is a definite positive.

Variable Speed

Greenworks 40v leaf blower 150 MPH
Greenworks 40v leaf blower 150 MPH

The maximum speed which this leaf blower offers is 150 mph. However, you can choose between 6 different speed levels. The advantage of choosing between different speed levels is that you can consume a lower amount of energy when the leaves and debris are on the lower side. You can determine the speed setting as per the quantum of debris. It means that you can run the leaf blower for a more extended period.

Moreover, it will help you in having greater control over the blowing process as well. The variable speed allows you to control the performance of the leaf blower precisely. It is a feature which is available in very few leaf blowers.


The leaf blower which we are highlighting is battery operated. When you want to charge the battery, you can easily connect it to the electrical socket. Under normal circumstances, when you’re using this leaf blower, it offers cordless. The advantage of the cordless leaf blower is that you need not be in the vicinity of the electrical socket. You do not have to worry about the length of the cord or it interfering with your movement.

You can move safely and without any worry while using the leaf blower. It will mean that you can reach every part of your lawn and you can blow away the leaves and the debris, which is a definite advantage.

Includes an Extension tube

Generally speaking, the more directed the air, the easier it is to remove the debris. When the air is directed, you can move the more massive and the bigger leaves as well. This leaf blower comes along with the extension tube. The advantage of the extension tube is that it increases the blower efficiency manifold. You can reach every nook and cranny of your lawn. It means that you will not have to blow away the leaves repeatedly. You need to move the leaf blower over that part of the lawn only once. Typically, when you’re buying a new leaf blower, chances are you might have to buy the extension tube separately. When you’re going with this option; however, you need not worry about that at all. It comes along with the extension tube, which makes it easy for you to direct the air to any part of the lawn which you want.

Low Noise

Most prior leaf blower users know that many of them are noisy. The noise can easily disturb your neighbors, and that is why many people do not prefer a leaf blower. However, with this option, you need not worry about that as well. The noise output is on the lower side. It means that you will not have to worry about using it for an extended period. The entire operation is relatively silent, and you will have complete control over the leaf blower.

When you look at the combination of all of these features, it is not that difficult to understand why this leaf blower is above par. It eliminates many of the disadvantages of further leaf blowers, and that is why it is an option which you should consider.

Greenworks 40v leaf blower
Greenworks 40v leaf blower

Let us now look at the specifications of this leaf blower.

Weight: 3.3 lbs
Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery
Voltage: 40 V
Flow rate: 135 CFM


The design of any leaf blower determines how you can use it. Ideally, when you’re looking for a leaf blower, it should be comfortable to hold. It should also be ergonomic, which means that you can use it for an extended period. The one which we are speaking about now comes along with a proper handle. The advantage of this handle is that its ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue.

Greenworks ultra lightweight design
Greenworks ultra lightweight design

Moreover, hand fatigue is dependent on the weight of the leaf blower. As we stated above, the weight of this leaf blower is just 3.3 LBs. The advantage of this is that even if you use it for an extended period, you will not feel fatigued. Additionally, since it is cordless in operation, you will not have to worry about the cord tangling around your feet. There is complete freedom of movement which ensures that you can cover the entire lawn with ease. In terms of the design of the leaf blower, you will have no complaints at all.


When you look at the performance of this leaf blower, there are a few features which help it stand out. The first, of course, is the flow rate of 135 CFM. If you compare it with the other leaf blowers, you will realize that the flow rate is on the higher side. It provides you with the airspeed of 150 mph. That’s not all. Since you can control the speed at six different levels, it is very easy for you to get the performance which you want. Very few leaf blowers provide you the option to customize the performance.

Greenworks Performance 6 Speed selections
Greenworks Performance 6 Speed selections

Moreover, you can direct this air with the help of an extension tube. When you combine the high flow rate along with the extension tube, you can quickly clear out any area. The lithium-ion battery helps you increase the runtime further. With the help of lithium-ion battery, the charging is also quick, which allows you to use it again in no time. It does not leave anything out when it comes to performance. The superior performance of this leaf blower certainly helps it stand out.

Why is this Greenworks 40v leaf blower best for the money?

There are plenty of factors which make this leaf blower a value for money proposition. The scoring points of this leaf lower include:

• The ability to control the speed at six different levels.
• The flow rate of 135 CFM.
• The lightweight nature makes it easy for you to maneuver.
• The availability of the extension tube, which helps you precisely clear any particular area.

Even with the expensive leaf blowers, the ability to control the speed at six different levels is absent. Also, the 40 V rating means that the power of the leaf blower is on the higher side, which is what helps you in clearing the area efficiently and makes this leaf lower the excellent option.

• Six different speed levels
• Easy to maneuver
• Ergonomic handle
• Lightweight design
• Consist of lithium-ion battery
• Low noise
• The runtime could have been better


So, the Greenworks 40v leaf blower is not your average leaf lower. It is above par in many different aspects. As detailed in our Greenworks 40v leaf blower Review above, when you go with this leaf blower, you will have no disappointments at all. The high-powered architecture, along with the lightweight design make it the perfect leaf lower for personal use. There is no learning curve involved, and you can use it right away, which means that it is highly convenient to use. All in all, it is an excellent leaf blower to go with.

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