Power Tool Batteries Explained: Pick up the right battery

Power tool battery characteristics

At the point when purchasing your cordless power tool battery , picking the sort of battery that the device uses is nearly as essential as the decision of hardware itself.

Li-ion, NiMH, 3Ah, NiCD, 18V, 10.8V, 1.3Ah… every one of these terms can get to be befuddling which is the reason we’ve explained power tool battery and assembled this purchasing guide.

What kind of power tool battery would it be a good idea for me to pick?

There are three power tool battery types as below:

NiCD (Nickel Cadmium)

Passage level rechargeable battery which must be completely released before charging . Inability to do as such can diminish battery life.They are extreme, modest, and have a long cycle life and in this manner are still ordinarily utilized and still function admirably for most jobs.

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

These batteries have no memory impact along these lines can be “beat up” or charged whenever without influencing battery life.The greatest change with NiMH is their expanded limit, which can be a few times longer than NiCd batteries furthermore have a tendency to out-perform NiCD batteries in high deplete applications.

Li-particle (Lithium-particle)

Latest battery innovation for cordless power devices.

Like NiMH batteries, they have no memory impact and can be “bested up” with no impact on battery life.The fundamental advantage of this power tool battery sort is the weight – up to 40% lighter than NiMH batteries makes these the most loved for power devices.

Power Tool Batteries Explained

What does Ah mean?

The Ah rating is the thing that decides to what extent your battery will last per charge. It remains for ampere-hour and is the estimation of the time it takes for a battery to release. It is difficult to give battery run times on most cordless power instruments as the factors of various working applications can change this radically, however, the more amp hours the more run time – like having a bigger fuel tank. Something to consider is that in the event that you plan to utilize your batteries for all the more requesting instruments, for example, Jigsaws and Circular saws, then a higher amp-hour battery is just about an essential (e.g. An 18V Makita Jigsaw wouldn’t be extremely helpful running off of a 1.3Ah battery).

It would be ideal if you additionally know that run time is constantly subject to work load and request. Since a large portion of us request a great deal from our cordless instruments, an 18v device will dependably outflank a 10.8v, paying little respect to the amp-hour rating.

Power tool battery characteristics

What Voltage do I require?

Voltage decides how much power a battery can convey at a given time. Essentially, cordless instruments with higher voltage are all the more effective. Rechargeable power apparatus batteries are typically a group of individual cells. The consolidated voltage of the cells decides the battery’s general voltage.

Work Type Voltage Types of Tools

  • Light Work: 7v-15v Small Drills, Electric Screwdriver
  • Medium Work: 12v-18v Impact Drivers, Hammer Drills
  • Overwhelming Work: 18v-36v SDS+ Drills, Disk Cutters

What shape of power tool battery are there?

Batteries come in 3 primary shapes: Slide-on, Clip-on and stick batteries. It is critical when purchasing batteries to fit your cordless power instruments that you purchase the right shape batteries as just the shape that is intended to fit your apparatus will work. The 2 most prominent sorts are slide-on and clip on. Slide on batteries does as their name recommends and slide on the instrument on tracks. Clip on batteries have a case which can be seen outside and a stalk which goes inside the apparatus and clips on. Stick batteries are completely avoided appear and go inside the device totally.

To Conclude

After reading this power tool battery explanation, I think you should know how to pick up the right battery for your corldess power tool. We stock an extensive scope of batteries in all shapes and sizes. We have batteries for the majority of the greatest brands at extraordinary costs. Be it a powerful 24V NiMH slide-on battery or a 7.2V NiCD stick battery we will stock it.

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