Best cordless tools for contractors : Why you should buy? [Upate 2020]

Best cordless tools for contractors

Any contractors dream and want are to have tools that they can conveniently use in any place without worry. With the presence of more and more sophisticated construction sites, this has created a gap between the present working tool and the needed tool. This gap calls for identification of more flexible tools that are durable, efficient and effective in doing the job.

We have taken our time to do research and find for you Best Cordless Tools For Contractors that can help you full fill that contract obligation, without wasting more money on basic research on which combos to buy. Take a sit and read our review and for further questions give us a call.

Best Drill Brand -Black and Decker

If you’re hoping to get the best cordless tool for contractor, try out the Black and Decker. They manufacture a full line of power tools ranging from small appliances to garden equipment. Also, the brand offers over 20 different cordless drills; some of them include the Matrix BDCDMT112 and the LD120CBF (Click the links). Almost all of Black Decker products come with the same kinds of battery. There’s also a signature orange and black style in all of their products; it makes them look exquisite.


What makes the Black and Decker the best tool for contractor is how easy it is to use. The drill enables you to complete projects easier than others. It’s chuck, clutch, speed control, power source, and others come in handy! The chuck comes with a well-built clamp that powerfully holds bits in place. The ‘clutch’ is an easy-to-use adjustable dial that controls the amount of torque. The trigger also comes in very handy. Something about the trigger is that the tighter you squeeze, the faster it goes. Other exciting features are its powerful led light and bit holder.Black and Decker cordless drill

These cordless drills are easy to use, very convenient, and also very compact; hence, they can be useful anywhere. The body structure, clutch, and trigger make the drilling process easy. They are also portable and very reliable. With this drill, you can be confident about your ability to repair and fix things with ease.

PRICE of Black and Decker

For the features and benefits you stand to gain from this product, it comes at a low cost. On average, most other drills that have these functions at much higher prices. It’s what makes this one stand out from the rest, and also makes it the best cordless tool for contractors.


This product is very much durable and trusted by all customers. It has won the loyalty and trust of customers, as you can see on Amazon. Amazon’s top three sellers rank the Black and Decker in Power Drill section high. Also, in the customer review section, you’d see several reasons why this product is highly demanded, and also highly recommended.

The majority of customers love the fact that this drill is easy to use. It’s no surprise that the customers also see it as being lightweight and very portable. Most of them also confirm that this drill is well suited to the ‘home-handy’ man.

Best Power Tool Combo Kit 2017 – DEWALT DCK421D2

DEWALT DCK421D2 20V 4 Tool Combo Kit

For any contractor that works on both hard and easy construction sites alike, we would recommend this tool for you.

The MAX Lithium-Ion 4-Tool Combo Kit comes with the following features;

  1. 1/2 – inch drill/ driver with a two-speed transmission (0-600/0-2000RPM)
  2. ¼ inch impact driver has a 3-LED light ring with 20-second delay
  3. 6-1/2 inch circular saw which features a powerful 460 MWO, 3700 RPM motor.
  4. MAX LED work lights that deliver 110 lumens of light output.
  5. And a Lithium-ion battery pack of MAX 2.0 Ah

Which contractor needs this tool?

It is good for any homeowner who wants to indulge himself or herself in home building projects ranging from building a deck, constructing a shed to simply any other home improvement project. And for that company involved in construction, a Dewalt should be your companion because of its ability to go on and on.

Most people are scared of Chinese made machinery because some tend to be produced in low quality. Regardless, this machine totally deviates one from that belief for it is quite a durable machine for anyone either a contractor or homeowner.

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Best 18v Cordless Drill 2017 – Makita XPH102

Makita XPH102 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

This one of those go to cordless drills on the market, it has been made to be perfect for any job site. With its solid control and drive it is amazing that it only needs 10 minutes to get a full charge.

This toolkit features the following;

  1. Makita-built 4 –pole motor delivers 480in.Lbs
  2. Features extreme protection technology (XPT) engineered to increase dust and water resistance in harsh job sites conditions
  3. Compact argonomic design of 7-3/4” long
  4. Weighs only 3.9 lbs. with battery for reduced operator fatigue

Which contractor needs this toolkit

For any homeowner who believes in hands-on in your building projects, this is your best toolkit choice. Even those big construction companies doing any remodeling or masonry would benefit from this kit for it tends to make work a bit easier.

Why you should buy this toolkit

Due to its brushless motor, prevents the motor from heating up easily, because it eliminates the use of the carbon brushes. This way you work longer without worry of hitting up and at the same time. While at work you’re also assured of reduction in noises that other drills are characterized of. But this also comes with a price, for there is an increased cost added in order to get hold of these brushless motors.

Because it uses the LXT lithium-ion battery it tends to provide a longer working time. The 18-volt battery only need 30 minutes of charging which in turn gives you a hour of working runtime.

The toolkit comes with a three year guaranteed warranty. With this, you do not need to worry about a couple of years if anything happened to the drill under the stipulated guarantee guidelines.

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Best 20v Cordless Drill – BLACK+DECKER LDX120C

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20 Volt Cordless Drill

If your major aim is to use a light tool to do your daily home improvement tasks than this is the best tool for you. With its lightweight, it drives less stress into the user’s body thus providing a comfortable experience. It is quite a better tool option if your drilling into wood or metal plastic and all other tasks.

The machine comes with the following features;

  1. It comes with Lithium-ion Technology that is compact, no memory and longer life because of the 20V
  2. It is compact and lightweight which produces less fatigue and allows screwing in confined places
  3. The black decker comes with variable speed which allows for countersinking without creating any damage.

Which contractor needs this tool?

Like many drills, this drill to can be used by a homeowner that is dealing with reinstalling their shelves, or other wood surfaces. And for those contractors out there I don’t know why you’re still reading, you must be in a shop ordering for this unit. Even though it is not the most powerful tool, it ti the best tool for wood and metal surfaces if you do not want to get them damaged.

Why you should buy this toolkit.

The tool gives the user full control over the output power which is good for gauging the power needed on each surface used.

Unlike the other tools, this tool is less costly

Though, it also comes with its downsides such as a missing LED light for those tiny dark corners and a missing belt clip.

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The best power tool brands Bosch

The Best Power Tool Brands – Bosch Tool Kit

The e Bosch brand has been around for the last 130 years, therefore, a rich back ground in engineering. The Bosch Kit comes with a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, hammer drill, flash light, two 18 Volt batteries, a charger and a tool carrying case.

The machine comes with the following features

  • Comes with a lightweight two pound drill/driver
  • A lightweight saw highly recommended for overhead applications
  • A 12v work light that enables illumination in dark corners
  • Comes with a two speed setting (0-350 no –load rpm) and the high speed (0-1,300 no-load rpm)

Which contractor needs this tool?

Like the other durable tools, the Bosch tool can be used in almost any place. It can be used to build that tree house for your contractor’s children or that side shed. And can be used to do heavy work that any contracting company needs to do.

Why you should buy this toolkit?

This tool circular saw can be used at a 50 degree level.
The Bosch hammer drill, comes with an active response technology. This helps the drill to immediately stop the moment it hangs up.

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These are the best cordless tools for contractors that they should have in their collection. There many other cordless drill kits out there, but we believe that you should do more intensive research in order to assess their durability.

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