Exploration of the Dyson v6 Battery Replacement: The popular choice

Dyson v6 Battery Replacement

The Dyson V6 is a sleek cordless two-headed stick vacuum that helps do a thorough cleaning of all floors and surfaces. It is very useful in the deep cleaning of stairs, car interiors, hardwood floors and the ceiling. Today will be talking about the Dyson V6 battery replacement.

TATTU V6 Replacement Battery for Dyson V6

Apart from the Dyson V6 being good on both tough and delicate areas, the Dyson V6 lasts up to twenty minutes without its plug, where you have charged its battery for three and half hours. Therefore, for an optimum use of the cordless vacuum cleaner, it’s important that you know how best to use the Dyson V6 battery replacement, and get it replaced the right way.

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What should you do when Dyson V6 starts acting up?

A few users of the Dyson V6 model have made some complaints in relation to their use of the cordless vacuum. For instance, a user is amazed at how their Dyson V6 which was only used to vacuum a 15-flat bedroom floor would break down in the space of two weeks, especially when they have only used it every other day.

Hence, it’s disturbing to some Dyson V6 lovers that a vacuum cleaner that they have spent a few hundred dollars on appears to require replacement in only two to three years. That is why someone who purchases the cleaner at the rate of $428 would expect that it comes in handy, and does not give them issues for the next ten years. However, they are shocked when it no longer functions at its best in less than four. And that’s why prospective users are doubtful about investing so much in a clean environment, because they don’t want to be left stranded.

Dyson v6 Battery Issue

Meanwhile, the real issue with most Dyson V6 users is that they do not pay attention to the battery which the vacuum cleaner uses when the plug is not in, where it has to operate without a cord. Whereas, based on the service instructions received at the purchase of a Dyson V6, the battery has a lifespan of 2-3 years. This implies that once the warranty period is over, a user would have to spend $140 to get another battery. So what you’d need to do when your Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner appears to act up is very simple. And that is working on the Dyson V6 battery replacement by yourself, or spending a few dollars to have someone else do that for you.

The Dyson V6 Battery: Its Lifespan and Possible Issues

At purchase of the DysonV6 battery, a buyer receives a year warranty on the battery. Also, the original battery that comes with the Dyson V6 package is very good, since its single voltage capacity is 4.05-4.12V. Apart from that, its internal resistance is around 23, while the whole pack of batteries carries 148.

Meanwhile, by continuously charging and using the battery, the cell capacity of the battery gets used up. Therefore, it starts from a full power capacity of 4.2V, and then drops down to 3V after consistent use. For example, the table below shows the capacity of the battery cells:

V6 Battery cellCell Capacity (mAH)
From the table, it is obvious that there is a decline in the capacity of the cells. As you can see, each decline is relatively close to the initial 2100mAH, and this marks a decrease of about 50%.

Where the 3V does not run out of power, what happens is that the average capacity of the cells remains at 2.75V which is 1100mAH. That indicates a drop in the battery cell capacity by a whole half. Therefore, there is a reduction in the vacuum cleaner work life from e.g five minutes to two and half minutes, as opposed to the usual one minute that most users experience.

Dyson v6 battery lifespan and issues

Clearly, the reason for the wrongly estimated battery life lies in the effect of internal resistance. For example, where dual batteries are in use and one has an internal resistance of 86 and the other has 148, the difference in voltage is 1.2-1.9V. That is caused by the internal impedance when the discharge is 20-30A.

Apart from this, the Dyson V6 has a protective plate that protects the battery when its voltage drops to 3V before the full release of such battery.

What You Need to Know about the Dyson V6 Original Battery

The Dyson V6 battery is not like the power tool battery that can easily be replaced. Thus, to remove the Dyson battery, you’d have to remove the nozzle and the dust box, and then loosen the two screws on the box. Also, the Dyson V6 powers up to 350W. However, the original battery capacity is quite low as it has only 2.1AH. Yet, the 2.1AH which is unable to withstand a large current discharge results in a high temperature. This means that the protection plate of the Dyson V6 battery which is up to 70 degrees brings a serious decay to the battery.

Dyson v6 Battery Circuit Diagram
Dyson v6 Battery Circuit Diagram

Another thing to note about the Dyson V6 original battery is that the 18650 battery has a full voltage which holds more than 4.2V. Yet, many power tool brands of lithium battery hold a full voltage of 4.1V. If the battery is not fully charged at its first use, it ends up affecting the battery life. Meanwhile, it was revealed from a Consumer Survey Report that the Dyson battery can easily be lost while in use. For that reason, most handheld vacuum cleaners are not easily preferred at the time of purchasing vacuum cleaners.

The Dyson V6 Battery Upgrade Guide

#1 Get Dyson Original v6 Battery – For an optimum use of your Dyson V6, you should go for the original Dyson V6 battery, rather than the generic ones you’d easily see at the stores near you. Though the generic ones are cheaply made, they would not last long. Also, they are a threat to your security. At the end of the day, you’d find out that the Genuine Dyson V6 batteries are cost friendly.#2 Diy V6 Battery – Also, DIY battery can be used for your Dyson V6 if you are certified to have knowledge of the required physics, spotting and welding machines, and you know the right places to go for accessories that are original.
Diy Dyson v6 Battery
Diy Dyson v6 Battery
#3 Buy Dyson V6 Battery Replacement – Apart from these, the Dyson battery replacement is very easy. All you have to do is pay attention to the quality of the battery you are buying. So, make sure that they are certified, and that they do not pose a threat to your safety.

How to Choose the Best Replacement Battery for Dyson v6

In making a choice of battery replacement for your Dyson V6, there are a few things you must consider, and they include the following:

Dyson V6 Battery Type

The first thing you need to do is check for battery types that are compatible with your Dyson V6. Generally, lithium and Nimh batteries are required for Dyson V6. However, other battery types would not work well with your vacuum cleaner.

Dyson V6 Battery Type
Dyson V6 Battery Type

Dyson v6 Protection Plate

A sample battery makes use of the simple MCU for its main control management. Then, a discharge is marked by a single MOS tube. Therefore, there needs to be an Anti-reverse charging protection diode of diode of 1N4007, and a charging tube of PT4407 to protect the batteries from damage.

Dyson v6 Battery Protection
Dyson v6 Battery Protection

Where the battery has a larger difference in voltage, there is a high risk of over voltage. However, where the voltage is low, there is a high level of protection to regulate it. Therefore, where you’re charging a battery with a high amperage, the current that is discharged is low, and it is less possible to protect the battery.

That is why it is important that the battery you are going for has a protection panel. In fact, it is the protection panel that ensures that the battery is safe, and reduces lurking risks so that the battery lasts long.

Discharge Temperature level

Also, it is necessary that you check for the rise and fall in the temperature of a battery so that discharging period is regulated as much as possible. For instance, using a 350W discharge simulation, the battery cavity and protective plate of a MOS tube surface has its temperature data below:

Dyson V6 BatteryMOSCellDischarge time
Dyson V6 1103.576.15.9
Dyson V6 278.581.77.4
Dyson V6 3113.378.67.2
Dyson V6 4136.666.28.4
As seen from the table, a good battery has a discharge time of 8.4 minutes which is 2.5 minutes longer than a battery with poor quality. This implies that the battery temperature is lower. Hence, it is safer to use that particular battery for your Dyson V6.

Dyson v6 Battery Resistance

In attempting a Dyson V6 battery replacement, it is very important that you do not miss a particular step. That is because testing the internal resistance of the battery you intend buying is vital to the use of your Dyson V6. Though the Dyson V6 circuit board only has an over-over-the-top protection, it does not have a balanced charge function. Hence, the need to test the internal resistance of the battery so as to find out whether the battery is fit for purpose, and has a good lifespan each time it is charged.

Use this table as a resistance measure and check:

V6 Battery TypeResistance
V6 VTC5A(Official)69.5
V6 VTC6( Replace)79.94
V6 VTC5A (Replace cell)62.85
As you can see, the data shows that the original battery has a lower internal resistance than the replacement battery.

Dyson Battery Real Capacity

The larger the capacity of a battery, the longer its working time. That’s why you need to opt for larger capacities in your Dyson V6 battery replacement attempt.

However, the capacity marked on an average battery is not real. For example, a battery with a label of 4000mah usually has a capacity of only 3000mah. At times, the capacity is as low as 2000mah.

Below are the specifications of V6 replacement batteries based on the tests performed on them:

Dyson BatteryLabel0.5C True capacity
Dyson V6 130001800
Dyson V6 235002100
Dyson V6 340002300
From the data sheet above, it is thus confirmed that there is a need to examine the real capacity of a battery before purchase. Truly, checking for the real capacity aids the performance of your Dyson V6.

Dyson v6 Battery Replacement

Best Replacement Batteries for Dyson V6

JomgandDyson v6 battery

The Jomgand Dyson V6 battery is a suitable Dyson V6 battery replacement. Apart from being approved by CE, FCC, ROHS and PSE, the certified battery offers a one year warranty and is fully compatible for the Dyson V6. Also, it has a 4000mah capacity with upgraded Lipo cells that increase its life by 30% and allows a smooth operation of your Dyson V6. It is lighter than the other batteries out there in the market, and is also safe and easy to use. More so, the battery has safety protections against overcharging, discharging, you can be sure of a longer battery life.

TATTU V6 Replacement Battery for Dyson V6

A Quick Guide for an Optimum Use V6 Battery

For a long lasting battery, and an improved battery life, make sure you don’t use the vacuum while charging. Also, always keep the battery away from metal objects and heat. When not in use, store the battery in a clean dry place. Furthermore, ensure that you make use of the battery at least once in every two or three weeks. Meanwhile, during assemblage, remove all batteries. Apart from all these, do not charge the battery within ten minutes of battery run-out.

Jomgand V6 Battery Information

The Capacity of the battery is 4000mAh with a resistance of 63, and a voltage of 21.6V. Also, its type is Lipo with a MOS Temp of 78, and a Cell Temp of 66. While the dimensions of the battery are 17.6 x 12 x 10.7 cm, it weighs 388g (0.861b).

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Dyson DC59 Battery Review

The 21.6v battery has a capacity of 5000mAh, and is thus able to run for 30-60 minutes when charged fully. Obviously, it is a great option for the Dyson V6 battery replacement.

Dyson DC59 Battery

The battery has a high battery life and lasts longer than other batteries. Though a little heavier than the usual battery, it is very easy to use. Also, it has a built-in protection board that regulates temperature, discharge and over-current. Then, the thick battery which comes with two filters complies with CE, FCC and ROHS standards has a 12 month warranty.

How to Use the Dyson DC59 Battery

To enjoy the use of your Dyson DC59 battery, make sure you don’t charge it right after it has run out. Also, do not press or run the battery while in use. Another thing you need to be mindful of is storing it in a clean, dry and cool place when you are not using it. Also make sure that you recharge batteries that have not been in use for a while.

Dyson DC59 Battery Information

While the capacity of the battery is 5000mAh, it has an output volt of 21.6V. Also, the battery cell is the high quality type which has 18650 cells, weighing 700g.

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How do you know when Dyson V6 battery needs a replacement?

The Dyson V6 battery has an intelligent indicator that tells you the appropriate action to take per time. The flashing blue light tells you when there is no power on the battery. That indicates that you need to get the battery charged for three and half hours.

Dyson V6 battery light
Dyson V6 battery light

Also, when you see a yellow light flash, it means that there is no power due to the extreme hotness or coldness of your battery. The Dyson V6 battery replacement is quite easy, and you get all the help you would need. That is why a flashing red light informs you to seek further assistance from the Dyson Helpline.


Dyson is working on recruiting 3,000 young engineers within the next five years, having made an investment of $1.4 billion in solid-state batteries. Their vacuum cleaners, including the Dyson V6 battery are brilliantly created for easiness and effectiveness. However, if a part of the Dyson V6 such as the battery is not used or attended to appropriately, the cordless cleaner would not function properly. Therefore, it is necessary that Dyson V6 battery replacement is done appropriately with genuine batteries that have good battery lives, and help the Dyson V6 last long. By doing that, you are guaranteed a sparkling environment.

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