So today, we would be looking into the best ice auger for boring large holes in the Ice. As an angler, working on a land of Ice without the necessary pieces of equipment may prove very difficult or almost impossible.

That’s why today, we are giving you an excellent review of the best of drills or ice auger. For your fishing business or any other reason why you would like to bore holes into Ice. Amongst these drills reviewed below are the best of ice augers. You can choose to pick the best that fits you, and the features you are particular about from the numerous ice augers reviewed.

These reviews range from products that work on gasoline or propane, electric, or battery. And you will get to choose which one best fits your needs.

So, follow me as I review below different ice augers from different brands. I would be explaining the features each possesses, and ultimately leaving you to decide which one best fits your purpose and needs.

First Choice- Strikemaster ice auger

The StrikeMaster ice auger is one of the very great ice drills in the market. Embedded with many exciting features that make it a severe workforce for any hardworking angler. It is lightweight and powerful and has many other features that make it one of the top choices today. Let’s have a quick review of this ice auger below. Together with the features that would make us recommend it at any time;

Strikemaster Lithium 40v Electric Power Auger

Battery Power: This works on a 40-volt, 5-amp hour Lithium ION Battery. It also has the Internal Battery Management System, which ensures battery longevity. It has a strong and powerful battery with an exceptionally long life span. They come with a battery charger, and of note is the 4 LED Battery Status Indicator that shows the level of battery power. In many of the battery power test, even after drilling 20+ holes through an 8 inches thick ice only. Or, in some cases drilling 48 holes through a 20 inches ice block, only one bar of the battery is used. This to tell you how strong and powerful the battery is.

Strong power drill:The presence of an electric DC brushless motor together with a planetary gear system provides this machine with a strong power drill and high unmatched power intensity. This helps in producing reliable and consistent drilling with no itches. The high-performance cutting with the custom impact-resistant handles also makes the power more reliable than any ice auger in the market.

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BECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE Landworks- Best cordless drill for ice auger

BECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE Landworks is the best cordless drill for ice auger. Unlike gasoline auger, it is battery powered and, therefore, hushed and produces no smug. This is one of the fantastic features that this drill has. Many other features of this drill make it the first choice for many people. Let’s review the features below and see why it right for you.

Landworks Ice Auger Power Head

Environmental Friendly and Quiet: As said earlier, this is a battery-powered drill and, therefore, doesn’t pollute the environment by producing smug. It is particularly necessary for countries or cities that are more particular about environmental pollution or any country at all.

Overload protector: Usually, after a very long period of putting a drill into use, a time comes when the powerhead may overheat. This Is usually not the case with Landworks. As a result of the overload protector which comes with it, there are regulations of the 3-planetary gear mechanism. It ensures higher transmission efficiency. These regulations work in a way that it performs electronic quick stops. And this ultimately prevents the powerhead from overheating.

Efficient Powerhead: Landworks is known for its efficiency, equipped with a 3-Planetary Gear Mechanism, which works for higher transmission of power. This thereby makes powerheads more efficient by achieving significant power-to-weight ratios and also delivering overall higher transmission efficiency under various load conditions. Also, the presence of Brushless Motor makes the digging process smoother & more efficient.

Battery Power:Equipped with a 2Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Battery alongside a Charger. Also, an optional 4 Amp Hour battery is available for purchase for those that need extra battery power.

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Topcent 3”X10”- Best hammer drill to use for ice auger

Topcent 3”X10”- This is the best hammer drill to use for ice auger. Specially designed for their wide range of applications. It is the landscaper’s choice for quite a lot of activities. For example, when planting bulbs, potted plants, vegetables, flowers, bare-root trees, and shrubs. Also, used for tilling soil or planter boxes, mixing seed, soil, fertilizer, paint, or batches of mortar mix for landscapers. With its ease of use, it helps save planting time by up to 500-percent. Discussed below are this and many more of its features.

Topcent Auger Drill Bit

Various Applications and Ease of Use: As said in the introduction, there is a wide variety of things Topcent ice auger help to achieve. For planting bedding plants, tilling the soil, fertilizing shrubs, and even deep water aeration and root remover. It is a master of all. Coupled with the fact that it is easy to use, it makes it a top choice for professional landscapers.

A3 Carbon Steel Material: made of A3 Carbon Steel, with glossy black painted finishing. This makes it rustproof, very durable, and the stable carbon steel shaft makes it strong as ever. And prevent it from bending or twisting out of shape.

Portable Hex shaft: This is a 3/8-inch steel shaft with a non-slip hex drive design that fits any electric or cordless drill. Either the standard 3/8″ or larger drill. With a 3.5-inch diameter x 11.4-inch length of a heavy-duty 3/8-inch steel shaft with glossy black painted finish. A great dealfor any landscaper,

Work on Various Soil Types: Topcent is known for drilling in any type of soil. Either loose, Rocky, or any kind.

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ION X 29250 40V – 8-inch ice auger cordless drill

Are you ever tired of the mess created by mixing gas and oil and want to switch to an electric ice auger? ION electric ice auger is the answer. It helps eliminate the need for mixing gas and oil. Meaning no more spills in your vehicle or on the Ice. They are also exhaust-free, allowing you to drill in your shack without worrying about fumes. This and many more beautiful features of it make it one of the excellent ice auger. So, come with me, and let’s review other features of this great equipment. And you can, therefore, see reasons why you need the buy this.

ION X 29250 40V 8-Inch Ice Auger

Lightweight: Many anglers have issues with heavyweights, ice auger, and this is where ION electric ice auger comes in. There are far lighter than any other power auger options known. They give anglers more relief when using it to drill holes or when carrying it across a lake. It is the angler source of happiness. The importance of lightweight ice auger remains inestimable.

Battery: With a 5 amp-hour 40V battery, this machine offers a 60% higher storage capacity than the regular original ION battery. On a single charge, it drills more than 600 inches of Ice in ideal ice conditions, which is enormous. It doesn’t reduce in power or efficiency even after prolonged use. And the battery capacity comes very well in handy.

Latest cutting edge ice auger technology:This Ice auger also has Incorporated the newest cutting edge ice auger. It makes drilling easier than ever. For smoother cutting, this machine has an aluminum cast bottom. It also helps in making precise, even, and smooth cutting better than any ice auger in the market. Also, this smoothing cut has been associated with the blade position and centering ring that meters the depth of each cut.

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Eskimo lightweight -Best propane ice auger

Eskimo lightweight is the best propane ice auger ever seen. Apart from its ease of operation, it also works on ample power to give a very efficient and smooth cutting. Follow me below as I discuss the features of Eskimo lightweight below;

Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Augers

Ample Power: If anything, Eskimo is known for its ample use of power. With just half of a tank of propane, it drills 50 holes through an ice block. With fine-tuned and high compression 40cc engines that both HC40 and P1 augers use, it makes the use of propane very efficient to provide tons of power when drilling. They can turn an 8″ or a 10″ auger bit with ease even when working with hard and thick Ice. For efficient and smooth cutting even with ample power, Eskimo is the answer.

Easy Operation: Anglers get tired when they use augers, and it is challenging to use. The best drill you can use is the one that makes the drilling process less stressful and very easy as possible. And that’s what Eskimo propane does. It makes drilling very easy to do. All you have to do is a test on a readily-available 1 lb propane bottle, then you clamp it down, flip the switch to ‘on.’ And finally pull the over-sized mitten grip recoil. After this, you no longer need to fill a tank or prime the engine, as they are good to go.

Refined Propane Power: When Eskimo introduced HC40, an entirely new engine some years ago, it was apparent it was the first ice fishing power auger designed from the ground up. This is mainly to maximize the benefits of high compression and high octane propane fuel. Then came Eskimo P1 Rocket, which builds on the success of HC40. And the result of the two machines is that they both lead to better styling, reduced weight, and an all-new transmission that gave an astonishing fast drilling speed. This was ultimately called the ice fishing power auger because of how awesome it was for fishing.

Cleaner Running & No Mess: Aside from no mixing of fuel and oil advantage that propane has over gas, it has many other benefits. You don’t need to worry about cleaning up or stains when transporting it; neither are you scared it messy spills or leaks. These and many more are the advantages this machine has in regards to its propane power use over its other counterparts that use gas.

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Trophy Strike 120V – Best ice auger bit for drill

When you are talking of the ice auger designed and engineered on the frozen lakes of the Rocky Mountains, then you need no other ice auger than the Trophy strike. With its powerful battery, brushless motor, and a-5 gear planetary transmission, it is one of the best choices for any professional angler. Let’s review its features in details below;

Trophy Strike 120V - Best ice auger bit for drill

Powerful Battery: Trophy strike has a 2.0Ah, 120V battery with a battery bag and battery charger. The battery is so strong and powerful that with a single battery charge, the ice auger can drill up to 86 holes in 20-inch thick ice (1, 800 inches) with accuracy and precision and is therefore 50% faster at drilling holes than the other competitors’ ice auger.

Brushless motor and 5-gear planetary transmission: This device also has incorporated a brushless motor, 5-gear planetary transmission, and reversible drive, and this makes the motors provide reliable performance even in the harshest conditions.

Auger Cutting Design: it has an 8″ cutting diameter and 35.5″ cutting depth. Then, it also has a reversible drive and bottom-mounted centering ring, which allows you as the angler to re-open frozen over holes with ease and flush away slush and ice chips, making the drilling process very easy with no difficulty.

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Why brushless drill for ice auger

Some years ago, brushless drills came into existence, and with no time, they gained more popularity than the usually brushed drills. With this, it was obvious it has some significant advantages than the brushed drills. And that’s the truth. In terms of performance, efficiency, reliability, and even durability, brushless drills are far better than brushed drills. Instead of using small metal brushes, electronic circuit boards, and sensors to do replaced the functions of the brushed drills. Albeit even better. As it is more energy-efficient, more responsive and automated as it adjusts its speed, torque, power supply in respect to the task worked on.

In terms of weight, they are smaller and lighter and easier to maintain. And most importantly, they are long-lasting. So these and many more are reasons why brushless drills are far better for ice auger than any other drills.


Ice Auger Power Types: Propane or electric or battery?

There is usually this argument about which power type is better. Or rather the best between propane, electric, or battery, especially for ice auger. But the truth is there is no one answer fits all in this kind of situation. And you have to weigh the pros and cons.

In terms of noise produced by auger and your keenness in keeping the noise under control, the electric-powered auger is the best. While propane comes after and the noisiest of the augers is the gas-powered auger, especially a four-stroke gas auger. In situations where you need to dig the deepest of holes, a gas-powered ice auger comes in handy. This is the best auger in this kind of scenario, followed by propane-powered while electric is the worst in such situations.


In terms of reliability, electric-powered ice auger is also the least reliable. One major disadvantage they have is that as their battery power reduces, the power of the auger even fades away. This is one of the essential things that makes them the least reliable. So really, many things need to be considered before you can decide which ice auger is best for you. And you need to consider all situations and all possible possibilities. As I said earlier, there is no single answer that answers the questions.

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