Pink Power PP182LI 18V Cordless Drill Review

Pink Power PP182LI 18V Cordless Drill Review

Pink Power 18V Cordless Drill PP182LIThe pink power cordless drill is a quality drill made specifically for women. In fact, it comes with all the qualities and flair that any hands-on woman would prefer in a drill. Women will appreciate the many innovative features that make it easy to perform any kind of drilling task around the house, even those that have been a reserve of more expensive drills. And with its lightweight yet compact design, it will be no surprise to see this drill becoming more and more popular with hardworking women from all walks of life.

The Pink Power Cordless Drill isn’t just one of the best budget drills for women out there, but it is also one of the best 2-speed drills money can buy at the moment. Its design takes all features that are expected in a functional drill and makes them appealing and easy to use for smart women. This is, without doubt, the drill that women have been waiting for to get the job.

The built-in bubble level and the 16-setting torque also adds to its user-friendliness. They take away the guesswork and make it possible to perform tasks with geometrical accuracy.

The Pink Power PP182LI Cordless Drill is exactly what you would get if you took efficient traditional drills and produced a women-friendly version of them, without sacrificing the functionality of course. It comes in a rich pink color, that women love, and a gorgeous ergonomic design that doesn’t tire hands in any way. To make matters even better, it comes with a keyless chuck for stress-free change of the bits. This drill has numerous benefits that every woman is sure to love it.

Pink Power PP182LI 18V Cordless Drill Review

Features and Specifications

There is no denying it − the Pink Power PP182LI Cordless Drill is, without a doubt, a feature-rich drill. Starting with the 2-speed gear that allows you to choose between a fast setting and a slower setting depending on the fastener you want to drive, to the drill bit set that comes packed with all the drill bits you will ever need.

You will get a fast charger that charges the 18 volts lithium-ion batteries in 1 hour. After a charge, the batteries are guaranteed to give you 3 hours worth of productivity. But there is more: a dedicated LED light is located strategically close to the handle so that you can activate it with a trigger when working in tight, dark spaces.

If ergonomics is at the top of your priorities, then you will love the fact that this drill comes with a soft rubber handle, so that you can work for as long as you want without having to worry about injuries. And if accuracy is your concern, the drill has got you covered. It comes with a built-in bubble level so that you are always sure that you are driving screws at the right angle, regardless of where you are working.

Pink Power PP182LI Cordless Drill kit


The Pink Power PP182LI Cordless Drill is the result of many years of work on Pink Power Inc’s part to find a drill design that appeals to women. But it could also be a result of Pink Power Inc understanding that women aren’t just looking for a drill with good aesthetics. They want something that will accomplish tasks as well.

It is easy to say that this is one of the most stunning and exceptionally designed drills yet. From the rich pink color that dovetails nicely with the black shade to the ergonomic grip handle designed to prevent slip, every design element has gone over and above style expectations.

If you are used to traditional drills, you might have a challenge adapting to the keyless chuck design. But that what makes this drill incredibly easy to use. The bits are designed to fit easily and nicely into the chuck. So that you can freely change from one to another depending on what you are working on.

Likewise, the magnetic base is among the best in the industry. The magnetic field is strong, and should effortlessly hold bits and pick up loose screws.


Perhaps the most stunning feature of the Pink Power Cordless Drill PP182LI is its lightweight design; the fact that it weighs just under 3 lbs without sacrificing performance. After numerous models, Pink Power Inc has managed to come up with a drill that delivers maximum functionality, yet remains stylish.

The result is fantastic and a true testament to what innovation can achieve. Regardless of what surface you are working on − whether wood or concrete − this drill will work effortlessly and accurately and do exactly what you want it to do. Of course, you might need to invest in bits that penetrate stone and concrete, as they are not included in the toolset. However, the 13 bits provided should suffice for most household use.

If you are new to keyless drill chucks, then this is where the benefits of a keyless chuck will begin to make sense for you: you are going to find it exceptionally easy to change from one bit to another depending on your unique needs.

Naturally, Pink Power needed a feature that would make the drill easy to work with in the dark, and that’s where the included LED light comes in. Accessible through a trigger, the LED lights lets you see when working in dark and gloomy spaces.

In a nutshell, this drill provides a situation where there is no compromise for anyone to switch from the traditional drill to a woman-friendly drill, thanks to its smooth functionality.

Pink power PP182lI Performance


The Pink Power Cordless Drill PP182LI comes with two 18 volt lithium-ion batteries, that will, in fact, last longer than the NiCad batteries available in the previous models. As for how long each battery will last, expect it to last long enough for you to complete most home improvement projects. Power Pink Inc, promises that each battery will last 3 hours, a number that was reached from extensive analysis of the drill performing regular tasks.

The truth is 3 hours working time is pretty impressive for a drill this lightweight. That means it isn’t just lightweight cordless drill but also energy-efficient. So, you can expect it to outlast most drills in real-world use. And you won’t have to worry if the batteries run out of power either. Because the 1-hour fast charger included charges the batteries within a short time.

Why Pink Power Cordless Drill is the Best for a Woman

The Pink Power Cordless Drill PP182LI provides a perfect option for women in a market flooded with regular drills that have ignored their unique needs for a long, long time. That should speak volume as to why every smart woman should have this drill at home.

It is worthy of consideration alongside other power tools that have empowered women to undertake home improvement projects. In fact, it is one of the most functional, most affordable power tool any woman can have in her DIY arsenal. If you want a tool that makes working on stuff around the house easier for you, look no further − you will never regret it.

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Pink Power PP182LI 18V Cordless Drill Review


Given its affordable price, you will be pleasantly surprised at how the Pink Power Cordless Drill PP182LI goes over and beyond your expectations. And of course, it should be at the top of the list of any woman’s home improvement priorities. You will love its lightweight design, the long-lasting batteries, the rich tool case, the convenient battery charger, the useful LED light, and the accurate bubble level, to name a few advantages. If you are looking for an affordable drill that you can use for basic productivity around the house, you can’t go wrong with the Pink Power Cordless Drill.

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  1. Hey, I have a quick question for you. Is there a particular brand of drill driver you prefer? Dewalt seems pretty good. Are they really that much better than something like a Ryobi? I’ve been using an old corded drill for years and I’m planning to upgrade to Lithium Ion. Thanks in advance for your reply!

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