Why does chainsaw blade produce smoke? The best way to avoid

Why does my chainsaw smoke

 Electric ChainSawFire is necessary for life for the many functions it plays. However, sometimes it spells doom, as it associates with the destruction of property and in some instances even human life. Fire emanates from some sources, some which are designed to produce it, while in other cases it is an unexpected occurrence. On of such is the fire caused by the blade of a chainsaw. Felling of trees, making firewood, pruning, use by carpenters or sculptors are some of the functions of a chainsaw. It is also commonly termed as a power saw.

In summary, this is how electric chainsaws function. There is the placement of fuel in the gas tank; the fuel passes through a carburetor where it mixes with air. The mixture then passes through a cylinder where its igniting takes place. Thus, this results in burning which releases energy that pushes the piston back and forth. The movement of the piston is converted into revolving motion by the crank and rod thus facilitating the cutting process. The chain ought not to be spinning unless it is cutting wood. It is the function of the centrifugal clutch.

Why does my chainsaw smoke

Improper lubrication

Just like any other machine, for proper functioning there needs to be constant lubrication. If the machine is not well lubricated it, causing burning when in contact with the tree or log of wood. It may spark a fire or just production of smoke. From its making, the engine lacks an efficient lubrication system thus wears out more easily. The dysfunctioning of the engine leads to the production of more smoke.

Bluntness/dullness of the chain

A blunt blade increases the effort required by the machine to function. Thus if the blade is dull, that translates into more work for the engine thus more oil combustion. It ends up in more emission of smoke by the power saw.

Bad engines

Power saws with worn out engines tend to produce lots of smoke. It is due to combustion of oil leading to the emission of clouds of oily smoke which is hazardous not only to the individual using the chain saw but also to the environment in general. Weak engines cause wasteful consumption of fuel which is deterrent to the proper functioning of the other parts of the chainsaw.

Improper use of the chainsaw

Chainsaw requires users who have the proper skills. In cases where there is inadequate knowledge on how to use the tool, for instance, one allowing the bar to touch the ground, there may be damage to the machine causes dysfunctional smoke production.

Improper mixing of fuel

The mixture of the engine fuel is an essential part of the process of preparing the machine for use. One can either do it on their own by use of guidelines from the manufacturer or use that which has undergone mixing. In case this does not take place as it should, there will be improper combustion of oil in the engine producing lots of smoke.

Why does my chainsaw smoke

The best way to avoid chainsaw smoke

To avoid the above, the user of the chainsaw has to maintain the machine properly.

Here are some of the ways to do that;

  1. Before using the chain saw, inspect the chain to ensure it has the right tension. If not you should make the necessary adjustments.
  2. The bar should undergo regular and thorough inspection and clean before use.
  3. You should always check the air filter to ensure it is functioning properly, in case it is not, replace or repair it as necessary.
  4. Make sure the throttle lockout, the chain catcher, the chain brake and the oiler are fully operational before use.
  5. When mixing fuel, you should either follow the direction of the manufacturer or use fuel that has already undergone proper mixing. It is to ensure the efficient functioning of the chainsaw and reduce the probability of improper combustion of the fuel which leads to the emission of smoke.
  6. Always keep the chain sharp. You can either use a particular sharpening device or do it manually. However, this process is undertaken best by a professional who ensures the chain and depth gauges undergo proper sharpening that facilitates the work of the tool.


Features of an efficient chainsaw

  1. It should be sharp.
  2. It should have adequate lubrication.
  3. The engine should be functional.
  4. It should have a proper maintenance schedule.
  5. There should be proper mixing of fuel.


Chainsaws can emit clouds of smoke if they are not in good condition. The type of chainsaw expected to produce the least smoke is one that undergoes proper maintenance of its part including sharpening, one that uses fuel whose mixing was satisfactory. Thus, in your choice of power saws, make sure there are the above considerations.

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