Why Should You Need A Best Air Compressor For Home Garage?

Air-compressor for home garage

Looking for the best air compressor for home garage? You have come to the right place. Here you will find information on: why do you need an air compressor, how to choose the best air compressor and a buying guide for air compressor for home garage.

An air compressor is basically a supplementary tool that helps in getting a couple of things done easily. One of the obvious advantages of an air compressor is that, there is no need of changing batteries or maintaining a continuous power supply.

Air tools can run smoothly on an air compressor for hours.
Let’s go into further detail. Air compressors, meant for home garage, are used for two reasons: one is to inflate and the second one is to operate air tools.

Having an air compressor at garage will help in cleaning dirty air filters, clogged lines and inflate tiers.

You can even use an air compressor to inflate pool toys, inflatable pools, air mattresses, sports gear and bike tires.

Air compressor can also be used for operating tools like: a sandblaster, grinder, blow gun, brad nailer, drills, sprayers, air ratchet or air impact wrench.

Air tools hold an edge over other power tools because they are lighter in weight and smaller in size.

Air tools are more durable, faster and powerful than the electric tools. Now you must have an idea on why you need an air compressor in your garage. It is for sure convenient and easy to operate.

How to Choose a Best Air Compressor for Home Garage

You will come across a lot of options if, you search for air compressors online or visit a marketplace. To choose the best air compressor it is recommended to weigh the features of an air compressor and then determine if they meet your requirements or not.

Electric models of air compressors are also available but they require a power source to operate. Pro points of an electric air compressor are: portability, affordability and compactness.

The only worrisome point is that, the air pressure of an electric air compressor is very low. So, looking for more power?
Gas version of an air compressor is extremely powerful. Reciprocating air compressors make use of positive displacement mechanism to enhance air pressure.

In such air compressors, a piston and a cylinder is used to compress air and force it out of the hose through pressure.
In rotary model of an air compressor the same positive displacement mechanism is used to force air out – but with a different method.

Also called as single stage helical or screw air compressor it has no valves, as it makes use of two rotors to compress air within a powerful casing.

With the help of an impeller, angular movements are created at high speeds that lead to a powerful air flow in an uninterrupted manner.

Such types of air compressors are perfect for heavy jobs that require continuous flow of air. Hope, now you have an idea on how to choose a best air compressor for home garage.

Buying Guide For air compressor for home garage

Each company offers different types of air compressors and their features vary greatly. While buying an air compressor, you need to check its warranty terms and conditions.

And determine if the parts and labor are covered in the provided warranty or not.

A reputable brand will make sure that a customer is satisfied with all the guidelines.

You will need to find a fine quality brand that manufactures superior air compressors. After that you need to check the number of cylinders installed in the unit.

The best ones are the three-cylinder air compressors, as they are able to hold tough jobs efficiently. In the same manner, an air compressor needs to have an effective cooling system.

While operating an air compressor it will become hot so, you need to cool it down too.

Best air compressors use: W-3 construction and cast iron pump to enhance the cooling capacity and reduce maintenance.

It means that you will need a meager amount of lubricant to keep your air compressor in working order.

Outer body must be made of durable cast iron. Quality air compressors have heavy duty valves that ensure greater horsepower and an even air flow.

After reading this buying guide you must have understood the technicalities of an air compressor. Keep these points in mind while buying an air compressor for garage.


The Internet is certainly an informative platform to search and compare different types of air compressors. Before buying one, you need to analyze its benefits.

You can even visit a market that sells air compressors for home garage.

Doing some homework will actually help in making the right choice and investment. And you will be glad later that, you have saved money and time both.

Remember; do not ever compromise on the: reliability, durability or quality of an air compressor. Take your time to find the best one that meets your requirements.

You never know, you might require an air compressor to: power wash your vehicle, inflate a beach ball or use it for providing lifesaving oxygen.

Also keep in mind that a high level of humidity affects the air compressor tank. So choose wisely. You must have found some useful information in this post related to an air compressor. So make use of it and do some research of your own too.

Online reviews of different air compressors can help you out too. Search for reviews posted by real-time customers on an active discussion-blog linked with air compressors.
Do not fall for any sort of trap, as certain marketers tend to promote air compressors that are cheap and deceptively sturdy.

But in reality, they do not work in an efficient manner or tend to breakdown easily or require a lot of maintenance. So, there is no use of buying an air compressor that will eventually become a headache for you.

Go for those brands that hold their repute up, by manufacturing high-quality and reliable air compressors. Spend your money rationally.

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