Top 5 Best Cordless Lightweight Lawn Mowers Reviews

Best Cordless Lightweight Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is a tool, either manual or motorized, used to trim the lawns of gardens, sports fields, etc. to make the height of the grass even.

In order to enjoy the pleasure of a perfectly groomed meadow you have two options: entrust yourself to a specialized company to buy a lightweight lawn mower or provide yourself with a lawn mower. Since this is a difficult and demanding operation, therefore ensuring the comfort of use and impeccable shaving results.

For this reason, in the guide below we have highlighted the details to pay attention to when you want to buy a lawn mower.

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How to choose the best lightweight cordless lawn mowers

A burst or electric lawn mower

The first major discriminant, at the time of purchase, is to decide whether to rely on a lawn mower with an electric or petrol engine. The choice has a series of repercussions, starting with the price, and both types have positive and negative aspects.

A burst vs electric lawn mower

The electric mowers on the market have a power ranging from 1,000 to 1,700 watts, have a low weight and size, do not require special maintenance and have an average cost. Their weak point is the freedom to maneuver, which depends on the length of the cable to be connected to the socket. They are therefore suitable to be used on lawns and gardens of contained dimensions, better if without trees around which the wire could twist.

The models with a petrol engine, however, have high power and total freedom of movement because they are not bound to any power outlet. They are particularly suitable, therefore, for large surfaces and do not pay duty to the possible presence of trees or hedges. The downside is the need to supply them with fuel (which must, therefore, be purchased and which must always be stocked, otherwise the lawn mower cannot be used), high noise levels and greater pollution.

In the push models, the motor is limited to the rotation of the blades while in the self-propelled ones it also helps to move the wheels, making the cutting operation less burdensome.

Where does the grass end?

While they are shaving, most of the best brands of lawn mowers also channel the cut grass into a basket. The moment you find yourself choosing which appliance to buy, you can also evaluate the dimensions of this container, which should be proportionate to the size of your lawn.

In general, the collector does not exceed 70 liters capacity. The choice is linked to the maneuverability of the mower, because a wider basket, although it would minimize the emptying operations, would compromise the convenience and ease of use.

The technologically advanced models allow mulching, that is, they are able to leave the shredded grass on the ground so that it acts as a fertilizer.

A little bit of care

Regardless of the model of lightweight lawn mower chosen, to ensure long life you have to enter the order of ideas to carry out small maintenance, starting with the cleaning of blades and underbody that must be “freed” from the residues of shaving. Our advice is to perform the operation immediately after cutting so that the grass is still fresh and comes off more easily than when dry.

If you decide to buy a model with an internal combustion engine, you will need to clean the air filter from time to time and check the fuel and oil level so that the gears always work best.

When, in autumn and winter, you no longer need to cut the grass, put the mower perfectly clean so that it is ready for spring!

The best lightweight lawn mowers of 2019

1. Greenworks 20-inch 40V small lightweight lawn mower

We continue with what among the best Greenworks lawn mowers sold online has impressed us for performance and quality/price ratio.

The engine has a good power, 40V that facilitate the maneuverability and the ability of this mower to untangle even among the tall grass.

The power of the engine facilitates the movement even through imperfections and unevenness of the ground without excessive effort. The reduced weight, less than 7 kilos, and the ergonomic handle make it easier to guide and clean the lawn. The width of the cut is 20 inch and works well even on the ends, so it makes it easy to finish the job at the edges of the hedges and grazing the wall.

Greenworks 20-inch 40V small lightweight lawn mower

Features of Greenworks lightweight lawn mower

  • Quality price: The performances offered by Greenworks are of a high level, able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding consumers. It is not necessary, however, to spend capital to secure them. To find out how and where to buy you can refer to the link below with an interesting offer.
  • Power: The powerful 40V motor allows you to cut even the tallest grass almost effortlessly and complete all the work in a short time and efficiently even on the most difficult terrain.
  • Edges: The innovative comb accurately cuts the lawn to the edges and prevents the customer from wasting time and effort for better finishing.


  • Cutting height: The height of the cut is not very convenient to adjust.

2. Worx WG779 40V light lawn mower for hills

Worx offers this model that makes its appearance among the best electric mowers on the market.

The engine has a power of 40V, unstoppable in front of the imperfections of the ground or the jungle that spring, suddenly occurred, has made invigorate in the garden.

The grass-gathering basket has a capacity of 40 liters and a transparent window placed at the top allows you to monitor the amount of grass cut at a glance. It has a special patented system for cutting the wall and reaching without too much effort even in the most difficult points, for example along the flowerbeds, since it follows the movement that is impressed without difficulty and in a flexible manner.

Feature of Worx light lawn mower for hills

Worx WG779 40V light lawn mower for hills

  • Power: Worx hit the engine power, equal to 40V, a guarantee of excellent performance even in the case of tall grass and on any type of terrain.
  • Basket: The capacity of the collection basket is considerable, flexible 2 in 1 bags and should allow completing the work, in most cases, without being emptied.
  • edges: The patented Worx system allows you to get to difficult points, for example along the flowerbeds and to the edges, always making a precise cut.


  • Collection: Not all of the cut grass is harvested effectively.

3. Sun Joe MJ401EMow Joe lawn mower for a small garden

The plastic frame and the slightly lower power compared to the other models already seen justifies the lower price of this model. On the other hand, this lawn mower is able to do its job well thanks to its effective performance and top-of-the-line technology.

It has an electric motor, able to turn the blades 3500 times a minute, a force able to cut even the weed that took over in the garden. There are three cutting heights, adjustable from 2 to 6 inches, a detail that allows you to adapt the function of the mower to the type of lawn chosen and not vice versa.

Below we list the main strengths and weaknesses of the mower produced by the Sun Joe, which is comfortable, practical and sufficiently performing.

Sun Joe MJ401EMow Joe lawn mower for a small garden

  • Low prices: Those who are looking for a cheap lawn mower would do well to take a look at this model, definitely the least expensive in our ranking.
  • Cutting height: Sun Joe gives the user the ability to adjust the cutting height to three positions but, above all, this operation is very easy and there is no need to use tools.
  • Basket: The capacity of the basket less, sufficient for small gardens. To underline the ease and speed with which it can be emptied.


  • Small meadows: The mower is designed for use on small surfaces.
  • Lose grass: The grass is not all collected in the appropriate basket but a part tends to come out.

4. Husqvarna Hu800AWDH lightweight self-propelled lawn mower

This comfortable and compact model will do the dirty work, while from the deckchair we enjoy a frozen drink. It is a mower that calculates the optimal and most efficient route to travel the entire surface of the garden, without running into obstacles or getting stuck before finishing the job.

You can use it almost at any time, do not fear the sun or rain, indomitable and work in your place. It does not have a grass-gathering bag because it strategically cuts only a small amount of grass at a time, so that it can fall to the ground mulching the soil, that is, returning to the ground a protective layer of grass with its nutrients so as not to impoverish.

features of Husqvarna Hu800AWDH lightweight self-propelled lawn mower

Husqvarna Hu800AWDH lightweight self-propelled lawn mower

  • Comfort: The advantage of this mower is that you do not have to make any effort to cut the lawn. He does everything.
  • Mulching: An intelligent system adopted by Husqvarna ensures that it is self-propelled always cut only a small amount of grass at a time, allowing the mowing to fall back onto the lawn, acting as a mulch and making the use of the rake unnecessary.


  • Price: Those looking for a cheap lawn mower will be discouraged by the high price of the Husqvarna.
  • Noise level: According to some users’ opinions, the noise of Indego is higher than expected.

5. Yard Machines 159cc lightweight gas lawn mower

Easy to use, fluid in the guide here is how to choose a good gas engine, everything else adds further value to a product with excellent performance. It has self-propelled traction that improves the movement that is easily governed without having to exert force in the thrust to direct the mower.

The blades can be adjusted manually on six cutting heights, from 2 to 6 cm. The mowing collecting basket has a capacity is large enough to guarantee autonomy until the end of the job. The gas tank is separate, with a capacity. Details in the manufacture of the engine make the difference by ensuring the durability of the product even if subjected to particularly intensive use.

Yard Machines 159cc lightweight gas lawn mower

  • Bursting: Being a gas engine and not an electric model, it has the advantage of being able to get anywhere because it is not bound to the power cord, making it ideal for larger lawns.
  • Self-propelled: The self-propelled traction makes the yard machine mower extremely easy and easy to maneuver because you do not have to exert any pressure on the handle but you just have to direct it.
  • Resistant: The Yard machine engine is designed to withstand even intensive use of the lawn mower. The steel frame and anti-corrosion coating are ideal for durability over time and resistance to soil moisture.


  • Price: The Yard machine is certainly not the most economical lawn mower on the market.

How to use a lawn mower

Working on the lawn or in a garden of different sizes pushes a good number of users to look for a practical and efficient workmate in a lawn mower. For the correct use of this machine, please do not neglect some common sense rules and precautions, summarized below.

Understand the size of the lawn to be worked

A good understanding of the size of the work area is one of the essential aspects to consider before starting the lawn mower. If you have opted for an electric model it is good to understand the total length of the wire, so as not to risk neglecting a part of the field.

Change the height of the blades

Depending on the type of lawn you are going to work, you can select a different height of the blades, modifying it through a side lever or a system placed in the lower part. To proceed with these operations, we always advise you to switch off the machine.

Check the oil level

In motorized models, maintenance is a very delicate and not forgetting aspect.

In the event of prolonged downtime, we advise you to check the remaining oil level, using the indicators present and in case of low values, top up.

Monitor the surrounding environment

The use of a lawn mower must proceed by securing the surrounding area, freeing up the field from objects that can hamper work. Be careful that there are no people nearby, so you can work in peace and without risk.

Take advantage of the blades for a finishing job

The presence of a large blade in the lower part of the machine, allows you to finish some areas of the garden, at the height of a hedge or a wall that separates a group of plants from the other. Passages studied with the mower in those particular areas allow detailed and precise finishing operations.

Clean the machine

Once the cutting operations have been completed, we suggest that you remove the grass parts that can be blocked inside the blades. By doing this you can ensure continuous operation and without excessive damage to the machine, whose efficiency and cutting capacity will remain unchanged over time.

Store the mower in a dry place

At the end of the season, when the machinery is no longer needed, it is advisable to carry out a final cleaning and maintenance, taking care to empty the fuel tank from any residuals. Good practice also consists of covering the mower with a cloth, sheltered from atmospheric agents.


The purpose of the cordless lightweight lawn mower was to be able to work in a comfortable way. And it is essential in sports practice that the surface is uniform. Therefore, the main function of a lawn mower is to make it possible to practice sport on the grass, achieving a uniform soil. However, it also has aesthetic purposes, such as, for example, the case of gardens. A uniform garden looks much prettier.

. For small lawns in the view of the testers, the lawn mowe from Greenworks is the favorite. However, it is unclear how long the battery will last. He will relax in the long term and eventually give up his spirit. A replacement battery costs about 170 euros. In addition, the mower is by far the most expensive.

For small areas without obstacles, the cable mower from Worx is a cheap alternative. It costs only 130 euros and has a not so strong engine.

For large areas, the gasoline mower from Yard machines is optimal – thanks to its powerful engine and wide cutting surface.

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