Lawn Mower Comparison: Everything You Need to Know About

Gas vs. Battery vs. Electric lawn mower comparison

It is necessary to carry out comprehensive lawn mower comparison before you proceed to buy one. The different lawn mowers available in the market vary. If you have a large lawn, then there are some types of lawn mowers which can work well in such lawns. For the case of small lawns, you may have to go for small units such as robotic lawn mowers which will easily cut grass in small areas. It is essential to take into consideration the benefits of working with different lawn mowers before you decide on a given type. You tend to save a lot of money in the long run if you can locate the best lawn mower for your given needs. Here are some of the lawn mower comparison and the most common types in the market:

1. Gas vs. Battery vs. Electric lawn mower comparison

Gas vs. Battery vs. Electric lawn mower comparison

1.1 Gas-powered lawn mowers

The gas-powered lawn mowers are those which have an engine which burns gasoline to run. They are powered by gasoline hence you need to fill the tank before they can operate. Gas-powered lawn mowers are ideal for large lawns where you tend to spend a lot of time away from home. Some of the drawbacks of the lawn mowers are where they tend to produce a lot of flue gases which lead to environmental pollution. They are also noisy when compared to the electric powered lawn mowers. With a gas powered lawn mower, the engine burns fuel which leads to a lot of noise production.

1.2 Battery powered lawn mowers

For the case of battery-powered lawn mowers, they are simply electric lawn mowers but they draw electric current from the battery. They can be used in places where there is no electrical connection provided the battery has been fully charged. The battery-powered lawn mowers produce less noise when compared to gas powered. They do not produce flue games hence they are environmentally friendly which is unlike gas-powered lawn mowers. The only drawback is where the charge will run for a short while after which you will have to take them back to the recharging unit or even have to replace the batteries. The lawn mowers can work well in small lawns.

1.3 Electric powered lawn mowers

For the case of electric powered, they come in two types. You can have an eclectic cordless lawn mower and the corded lawn mower. For the case of corded, you will have to plug them into the socket before they can keep on working. They draw power from electrical sockets. You can as well have a cordless unit which you will have to recharge the battery and it will cut for a given time. Electric lawn mowers come with several benefits such as less noise production. Silent operating motors in the unit make them produce less noise. Maintenance is also less when compared to gas-powered units because you will not have to oil the engine. There is no flue gas production hence they are environmentally friendly. The only drawback of the electric lawn mower is due to their short range. They can mow small lawns because the electric charge cannot run for long.

Push or self-propelled lawn mower comparison

2. Push or self-propelled lawn mower comparison

2.1 Self-propelled lawn mowers

The self-propelled lawn mowers come with an engine which drives the cutting blades as well as wheels to allow you to ride. You do not have to push them around or move on your feet. They have comfortable seats where you seat and drive them just like small vehicles. If you have a large lawn where you need to cut grass fast, then the self-propelled lawn mowers can serve you well. You can ride on them for several hours while cutting grass. In most cases, they are gas powered hence you can use them to cut grass even on lawns which are far from home.

2.2 Push lawn mowers

Just like the name suggests, push lawn mowers you will have to push them around. There are some models which have wheels with some form of propulsion, but they will not support your weight. You will have to walk behind them while pushing so that they can cut the grass. They tend to be tiresome if you are working on a large lawn. The lawn mowers can work well for medium sized lawns below 1 acre.

3. Front or rear wheel drive lawn mower comparison

3.1 Rear wheel drive lawn mowers

The rear drive lawn mowers are self-propped in design but the engine power is delivered to the rear wheels so that the wheel can propel them around. The rear wheel mechanism delivers more power to the wheels which make the lawn mowers suitable for cutting tough turf.

3.2 Front drive lawn mowers

The power from the engine is delivered to the front wheel which then pulls the cutting blades. If you are looking for a lawn mower which can serve you in a medium size lawn, then the lawn mowers can be a great choice for you. They are easy to maneuver around objects as you cut grass.

Front or rear wheel drive lawn mower comparison

4. Deck Size Lawnmower comparison

Lawnmowers are available at different deck sizes. The size of the lawn where the lawn mowers will be used will determine their sizes. For the case of lawn mowers more than 3 acres, you need a lawn mower with a deck more than 50 inches. For those with lawns less than 2 acres, the lawn mowers with deck sizes of about 42 inches can serve them well. Remember for the large the deck size, the wider the cutting width of the lawnmower. You will require a larger deck size so that you can speed up the process of cutting grass in a given lawn.

5. Cutting widths Lawn mower comparison

The lawnmower cutting widths can range from 18 inches up to 32 inches wide. If you need a lawn mower for large lawns, then you need to look for one which has a wider cutting width. With a wider cutting width, you tend to speed up the process of cutting grass. You tend to make fewer trips and the area of grass cut will be large hence saving on time.


To locate the best lawn mowers, you need to make a lawn mower comparison and check on the pros and cons of the different types. For example, if you need one which produces less noise, then you better go for electric powered. For those who would like to conserve the environment, buying an electric lawn mower can be a great idea. There are cases where property owners would like to have fast operating lawn mowers. In such a case, a gas-powered type such as ride on can work well. Check on different features such as the width and the deck size if you need a lawn mower which can perform well in large lawns. To achieve the best results when buying the lawn mowers, always check on the different factors associated with each type. When trying to save money, you can go for small lawnmowers which are designed to work on small lawns. Check on your specific requirements before you proceed to buy the lawn mowers.

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