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Electric vs gas lawn mower: Which lawn mower is better?

Electric vs gas lawn mower
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Electric mowers are the mowers that are ideal for use in the small lawns, lawns that are lesser than 8000 sq. feet. These mowers are more suitable for the grasses that grow in the cool climatic conditions. This is because the grasses that grow in the warm climate cause a lot of resistance and the electric mowers are not able to handle such grasses. Cord Electric mowers and the cordless electric mowers are the two types of electric mowers available. Gas Lawn mowers are the ones where a gasoline engine is added to the cylinder in order to power the roller as well as the wheel of the mower. If you are interested to know about the electric vs gas lawn mower you can go through the discussion given below.

Pros of electric lawn mowers

Pros and cons of electric lawn mowers

Pros of Electric Lawn mowers


Both the cord as well as the cordless electric mowers is very quiet because they operate at 75 decibels that is similar to the decibel level of the normal conversation. So the noise of these type of electric mowers will not disturb your neighbors in any way.

 Light weight 

The electric lawn mower is quite light and can be easily carried. Since it is light, so using this kind of mower is quite easy and saves a lot of your time. This is ideal for use in the residential lawns.

 Easy to start 

Starting the electric mowers can be quite easy because you can start it by just flipping a switch. You simply need to start the power button and the bail arm. Since starting this is quite easy so you do not need any kind of training to use these kind of lawn mowers.


Cons of the Electric lawn mowers

 Limited power of the cordless lawn mowers 

These mowers have restricted capacity as the working of this type of a mower depends on the power of the battery. They have very limited strength and so they are ideal for use only in the smaller lawns.

 Corded Lawn mowers have less flexibility 

The corded electric mowers are connected to a cord and so it is definitely not very easy to move around with these types of mowers. You also have to be very careful using these mowers because you have to take care of both the mower as well as the cord. If you are not careful with themthere is a possibility that you might run over the cord of this mower.


Pros of gas lawn mowers

Pros and cons of gas lawn mowers

Pros of Gas lawn mowers

 Unlimited mowing time 

You can use the gas lawn mowers for a very long time because these mowers do not make use of batteries and as a result they do not have to be charged at regular intervals. You need a very little amount of gas and it will help you use this mower for a very long period of time. It is for this reason that these mowers can be used to mow larger lawns.

 Not limited by the distance 

In order to use the electric mowers you do not need any cord. As a result it does not have to face the distance limitation that may be caused by the use of power cords.

 Provides more flexibility 

The gas mowers do not make use of any cords and so you can very easily move them from one place to another. These types of mowers are ideal for use in the larger lawns.


Cons of Gas lawn mowers

 High Noise 

These mowers are very noisy and cause a lot of noise pollution when used. Your neighbors might get disturbed if you use these types of mowers.

 Damages the environment 

These mowers have a very harmful effect on the environment. They emit carbondioxide and carbon monoxide that pollute the environment.


 Electric vs gas lawn mower

Cordless electric vs Gas lawn mowers

Maintenance and cost

The price of the Electric and the Gas mowers vary a lot because both are used to handle different types of lawns. Electric mowers will be more cost effective if used in the smaller lawns and the gas mowers will be cost effective if used in the larger lawns.
It is important for you to clean the mower deck and the blades of the electric mower. You also need to check if the battery is good enough to be used. The ventilation system of these mowers also has to be checked at regular intervals. Before using the gas mowers you need to find out if there is enough gas in it so that they can be used for a longer period of time.


Performance of electric lawn mower vs gas powered mowers

gas lawn mower

The blades of the electric mowers have a snipping motion which keeps your lawns healthy.

These mowers are not able to cut the grasses that are long and wet.

These electric mowers are much less powerful as compared to the gas mowers.Gas mowers are quite powerful and are suitable for cutting the long, thick and wet grass.


Work time and distance

The cordless electric mowers cannot be used for a very long time because the batteries of these mowers have to be charged for about 45 minutes to an hours’ time. However this is not the case with the gas mowers because once you fill the gas into these mowers they can be used for a very long time.

These mowers are suitable for use in the bigger yards. The cord electric mowers can be used for a long period of time and the batteries need not be charged. However they are not suitable for use in the bigger lawns because they always have to be near the power socket. If you are using an extension cord then the using these mowers is restricted by the length of these extension cords.

These mowers are also not able to cut wet and the thick grass.


Electric vs gas push lawn mower table chart

Comparision Electric lawn mower Gas lawn mower
Noise Quiet Noisy
Weight Light Heavy
Use Ease Start A bit difficult
Power Limited Not limited
Flexibility Less More
Environment No Cause damage to the environment
Maintenance cost Effective cost High
Work time and distance Cannot be used for a very long time, need to replace battery Suitable for use in the bigger lawns
Performance Keeps lawns healthy Suitable for cutting the long, thick and wet grass


Is it worth buying electric lawn mowers?

electric lawn mowerLike any other lawn mowers the electric lawn mowers also have their set of advantages and disadvantages. These lawn mowers are not suitable for use in the larger lawns. But they are quite suitable for smaller lawns. These mowers do not emit poisonous gases and are also not very noisy. It is also very easy to start these electric mowers because you simple have to turn it on using a power button. If you have a small garden in front of your house using these mowers would definitely be the perfect choice for you.


Which lawn mower is better electric or gas

Both the electric and the gas mowers have their set of advantages. While the electric mowers are appropriate for use in the smaller yards, the Gas mowers are more suitable for use in the larger yards. If you have very thick and wet grasses in your yard you have to buy a gas mower because the electric mowers are not suitable to deal with these types of grasses.

Both the Electric as well as the Gas mowers are available in a wide variety of design and price. You need to choose the one that caters to your need. Before buying it you can list down the points of Electric vs Gas lawn mower so that you are able to choose the right one for yourself.


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