Is It Really A Bargain To Buy A Table Saw On Black Friday?

Buy A Table Saw On Black Friday

The table saw Black Friday 2021 is around the corner. This year the huge sale is going to be on the 26th of November. But you are not here to read about the wonders of black Friday, are you? Most of you are aware of how the majority of the Black Friday deals are just an advertisement tactic.

To those who are still not sure about the concept of Black Friday, let’s find out if it is really a bargain to buy a table saw on Black Friday or not.

At the end of the article, you will see the three legit tables saw deals that we found for you.
Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Table Saw On Black Friday

We did extensive research on the last year’s table saw black Friday deals. And observed the black Friday discount patterns in general. After that, we have discovered that it is not a great idea to invest in the table saw black Friday deals. And here are 4 reasons why.

Most table saw deals aren’t discounts on Black Friday

First and foremost, Black Friday power tool deals are not even deals. Anyone who has studied business will tell you how businesses increase the list price of a product and then sell it at its actual price by calling it a discount. So, in most cases, if a table saw is $100, the shop will list it as $200 and then offer a 50% discount.

Forced to make a fast decision on Black Friday

Another problem with the table saw black Friday sale is that it forces you to buy the table saw “right now”. If it was not for a sale, you would probably be thinking 50 times before placing an order. This urgency makes people buy the wrong table saws. You might want to buy one model but end up picking another one mistakenly.

You’ll probably end up buying last year’s table saw on Black Friday

The main reason businesses put their products up for sale is not because they care about you but because they have a ton of stuff in their warehouse. If you pay attention, you would see that most of the table saw on Black Friday are not current models but the products that came out last year. Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for a sale you would not be investing in old technology, would you?

Unpriced new table saw on Black Friday

One trick, that businesses do on Black Friday is that they launch new products. But how is that favorable for the business?
Well, you see as most of the brands sell their products at a discount they are getting less profit. So, launching a new product with no previous comparision gives them the advantage of getting more profit. As the transaction rate is high on Black Friday, the new products get more exposure. And this leads to the sale of the new product.

What Table Saw Do We Earn When We Buy On Black Friday

Now you know why you should not buy a table saw on Black Friday. However, not all Black Friday deals are a scam. In fact, we found 3 high-quality table saws on Amazon which are on sale right now.
So, let’s read about these table saws.

DWE7491RS Dewalt Table Saw On Black Friday

This isn’t the first time Dewalt table saw been the topic of our conversation. This brand produces top-notch products and the DWE7491RS table saw is no different. Not only does this table saw come with a sharp 10inch 24-tooth carbide blade but it is easy to set up and store. Lastly, the rack & pinion telescoping fence system has made adjustments to fence smooth, fast, and accurate.

Dwe7491RS Table Saw Black Friday Deals

Check Today Price and Deal Now

The best part? It comes with a ton of extra accessories. Check it out right now!!!

DWE7485 Dewalt Table Saw On Black Friday

Two tables saw from Dewalt on the same list? Well, we are not to blame, this brand manufactures products that are worth buying. What makes the DWE7485 different from the DWE7491RS is its portability feature. This table saw is compact, portable, yet strong enough to cut into anything you want. And not to mention, the on-site storage will solve your storage problem.

DWE7485 Table Saw Black Friday Deals

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So, what are you waiting for? If you want a portable table saw, add the DWE7485 in your cart immediately before it goes out of stock!!!

SawStop Table Saw On Black Friday

The last table saw on our list for the Black Friday deals is the CNS175-SFA30 from SawStop. The one thing that got us intrigued about this table saw is that it stops at skin touch. So, if you ever accidentally touch the blade, it will stop within 5 milliseconds and drop below the table. Due to this patented design, SawStop is one of the safest table saws to work with. Another great feature is that this table saw features 150 configurations. This high number of table saw configurations along with the cast iron blade make this table saw worth the money.

SAWSTOP Table Saw Black Friday Deals

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If you want a safe-to-use table saw then check out the SawStop table saw right now!!!

With that, we are at the end of the article. The question remains the same, is it really a bargain to buy a table saw on black Friday, and should you buy one?

Well, most of the table saw black Friday offers are not a bargain for us and just a way to make us spend more on last year’s products.

However, there are some table saw black Friday offers which are actually a bargain, for example, the one we reviewed in this blog. So, in the end, it all comes down to research. Compare the product price to its features and calculate if it is actually worth your money or not.

For articles similar to this table saw black Friday discussion, check out our blog page. Till then, peace out!

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