Dyson V7 Replacement Battery of Uniqueness and Wonders [Durability and Better]


So, today, I will be giving you a detailed and well explanatory review of the best Dyson V7 replacement battery. You know, having a replacement battery is a lovely thing. You can switch any anytime to your replacement battery once you notice your other battery is weak.

Dyson V7 replacement battery
Dyson V7 replacement battery

Dyson will never stop amazing us with its pool of beautiful products, which Dyson v7 battery replacement is a part of. Onto the fact that it is a wonderful battery, it had a top-notch advantage of being used with a cordless machine. And Dyson has so much work on the battery that the power and capacity of the battery is wonderful.

All these is just a snippet of the wonders of Dyson V7 replacement battery. So follow me below as I discuss in detail the marvels of this fantastic battery in the form of review.


Let’s start the battery review by looking at the high specifications of the Dyson v7 battery. When Dyson first announced that it would be manufacturing cordless machines soon enough.

One of the major fears that were on the mind of everyone was the durability and capacity of the battery that would be able to outstand a vacuum with cords. This, Dyson has justified with the brilliance put into the design of Dyson v7 battery.

Now, let’s get to work and see.

Dyson v7 battery is made of a 6-cell Lithium-ion battery pack and rated 21.6 V, 16.2 A, 2100mAh, 46Wh. At low power, it has a surprisingly good power of 21 Watts.

A good thing about this battery replacement is its suction power. It gives a suction power of up to 100AW, which is not comparable with its peers. Its excellent battery capacity and power give it an exceptional suction power, which is at par or even better than most vacuum machines.

For example,

our life tests have shown that this Dyson V7 battery replacement has 75% more brush bar power than the previous Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum.

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Up to 30 minutes of run time
Up to 30 minutes of run time

Even with the battery, one great plus is that it doesn’t add any additional weight to the vacuum when comparing it with the vacuums that have cords. Because when you realize how easy it is to move the vacuum around with no additional weights, this additional feature of the battery will probably be your best feature out of the myriads of others.

Together with a fade-free power of up to 30 minutes, Dyson V7 battery is just incredible.

The icing on the cake is the fact that it has a 1-year warranty. With this, you will know how confident Dyson feels about its products.

A trial will convince you.


I am sure the next thing that would be in your mind now is how long can this battery last. Yes, from the above, you now understand that the battery has excellent features that is incomparable with others. But what then is the Dyson v7 replacement battery lifestyle?

No problem, I will be answering your question below.

It just so happens that the answer to that question you have in mind is not only one word or sentence answer. It is not one answer it all answer, and it depends on the settings of the battery.

But still, they all give an overall incredible lifespan and experience.

Officially, when you start to use your vacuum and put the setting at just the vacuum, and you are not using any motorized tool, this replacement battery has a run time of 30 minutes.

But you know, there may be some situations when you feel you should go just out on the motorized tool and vacuum as you enjoy the great motorizing feature Dyson added to the vacuum.

Then, the run time is officially up to 20 minutes when you do this at LOW POWER. And at MAX mode, the run time is 6 minutes fade-free power.

Now, those up there are the official figures released by Dyson. So we had to do the test ourselves and get the real tested run time to be sure it is real.

Guess what? Our test results made us even more surprised.

Using the motorized tool and running on low power gives a run time of 23 minutes 28 seconds. Aren’t you also surprised? An additional 3 minutes 28 seconds. So Wonderful. Even using it at Max power also gave the results of 6 minutes 22 seconds run time, which is an extra 22 seconds. It shows Dyson can be taken not only for its fantastic quality products but also for its words.

Dyson v7 Battery Lifespan
Using a non motorized tool3030
LOW POWER Motorized tool2023 min 28 sec
MAX POWER All tools106 min 22 sec

Now, putting this 23 minutes run time beside the 16 minutes run time of Dyson V6 battery, it is self-evident that the improvements Dyson made to this replacement battery is incredible beyond mention.

Let me put a caveat here, please, to enjoy the great features of Dyson v7 replacement battery, as demonstrated above, which includes its battery lifespan. It is essential to charge your battery for a minimum of 3.5 hours before first use. Never make this mistake!

After which you can start enjoying your Dyson v7 replacement battery.


Apart from the above great features of the Dyson v7 replacement battery, it also has it’s downsides or problems as we may call it, which are pointed out by some loyal customers on amazon review. I will highlight them below.

#1 Dyson v7 battery not charging problem

Even though this doesn’t happen to most customers that purchased the Dyson V7 battery, a customer has a comment regarding his/her battery not charging.

Read the comment as given below;

For the last few days, the blue light has been off, and the solid yellow light is displayed, and it has not changed.

So honest was the review above. But the truth is Dyson machines designed to charge between temperatures between 3°C and 30°C. If outside this range, the machine may not function or charge as expected.

In this particular circumstance, it sounds like the Dyson battery is either too hot or too cold and, as a safety precaution, it won’t charge until it is within the recommended temperatures.

So, the reason for the temperature range is to serve as a safety precaution to safeguard ourselves, and our lives as temperature out of the recommended range may explode the battery and cause fire disaster.

#2 Working time limit problem

Customers have also raised issues about the working time limits of 30 minutes duration at which it operates. Which many have ascribed to the battery power. Some people believe that to charge the battery for more than 3.5 hours should be better rewarded than 30 minutes to work.

Read the review below;

I keep my vacuum on low suction to get the 30min, and if I have it on high suction, it only goes 10min. Works great on hard floors, I don’t recommend if you have a lot of carpets. My house is about 70% carpet & this does not pick everything up unless it’s on max power. Which I then run into the time limit problem.

#3 Long charging time

3.5hours may be too long for some customers. Even at that, many believe they would charge for 3.5 hours, and then the working time should improve. But of course, I know Dyson will be generous enough to reduce this charging time as more improvements come along.



So your original Dyson v7 battery that came with your vacuum has started developing faults. After a few minutes of using it, and you realize it just stops, and you need a replacement. Dyson has made this easy by giving two ways in which you can upgrade your Dyson v7 battery. I will be explaining in details both ways below;

1. Extend Dyson battery twice capacity by yourself

Yes, you can do this on your own with little or no help. By following this way or method, you don’t necessarily have to buy a replacement battery.

Still, instead, you would extend the capacity of your Dyson v7 battery twice its capacity on your own.

There are a few precautions you have to take and steps that would guide you in doing this successfully. But don’t panic, this article is here to guide you.

So the first precautions you have to note is that you are going to be working with Lithium-ion battery and it is dangerous if you are not careful enough.

Also, you must discharge the cells of the battery before you start working on it, so you don’t risk any fire outbreak. Now, after putting those precautions in mind, you must follow the steps in the video below strictly. With it, you will have a detailed knowledge of how to go about it with no hitch.

The videos are in four-part.

PART ONE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaC-P1Z5YN0

PART TWO- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTgXVhiVieE

PART THREE-:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EULiLfcT2vw

PART FOUR- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9UU5vzSi9w.

2. Purchase more power replacement battery for Dyson v7

Not everybody can go through the above process to get your battery upgraded.

If you know the initial step or way above is cumbersome for you, then, believe me, this is your answer.

You can purchase different types of Dyson replacement battery. We have the extended battery replacement, the Motorhead battery replacement and the animal battery replacement.

#1. Dyson v7 extended battery – Upgraded 3500mAh 21.6V

Dyson v7 extended battery

Battery Capacity: 3500mAh

The Battery Voltage:21.6V

Battery Type: Li-ion

Color: Grey

Item Weight: 1.2 pounds

You can check for further reviews in the link below:

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#2. Dyson v7 motorhead battery replacement 4000mah

Dyson v7 motorhead battery replacement

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

The Battery Voltage:21.6V

Battery Type: High quality lithium-ion

Runtime: 45 minutes

Charge Time: 3.2 hours quick charge

Recharged: Over 500 times

Item Weight: 1 pounds

You can check for further reviews in the link below:

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#3. Dyson v7 animal battery replacement 3000mAh

Dyson v7 animal battery replacement
100% Brand NEW! High Quality

Battery Voltage: 21.6v

The Battery Capacity: 3000mAh

Color: Grey

Battery Cells Type: 6-Cell Li-ion

Item Weight 1.17 pounds

You can check for further reviews in the link below:

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In installing the newly bought Dyson V11 replacement battery, the first thing to know is that it is a straightforward process and believe me, after reading what I wrote below, you will understand that it is easier than you can ever imagine. Just find a place to sit and follow me, as I explain in detail.

Precautions to take;

  • It is a must always to ensure that your machine is not charging before carrying out any maintenance on it.
  • Then, you have to read the instructions in the box before replacing your battery. It will give you adequate information about how best to go about it and addresses your fears.
  • Also, you need to get a Philips head screwdriver, which is squared off as possible.

Steps to Follow; Now, after considering these precautions, then you can follow these steps below;

  • First, you have to open up the bin, then you remove the cowl and then remove the bin.
  • The next step is unscrewing the three Philips screws where that house the battery. It will release the battery for easy access and removal.
  • The first screw to remove is at the rear of the handle. And the other two are on the underside of the battery.
  • Then now you can have access to your old battery and recover it from your machine’s handle.
  • You can then dispose of the old battery according to your local codes and regulations.
  • Attach the newly bought Dyson V7 replacement battery to the handle.
  • Secure it in place with the three screws.

By now, your new battery will be in place but partially charged. So it is important to charge it before using it for the first time fully. Then after fully charging it, your newly bought battery is ready for use.

You can also check the video in the link for a better video explanation:


In conclusion, the above review of the Dyson V7 replacement battery has shown that it is the best option for an all-rounder, easy, and smooth cleaning process.

Using the cordless Dyson vacuum as against the usual vacuum machine with cords has so many edges over vacuums with cords. Part of which is its very high battery capacity. This review also contains steps for battery upgrade either by extension of the battery capacity or by total replacement of your battery.

Dyson v7 battery replacement also shows that it has some problems that customers have registered. All these complaints are worked on by Dyson to give a smoother and comfortable experience into the cleaning process using this battery.

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