Best Dyson Battery Adapters for Dewalt, Milwaukee & Makita Battery

Best Dyson Battery Adapters

Dyson is one of the most popular cordless vacuum brands in the market. And oftentimes, battery powered tools need replacement batteries after a while. Now, you can always get Dyson official battery replacement but only if you have the warranty.

This is why most people prefer to get a battery from other affordable brands, such as Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita. But, here’s the catch, to use these batteries you need a battery adapter or converter.

Hence, in today’s article we will talk about the best battery adapters for different Dyson models. I have specifically compiled a list of the best Dyson battery adapter for Dewalt battery, adapter for Milwaukee battery converter for Dyson, and adapter for Makita battery converter for Dyson.

So, let’s get started!

Dyson V8 Battery Adapter for Dewalt 20V 60V Battery

Dyson V8 model is generally more popular among consumers, and because of that, it naturally has more battery adapter options. For users under warranty, battery replacement is available at Dyson’s official site. However, it costs a fortune. So, if you want to use a Dewalt 20V 60V battery for your Dyson V8 then check out the following 3 affordable battery adapters.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
MAKBOSDewalt20V 60VDyson V8 Series, , V8 Fluffy, V8 Absolute, V8 Animal, V8 Motorhead
TPDLDewalt20VDyson V8 Series Vacuum Cleaner, Fluffy, Animal, Motorhead Vacuum
BiswayeDewalt20V 60VDyson V8 Series Vacuum Cleaner, Fluffy, Animal, Motorhead Vacuum

Dyson V7 Battery Adapter for Dewalt 20V 60V Battery

Dyson V7 is more like Dyson V8 than the V6. Hence, it also has a somewhat similar amount of replacement batteries available. But, if you specifically chose a Dewalt 20V 60V battery for your Dyson V7, these following battery adapters would be perfect for you.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
BiswayeDewalt20V 60VDyson V7 Battery, V7 Motorhead, Trigger, Absolute, Fluffy Allergy HEPA Vacuum Battery, SV11 V7 Animal
LaimioDewalt20VDyson V7 Battery, V7 Animal, SV11, V7 Motorhead, Trigger, Absolute, Fluffy, HEPA, Allergy Vacuum Battery
UGOSHOPDewalt20VDyson V7 Vacuum Cleaner, SV11 V7 Motorhead Pro, Animal, Trigger, Car+Boat Fluffy Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 Battery Adapter for Dewalt 20V 60V Battery

At one point the Dyson V6 was a flagship model. However, now it is considered just an entry level vacuum cleaner. Despite that, you can still use a Dewalt 20V 60V battery to turn on this device. And you can always use one of the two battery adapters mentioned down below to make the process seamless.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
MAKBOSDewalt20V 60VDC62, DC58, DC59, SV04, SV09, SV03, V6 Animal Motorhead, V6 Absolute, V6 Slim, V6 Fluffy Vacuum Battery
BTRUIDewalt20VDyson V6 Absolute/Animal+Fluffy/Motorhead/Mattress/DC59, DC58, DC62, DC61, SV09, SV04 Vacuum
JANRIDewalt20V 60VDyson V6 series tool Vacuum Cleaner, V6 Absolute Motorhead, Animal, Trigger slim fluffy

Convert for Milwaukee 18V Battery for Dyson V6

Now, there are less options of Dyson V6 battery adapter for Dewalt 20V 60V battery. However, if you are using a Milwaukee 18V battery instead then you are in luck. Because, there are three converters for the Milwaukee 18V battery for Dyson V6 and all of them are worth your money.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
AlianMilwaukee18VDyson Animal Series, Motorhead, Absolute, Slim SV04, Dyson Trigger Lock & Filter, 21.6V Series Vacuums
TPDLMilwaukee18VDyson V6 Absolute, MAttress, Motorhead, Origin DC58, DC59, SV09, DC62 Vacuum
BTRUIMilwaukee18VDyson V6, DC59, DC62, SV03, SV04, SV09 Fluffy Vacuum

Adapter for Milwaukee M18 18V Battery Convert to for Dyson V7 SV11

Are you looking for a Milwaukee M18 battery adapter for your Dyson V7 SV11? Most of the time, it is challenging to find battery adapters for a specific tool. However, that is not the case with Dyson 7 SV11. Even though this model is not that new, there are still three excellent battery adapters that you can use to convert the Milwaukee M18 18V battery!

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
BTRUIMilwaukee18VDyson V7, SV11, Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Vacuum
UGOSHOPMilwaukee18VDyson SV11 V7 Motorhead Pro, Animal, Trigger, Car+Boat Fluffy Vacuum Cleaner, V7 Vacuum Cleaner
TPDLMilwaukee18VDyson 21, 6V, V7 Vacuum Converter Absolute, Trigger, Motorhead Pro, Fluffy HEPA Li-ion SV11 Battery

Convert for Milwaukee 18V Battery to for Dyson V8

Milwaukee 18V battery is also considered a great replacement for Dyson V8. Not only is it widely available, but also unlike Dyson’s own replacement batteries, the Milwaukee 18V battery is rather affordable. However, to make sure you can easily use this battery with your Dyson, you can use the following converter for Milwaukee 18V battery.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
AlianMilwaukee18VDyson V8 Animal, V8 Absolute, Cordless Battery Converter, Dyson Trigger Lock, Dyson Filter
BiswayeMilwaukee18VDyson V8 Battery, 215681, SV10, V8 Absolute, V8 Animal, V8 Fluffy, Motorhead, Carbon Fiber Cord Cordless Vacuum Battery
TPDLMilwaukee18VDyson Absolute, Animal, Motorhead, Fluffy, Extra Trigger, Car+Boat Handheld Vacuum

Adapter for Makita 18V Battery Convert to for Dyson V6 Tool

Dyson V6 is a relatively older Dyson model. This make it difficult to find good replacement batteries. And one of the replacement batteries that most people gravitate towards is the Makita 18V battery. And the following 3 adapters for Makita 18V battery convert will help you lower your Dyson V6 tool.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
EIDMakita18VDyson V6 Series, Absolute, Animal Vacuum Cleaner
UGLOEYMakita18VDyson V6 Series Vacuum, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62, DC72, DC74, SV04
ADVNOVOMakita18VDyson V6 Battery, DC59, DC58, DC62, SV03, SV04, SV05, SV06, SV07, SV09

Dyson V7 Battery Adapter for Makita 18V Lithium Battery

The Makita 18V lithium battery also works perfectly with the Dyson V7. But, again, to use this battery for your Dyson tool you would have to use a compatible battery adapter. The following 2 battery adapters for Makita 18V lithium battery are the best adapters in the market at the moment.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
BTRUIMakita18VDyson V7 Fluffy, Motorhead, Animal, Handheld Vacuum Converter
EIDMakita18VDyson V7 Series, V7 Animal Pro+, V7 Fluffy, V7 Motorhead, V7 HEPA, V7 Trigger, V7 Car+boat, V7 Absolute, V7 Trigger

Adapter for Makita 18V Battery Convert to for Dyson V8

One of the most used replacement batteries for Dyson V8 is the Makita 18V. And this is why there are less battery adapter options available. So, if you are using this battery for your Dyson V8 then the following adapter for Makita 18V battery would work great for Dyson V8.

BrandConvert BatteryVoltageCompatible With
EIDMakita18VDyson V8 Series Absolute, Animal Vacuum Cleaner V8 Fluffy, V8 cordless

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