Best Milwaukee Replacement Batteries For the Power Tool User

Milwaukee Replacement Batteries
Milwuakee is known for its excellent quality and ease of use for power and hand tools. Portable, and reliable, they increase productivity and efficiency of its user. And these tools for heavy duty work require a lot of power to make them function properly. While these 18V tools are known to be durable and long lasting, the Milwaukee battery performance will eventually degrade over time and will have to be replaced.
In order to keep your productivity high, here is a look on some of the best Milwaukee replacement batteries in the market for your trusty power tool.

Milwaukee 9.0 Battery Review: For The Long Haul

Milwaukee 9.0 battery
One of the Milwaukee replacement batteries available now for your 18V 9Ah tool is manufactured by Gerrit Batt. Powered by Li-on batteries, it offers a run time that’s 3 times longer and offers 35% more power, resulting to longer use with less frequent charging. What’s good about this is that it’s also 65% cooler than most 18V li-ion batteries. So there’s less worry about overheating during prolonged use.

It also has a built in indicator that lets you know how much power is left.
This allows for less downtime and worry about losing power when it’s needed. It also contributes to overall battery health since you charge it up only when needed. What’s more, this Milwaukee replacement battery has an outer case and a shock absorbing inner liner for extra protection. So there’s less worry when you drop it or for high impact usage.
Milwaukee 9.0 Battery Compatibility
Milwaukee 9.0 Battery Compatibility

Fit for Milwaukee M18 48-11-1815,48-11-1820,48-11-1828,48-11-1840,48-11-1850 etc.

Milwaukee 5.0 Battery Review: Small But Powerful

Milwaukee 5.0 battery
Again made by Gerri Batt, the Milwaukee replacement battery with a 5Ah capacity is also compatible for 18V power tools with smaller power requirements. It’s powered by high quality li-on batteries that come in a pack of 2 for every purchase, which is a very good deal.
But the great thing about these 5.0 batteries is that they have a very long life, and won’t easily get drained during use despite its smaller capacity.
Usually, smaller capacity batteries used for high power tools won’t last, but in this case, it’s surprisingly long lasting. Because of that, the frequency of charging isn’t as often for a 5Ah battery, giving it a longer lifespan.
Milwaukee 5.0 battery remplacement
Another feature it has it the battery indicator panel which lets you know how much power is left. Probably the best feature about this is that it can be charged or discharged without any negative impact to its capacity. For most batteries, charging and discharging it will cause its capacity to decrease after a specific number of cycles. With the decreased capacity comes with decreased performance. This is not the case for this Milwaukee replacement battery.
Milwaukee 5.0 Battery Compatibility
Milwaukee 5.0 Battery Compatibility

For Milwaukee: 48-11-1811, 48-11-1815, 48-11-1820, 48-11-1822, 48-11-1828 , 48-11-1840, 48-11-1841, 48-11-1850, 48-11-1852, 48-59-181, 48-59-1850 etc.

The latest technology at Milwaukee is their M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT BATTERY, you can click to check it.

Milwaukee m18 Battery Comparison: M18 Compact vs XC

There are other options for Milwaukee replacement batteries that consumers will face, and one of those is choosing between the Milwaukee M18-Compact or the Extra Capacity (XC) batteries.
Milwaukee M18 Compact vs XC Batteries
Milwaukee M18 Compact vs XC Batteries
The main difference between the two is that the M18 has more advanced features, making it a “smart” battery. While both are li-ion batteries that both offer increased run time, the compact M18 has a temperature management system to ensure that no overheating happens. It also has an individual voltage management system to protect it from faulty charging or discharging. Physically, it was built to prevent it from being used with tools that are incompatible with it.
Milwaukee M18 features
The good thing is that is prevents the user from using it with the wrong tool and causing damage, but conversely, it limits the use of the battery to those specific tools.
On the other hand, the most important thing about an XC battery is that it’s generic and can be used on the same tools as the M18 plus a lot more. It’s been observed that the XC can provide more run time for the tool plus additional torque, matching what the M18 can also provide. But take note, it doesn’t have all the extra technology and features that comes with the M18, making the M18 a better choice among the available Milwaukee replacement battery options available.

Milwaukee M18 Battery Compatibility

One of the most important things when looking for Milwaukee replacement batteries is the compatibility with the tools it’s going to be used with. These tools are used for heavy duty work and can be considered as little machines. So cordless tool battery compatibility plays a big role to ensure that it functions properly and its machinery isn’t compromised. Using the wrong battery can overwork the tool’s engine to compensate for the lack of power and damage the tool.
For the Milwaukee M18 battery, it’s specifically designed and engineered to be compatible with most M18 tools. This battery is the latest offering from Milwaukee and it’s packed with the latest advancements in battery tech. This li-on compact battery will give users longer usage time and provides more power to the tool.
Milwaukee m18 battery compatibility
Another advancement featured is the improved cooling system during extended working sessions. In terms of compatibility, the M18 can be used for more than 150 M18 tools. This is a great all in one solution where consumers don’t need to purchase a separate battery for every tool. This saves a lot of money, and improves the rate of productivity. Some of the tools that are compatible with the M18 include:
  • 2601 – Cordless Drill/Driver
  • 2602 – Cordless Hammer-Drill/Driver
  • 2632 – Cordless ProPEX-Expansion Tool
  • 2650 – Cordless 1/4″ Hex Compact-Impact Driver
  • 2651 – Cordless 3/8″ Compact-Impact Wrench
  • 2652 – Cordless 1/2″ Compact-Impact Wrench
  • 2625 – Hackzall-Cordless One-handed Reciprocating-Saw
  • 2790 – Jobsite Radio
  • 2710 – AC/DC Wall & Vehicle Charger
  • 49-24-0171 – Cordless-Worklight
  • 48-59-1801 – Lithium-ion Battery-Charger
There are more tools that it’ll work with, and some tools that the M18 aren’t compatible with, so to be on the safe side, better check first before making your purchase. This can save you from any inconvenience and hassle.
But overall, the M18 Compact is a great, and maybe the best option for someone looking for Milwaukee replacement batteries.


Power tool users looking for Milwaukee replacement batteries have great options to choose from. These options listed give a lot of value for money and don’t compromise the performance of your tools. And what’s great is that battery technology is only getting better, with improvements and new features being included in every new iteration.

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