Power Tool Companies: Which’s the best brands for supplying tool trade?

Power Tool Companies

The power tool has changed greatly from it’s somewhat primitive and demanding predecessor in the recent years. Optimized tools see a new world of features that are offered by power tool companies ans its brands to increase the efficiency of products that are available to the market. Technology has impacted usability and precision to guarantee optimal results, here is a look at power tool companies that help in innovating and facilitating the productivity and usability of tools for the industries and consumers needs.

1. Bosch

BoschBosch has been a leading force in providing the market with power tools. They are determined to keep their reputation of producing the latest cutting-edge tools that are reflected by the constant upgrades of their equipment. The brand’s core mission is to focus on innovation and mass production, they don’t worry too much about competing with other power tool companies as they have found their niche.

The History Of Bosch

The history of the Bosch company dates back to 1886 in Gerlingen, Germany, this was a start-up company operated at the back of a house in Stuttgart. A year from its operation, it produced a component called the magneto for a gas engine, which would later be enhanced and implemented by the company as a core component in the system of a car. The car magneto factory was opened 20 years later in Stuttgart. Forging a very enviable production, it took the company a short period of six years to produce a 100 000 units of the magneto.

After regulating the immense hours that lead to this vast production, they produced headlights in 1913 for the automobile industry. The Bosch company grew in strength and was incorporated in 1917. It continued to contribute to the production of automobile components when it ventured into producing windscreen wipers for a brief period between 1926-1927. A venture into power tools saw them produce the first power drill in the same year they manufactured car radios in 1932. In 1926, Bosch started to produce windscreen wipers, and in 1927, injection pumps for diesel. Bosch bought the gas appliances production from Junkers & Co. in 1932. In the same year, the company developed its first cordless power drill and presented its first car radio. Its expansion saw it gaining investors support by becoming a limited liability company in 1939. The founder of the Bosch company, Robert Bosch died in 1942.

The oxygen sensor, the fuel injector, a car radio with digital capability are among the production contributions that encompassed the 21st century. A screwdriver that has a lithium-ion battery in its composition was created in 2003.

The German president awarded the corporation with a German Future Prize award for outstanding achievement.

A $3.6 billion funding from the company has been spent on biomedical research in 2009.

Review For Bosch

The company makes precision woodworking tools, so although the saw is much more complicated than the competitors, it’s ease of use and intuitive controls and adjustments makes it shine in this category. Festool makes some very nice tools but in most applications it is inferior to its competitor Bosch.


dewaltThe power tools provisioned by the brand are among the greatest in the field. They mainly focus on ergonomics, giving the power tool company an edge in the industrial manufacturing market. Their greatest contribution in the tool manufacturing industry is their production of impact tools. Expansion of their voltage in their products such as their drills and framing nailers are what keeps the corporation in business and in peoples tool boxes and storerooms.

The History Of Dewalt

Dewalt has a vast following due to their increased efforts to produce better quality. Operating in Seabrook Farms, the woodworking machine was produced in 1992. This was a breakthrough in efficiency and variation to the manufacturing industry. A plant was established In 1924 in Pennsylvania, Leola. With its electrical version of the woodworker product’ name still called Dewalt Wonder Worker. The electrical Woodworker had 9 presets to offer to the customer. In 1941, the increase in production attracts the attention of the government- which sees the company fulfilling orders that were placed by the national defense to aid them with the manufacturing of weapons and other war paraphernalia. This is the same year that it was incorporated as Dewalt Inc. Operating under a new owner AMF, acquired in 1947, it continues to expand and extends it’s operations to Canada, Forming the Dewalt Canada Inc Ltd.

Dewalt starts to produce a production line of compact power tools along with other accessories to the market in 1992. A giant step in the sector that caters for professional operators in the industrial niche. Rapid growth follows in the next two years as they release a wide assortment of 30 cordless tools simultaneously to the public. Screwdrivers, drills, hammer drills and many others are among the constituents of this period in production. Revolutionizing duality in power tools by combining two or more power tools into one fully functional unit. Between 2010-2011, Dewalt’ further developments are enhanced drills, saws, sockets, drilling, and many other tools. Dewalt continues to offer different accessories which are now at the thousands. In 2015, wireless connection was included in their products to help workers navigate to where their tools are via Bluetooth.

A Tool Innovation award was awarded to Dewalt for their revolutionary blade technology.. 2018 is Dewalt’s 100 anniversary. It is the best in producing power tools and doesn’t diversify its portfolio outside of the power tool company niche. There’s a world of products and accessories that are perfected by the brand.

Review For Dewalt

This is a great company, it has excellent power capabilities that translate into its products.

3. Makita

MakitaMakita corporation was an automobile repair company up until 1959. They were the first to manufacture electric planers in Japan in that year. Housing construction among other industrial trades that require power tools gained a lot of convenience from their edger, auger, drills and many more,

History of Makira

Makira’s transformation into a power tool company began in 1959, Its first year under the new category was spent manufacturing a thousand handheld planers that they shipped to Australia- which prompted the building of their main plant.

Makita Corporation changed its company name to Makita Electric Works. Ltd in 1962 and got listed on the stock exchange- resulting in going public .

The majority of the period between the 60s and the 80s was spent on listing in different stock exchanges and expanding in different countries. This includes the establishments that extend from the UK to Japan. It continues to expand globally, adding a plant in Brazil in 1981, a plant in Australia in 1982 and further on to other countries like Singapore and America throughout the decades to be produced and distributed through retail.

Review For Makita

Their expertise in power tools is communicated through their saw, the high powered driller, and grinders. The company continues to expand through the globe on a rapid scale without cessation. The company is dominant in supplying tools to the retail market globally. Production of the Lithium-ion battery tool since 2005 has continued to be its trademark.

4. Stihl

StihlThe Stihl company is a power tools company that specializes in industrial chainsaws, land cultivators, saws and Augers that are just a few in their vast catalog of products supplied .

The History Of Stihl

A German company with the headquarters located in Waiiblingen in Germany founded in 1927. One of the worlds top performers in producing and innovating the chainsaw power tool. Self-reliant in producing its own in-house chainsaws and guide bars. It is a family company that is recently owned by members of a generation that descends from the founder, Andreas Stihl. It also offers handheld power tools like the trimmer.

A chainsaw that was manufactured by the founder revolutionized the design of the saw. Electrical components were added to power up the chainsaw, enhancing the efficiency of the steel blades. This became the highest standard of the power tool and gained prestige in the industrial market that laid the foundation of its high=end manufacturing. This development coincided with the Great Depression, enabling it to overtake the workforce that was proving ineffective due to the condition and the extra labor men that were involved in traditional sawing. Wehrmacht used their saws throughout Europe.

The enhancement of the chainsaws materials and the accessibility were dominant after the end of the war. They still operate in the first building that was damaged by the effects of the war to supply their home country.

A demand for the landscaping and construction in Brazil and the United States prompted the company to expand its reach and build plants in both of the countries. Combining another component to a chainsaw created the earth auger in 1954. The chainsaw becomes portable in 1959. The 1970s are dominated by their creation of components that support the technology of electric chainsaws- thus impacting the tree industry. Incorporating their brand to many countries plagues the 1980s globally.

Review For Stihl

The 21st century sees the company producing multi-tools in their product line. Power tools are now powered by one engine in their new developments. This is great in the smart technology niche that is taking over products


RIDGIDRidgid is a company that provides powerful tools to workmen, industrial companies, and households around the world. It operates under the name RIDGID. Founded in United States, Ohio in 1923. The power tool company later moved to Elyria 24 years later in 1947. They are highly specialized in supplying the plumbing, construction and other industrial sectors. The wrench and vacs are their most affluent products in their catalog featuring a very impressive variety of products

The History Of RIDGID

They focused on Pretested Work-Saver Tools in the 1930s, making sure to take the initiative of testing the tools before they send them out to the market. The pipe threading model was dominant in the 1940s, with a power drive that was portable to add convenience to the worker. The period between the 1950s and 1980s was spent on the innovations from the mobility and portability of the pipe threader, the minimization of the drain cleaner to the lightening of the wrench among some of the vast power tool companies product innovations .

The 21st century brought about the utmost technology optimization, ranging from creating a desktop unit, creating the drainage checking system to enhancing web tools in the form of software to help businesses reach their audiences. The recent tool dominating the market is the first pipe iron pressing that they have been perfecting for decades. It helps professional contractors iron pipe.

Review For Ridgid

Cutting-edge technology that is optimized to get the job done is guaranteed. They are forward-thinking in their approach to work friendly tools. The price range is the only problem here.

6. Stanley

StanleyWhen it comes to user- experience that supports the process of operating industrially related tasks, Stanley is at the forefront of optimal performance.

Founded in 1843, Stanley is a power tool company that offers the best in power tools and accessories for professionals worldwide. Their signature style is a tough, intelligent and reliable device that efficiently helps to finish the job. User-optimization is ensured in their products is found in their shapers, tape rules, and other tools in their product line. High-quality service spreads throughout their core value, management, staff and translates to their product. Other divisions included in the power tool companies business structure are security, construction, and infrastructure.

The History Of Stanley

Established in New Britain, in the USA in 1843. a company specializing in the production of tools made out of iron- like hinges, hand-planes, rulers, saws, chisels, try squares, rulers, try squares, chisels, screwdrivers, and many other bolts and other related tools with the material. Ensuring thorough production of equipment that keeps advancing .

Stanley started producing building tools many years later than when it was established. The demand met by perfect opportunity saw the company focus on manufacturing building tools from1966. Under new management by Richard H. Ayers, who implemented aggressive measures from marketing, acquisition of industrial trade companies, acquisition of investors and re-branding to turn the company into a hardware and industrial tool giant. It continued to thrive even today since it merged with Black&Decker Corporation in 2010.

Review For Stanley

Their core mission is to enhance people and make them excel in their performance, whether through the industrial sector as a contractor, a recruiter, a recipient or anyone who can gain from their correlation with the company. Task efficiency is guaranteed by the products supplied through their channel.

7. Black & Decker

Black & DeckerThe power tool company manufactures a number of products that cater to the home improvement, industrial sectors and correlating areas in need of their product line.

The History Of Black & Decker

Duncan Black & Alonzo G. founded the Black&Decker corporation in 1910 in Towson. They invented the portable electric drill in 1917, which was a combination of a pistol grip and a trigger switch that was handheld by the user. Enlisted in the New York stock exchange 1936 to go public. In the same year, they changed the industry by inventing the worlds first electric hammer. The 1950s produced the worlds first outdoor hedge trimmer by the company.

The acquired Dewalt in 1969 and had it as one of its subsidiaries.

After enhancing the voltage and mobility of the sander, drill, jigsaw among many others, they started to focus on the average consumers.

The 21st century was spent on refocusing on the 1950s efforts of changing the DIY industry related products they came up with. The masonry drill bits that they produce dominated the industry in this period. They also developed the motion sensing screwdriver that uses high-end technology.

They specialize in power tools like cordless drills, screwdrivers, grinders, sanders and many more.

Review For Black & Decker

The corporation has a focus on using high-end technology to optimize tools that are already there in most cases- but they still do a great job at enhancing the efficiency and making them accessible to everyone.

8. Milwaukee

MilwaukeeTheir signature manufacturing style is to provide products that have a power that is between 120 and 230 volts- dedicated to the provision of power and usability. Developed right at the end of first World War, the Hole-Shooter that they produced in their first year was backed up by Henry Ford. This was the unit that was invented by A, H Pietersen, changed the size of the one-hand, hand-held driller.

History Of Milwaukee

A fire destroyed the company’s headquarters, forcing Pietersen to sell the manufacturing rights of the Hole-Shooter to A.F.Siebert. Siebert employed the product under his company Milwaukee Electric Tool Company. The product was further developed and released under the business tool repairing enterprise. A focus on customer engagement .afforded them the luxury to tap into the market and find out how to optimize their products and services to fit the customer’s needs. They went in to develop a range that catered to producing thermal imaging tools, chargers for drills and other machinery, screwdrivers, cutters, hand saws, pliers and other tools and materials.

The 1960s were spent on moving from catering to home construction and moving into more industrial sectors by equipping the industry with portable machinery. This focus was maintained throughout the 1970s under new management. The 1980s were dominated by enhancements like the Deep Cut Band Saw that competed with portable saws in the market with better efficiency. The 21st century was heavily impacted by the durability and innovation their products offered. Allowing for heavy duty work to become completed faster. This is a power tool company that is dedicated to helping the user get the most out of their product, It is worth every purchase of its devices.

Review For Milwaukee

The core of the company is to innovate the power tools industry to bring about more efficiency while taking the user into consideration.

9. Porter-Cable

Porter-CableNew York founded company Porter-Cable has been around since 1906. The founders are a trio consisting of F.E Cable, G.G. Porter and R.E Porter at an initial investment of about $2000. This American power tool company was initially a tool shop ran in a garage. It was only eight years later that they would start investing in producing power tools. Initially manufacturing lathes in their production line.

The History Of Porter-Cable

They bought a plant in 1917, but only began to find a steady niche portable electric powered tools a decade later.

due to the invention of an electric take About Belt Sander. Two years later, the same inventer Emmons, created the groundbreaking circular saw with the helical drive.

Rockwell International acquired the company in 1960. Rockwell was determined to completely change the company to suit their own interests. This affected the companies integrity badly by compromising the quality of the devices and the branding. Pentair Inc purchased the company from Rockwell in 1981- and returned it to its original name. The target market was changed too, cutting out the products that were available to the average consumer. Catering for professional tools, they introduced the orbital sander in 1989. The tools made for the consumer market were reinstated in the same period, with distributing channels being franchised retail outlets like Home Depot.

It released a catalog of new products to celebrate it’d a ninety-year anniversary in 1996. Black & Decker purchased the company in 2004 but still kept its Porter-Cable name as it became a subsidiary of the company.

Review For Porter-Cable

Porter-Cables continues to deliver cutting-edge units as a power tool company. Prominent in it’s latest designs in the chainsaw niche. Designing job site equipment, drills and drivers, woodworking tools and many more industrial tools.


RYOBIPart-taking in many endeavors that dominate the Japanese industry, from the automobile, electronic, industries among others. This power tool company has a selection of highly functional products that offer assistance to the industrial trade. Heavy-duty tasks that require the highest function in equipment to carry them out can look to this brand. The demand for DIY tools is impacted by the devices that this company produces. Nail strikers are the best tool in their product range. With a catalog offering drilling, cutting tools, nailers & staplers, sanders, inflators, saws and many other products.

History Of RYOBI

Ryobi was founded and incorporated in 1943 under the name Ryobi Seisakusho Co, Ltd. Their initial product was manufacturing die casts and delved into the manufacturing of printing equipment, door closers, finishing gear through the 1960s. It is only in 1969 that they started manufacturing power tools. In 1973, the company changed its name to RYOBI. It’s a global company operating in 12 establishments that have incorporated in six countries since it’s establishment.

Review For RYOBI

It continues to incorporate in many countries globally n the 1970s while introducing a wide array of products like drills that are optimized by making large holes, The 21st century has been spent on creating outlets worldwide to distribute their merchandise in many major distributors shelves worldwide. They signed a deal with a German team in 2014, They even give a platform to designers and manufacturers that have innovative ideas that they want to pursue.

11. Festool Gmbh

FESTOOLThe History Of Festool Gmbh

A German-based company founded by Albert Freezer and Gottlieb Stool in 1925. Currently owned by Festool Group along with the corporation Co .KG. This is a subsidiary of the TTS holding company. Dust extraction is the main focus of the company when it comes to the systematic production of their tools. The power tool company was once under the name Fezer & Stoll. Its portable chainsaw was the first of it’s kind in the world in 1927. The company has been consistent in producing power tools since they developed the first mobile saw in 1930. They have added more features to the capabilities of the saw and the sander throughout the years.

Between the 1930s and 1940s, they spent their efforts on improving the design of the disc sander. Also adding mobility to the tool to help the workmen access it anywhere without having to worry about moving it around. Paying attention to the saw again in the late 1940s, they enhanced the cutting depth, pointer level precision, and shaving ejector without compromising the motor. Addition of circular saws that offered more positioning optimizations was developed by this power tool company from the 1950s through to the mid-60s. The introduction of portable sanders that didn’t produce dust was offered to the industrial market in the early 1970s. The 1980s were a revolutionary period that saw the circular saw combine with the first guide rail in their production line. A wide supply of new tools was produced from then and carried into the 21 century, from the cordless drill, the pendulum jigsaws, mobile dust extractors and many more. Their latest tool is the oscillating tool that is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures the greatest cutting quality in the niche.

Review For Festool

The precision of these tools in the industry is powerful. There is no substitute for their efficiency.

12. Skil Power Tools

SkilSkil power tools are easy to use by all people. Heavily influencing the DIY market with its products. The accessibility to get your hands on a Skil power tool is very easy and affordable. Anyone trying to fix something in the house can operate the user-friendly developments. They are well known for supplying the power tool industry with angle drills, cordless drills, and grinders. The best power tool company when it comes to user-friendly equipment. Skil has been in operation for a very long time in the power tool business.

History Of Skil

Starting in 1921 in New Orleans, from an invention of the extension of adding a mechanical rotation to the blades of a machete- that would later be turned into the worlds first electrical hand saw- by Edmond Mitchell and Joseph W. Sullivan. Grinding machines were converted into electrically powered tools for the industry. SKILSAW’ incorporation saw the company name get to Skil Corporation in 1952. It has innovated a lot of tools by turning them into electric powered units throughout half of its decade as a power tool company

Review For Skil

Innovation at an affordable rate is the core mission of this power tool company. They are now set on providing products that support smart technology, making for easier operation by anyone.

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