Dyson Cordless Vacuum Comparison Chart: Comparing Best With The Best

As we know, Dyson a famous brand of vacuum market. I make a Dyson Cordless Vacuum Comparison Chart to analyze that what is the difference between dyson v6 vs v7 vs v8 vs v10 today.

Please check below comparison charts.

Vacuum ModelDyson V6 AbsoluteDyson V7 AbsoluteDyson V8 AbsoluteDyson V10
PhotoDyson V6 AbsoluteDyson V7 AbsoluteDyson V8 AbsoluteDyson V10
Motor TypeDyson Digital Motor V6Dyson Digital Motor V7Dyson Digital Motor V8Dyson Digital Motor V10
Cleaner Head TypeDirect Drive Cleaner HeadDirect Drive Cleaner HeadDirect Drive Cleaner Head/
Soft Roller Cleaner HeadYesYesYes/
Post Motor FilterYesNoYes/
Combination ToolYesYesYes/
Crevice ToolYesYesYes/
Mini Soft Dusting BrushYesYesYes/
Additional Tool For Homes With PetsMini Motorized ToolMini Motorized ToolMini Motorized ToolMini Motorised tool
BatteryLithium-ion 6 cells

Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium (NCA)

Lithium-ion 6 cells

Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium (NCA)

Lithium-ion 6 cells

Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium (NCA)

Lithium-ion 7 cells

Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium (NCA)

Motor Speed110,000rpm110,000rpm110,000rpm125,000rpm
Motor320 W350 W425 W525Watts
Weight5.1 lbs5.3 lbs5.75 lbs5.73 lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD)9.8 x 47.5 x 8.2 inches9.8 x 49 x 8.8 inches9.8 x 49 x 8.8 inches10.7 x 49 x9.4 inches
Indicator lightsNoNoYesYes
Max. Power Mode6 minutes6 minutes7 minutes8 minutes
Max. Suction Power100 Air Watts100 Air Watts115 Air Watts130 Air Watts
Regular Power28Aw28Aw28Aw/
ModelRegular and Max modeRegular and Max modeRegular and Max mode(High) 151AW
(Medium) 33.8AW
(Low) 15.8 AW
Operating Time
with no tool
Up to 20 minutesUp to 30 minutesUp to 40 minutesup to 60 minutes
Operating Time
with the floor tool
15 minutes/30 minutesWith Motorised Head:

5 minutes (High)
20 minutes (Medium)
35 minutes (Low)

Without Motorised Head:

5 minutes (High)
30 minutes (Medium)
60 minutes (Low)

Price$299.99$299- 499.99$499.99$499-$699

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Comparison Chart

Vacuum ModelDyson V6 AbsoluteDyson V7 AbsoluteDyson V8 AbsoluteDyson V10
Battery capacity2200 mAh/3000mAh/
Running Voltage21.6V21.6V21.6V25.2V
Operating Time
with no tool
Up to 20 minutesUp to 30 minutesUp to 40 minutesup to 60 minutes
Charging Time3.5 hours4 hours5 hours3.5 hours

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Replacement Battery Comparison Chart

Base on above Dyson Cordless Vacuum Comparison Chart, I hope you can find out the best one you want to purchase, good lucky.

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