Why the Dyson V11 Battery Replacement is An Unbeatable Choice [ 20% Longer Duration ]

Have you noticed of recent that after charging your Dyson vacuum, you only could use it for few minutes?. Does your vacuum goes off almost immediately you start it? The same thing happens even after you tried charging it again. It may be a battery problem. You may need a Dyson v11 battery replacement.

But before anything, you would have your machine troubleshot using our online troubleshooting.

Dyson v11 battery
Dyson v11 battery

After it has been confirmed to be a faulty battery, then it is time to know more about the Dyson v11 battery replacement. A good knowledge of the battery is important before you make your purchase. So, I will elaborate on the features. Its improvements over the past models. Also, customers’ reviews, how to purchase it, how to install after purchase and then charging it before you enjoy its great features.

Our Pick for the Dyson V11 Battery Replacement You Can Buy Now

Dyson v11 Battery

This Dyson replacement battery is 14% longer duration than other batteery and 10% lighter than other market Li-ion replacement batteries. Built-in multiple safety protections against overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, provides short circuit protection.


Dyson V11 Battery Features

Dyson V11 battery is a seven cell nickel, cobalt and aluminum battery. With a very high capacity, the Dyson V11 vacuum a 20% more suction than Dyson V10 replacement battery.

An excellent feature it posses is its usage with the Dyson V11 vacuum. The Dyson V11 vacuum has an LCD, also called a redesigned meter and this helps to know the extent of the battery. This is the innate system monitoring. It also has a better using time of more than 90minutes. This when used in the low power mode called “Eco”.

Dyson V11 Battery Life

A significant feature that prolongs the battery’s life is the existence of battery power in different power modes. This includes the max mode called “Boost” mode, the auto mode. The last mode is the low power saving mode called “Eco.” This gives the all-round experience.

Dyson v11 modes
Dyson v11 modes

The newly added auto mode ensures adequate and effective use of its power. It automatically changes the mode. This depends on the area that is being cleaned up by the vacuum. The Dynamic Load Sensor prolongs battery life and makes it almost stress-free to clean with the vacuum.

In addition to this is the LCD on the end. This serves as a countdown clock that displays the available time before shutting down. It also automatically updates the available time depending on the power mode selected. Aside this, It also helps one to choose the mode that would provide the available time for the cleaning. Thereby saving power and prolonging battery life. And it only takes about four to five hours for it to charge from an empty battery fully.

Dyson v11 Battery Improved

Dyson v11 Replace Battery – A Solution to Previous Battery Problems

Dyson V10 Battery Problems

There have been some complaints as regards the previous battery problems. This has given birth to a lot of improvements made. Some of these include its short duration of use when using it at the max “Boost” power mode of just 5 minutes. To this, it has an improvement of more than 12 minutes working time.

Another complaint was its defectiveness after a prolonged stay in any non-conducive environment. This can also occur when placed or stored in an adversely cold or hot environment. This has been worked on, leading to its great durability in many adverse conditions. It has also served as an indication of our commitment to sustainability.

Aside from this, many have also raised complaints of the battery life significantly reducing. It was said to usually occurs after six months of use from full charge to empty. This has also been worked on, and the Dyson v11 replacement battery offers a long life. It also has a beautiful display now that shows the amount of time left.

The weight and how easy it is to maneuver was also once complained about. Dyson company has tried very hard to work on this. Thereby giving a smoother and comfortable experience into the cleaning process using this replacement.

Click the link to read more about some questions of Dyson v10 battery in my previous article.

What Are The Improvements in Dyson V11 Replacement Battery?

Capacity: One major issue people usually have with a cordless vacuum is the battery power. This as compared to a vacuum with cords, which you can charge as you clean around the house or office. Dyson recognized this and therefore made a great improvement in the capacity of the battery of 1000mAh.

The new replacement battery has a capacity of 3,600mAh as against the one of 2600mAh of Dyson V10 battery. And this gives it more power. It is also great to know that it takes only about 4.5 hours to charge up from empty.

Dyson V11 battery life time

Using time:With great power, an excellent using time is expected. For this battery, the available time is superb. You can get up to 90 minutes of vacuuming if you use the lower mode. This as against the 60minutes of the Dyson V10. There is also a significant improvement of about 12 minutes in battery time when used in Boost mode.

This as against the improvement of 5 minutes on the Dyson V10. It also has the adaptive auto mode, which adapts to the area being cleaned. And has variable battery using time and can be a much as 90minutes.

Dyson V11 LCD screen
Dyson V11 LCD screen
Display:It has a wonderful LCD screen that gives you valuable information. This includes maintenance alerts, power mode functions, and how much time is left. This is great in comparison to the three LED lights that usually turns off one after the other as a signal to battery draining.

With the previous Dyson V10 battery, you wouldn’t know the exact amount of time left before your vacuum switches off and shuts down. Thereby, making the user dash to finish the cleaning once it has only one LED light on. LCD on the new Dyson v11 is a great improvement to this.

Lightweight: A significant concern in using a cordless vacuum machine, especially for customers, is the weight of the device. Also, how easy to carry it around. This has been one of the major dilemmas facing lots and lots of manufacturers. It mainly includes how to make the machine light for easy mobility especially while cleaning up.

It also includes taking necessary precautions as to not compromising the battery power. And also the using time of the machine. This is one of the huge advantages that the Dyson v11 replacement machine possesses. It is light to carry around and doesn’t impose unnecessary weight on the Dyson vacuum. It is exactly what is right and needed.

Unique battery power system

Design: The difference between the design of Dyson v11 and Dyson v10 isn’t much. However, there is a rubber strip near the battery pack that helps you lean it up against a wall and keeps it from sliding. This design keeps it intact and also helps balance its weight over the machine. Thereby, making it portable and allow for easy movement.

Dyson v11 Customer Reviews

It has also received fantastic reviews from customers. This includes those who have purchased it and can be a witness to its great wonders. Some customers’ remarks on Amazon would give a snippet into how wonderful customers view this replacement battery.

In comparison with other models:

Read what another customer has to say about the battery life;

Compared to the V6 I get almost twice the run time with the V11, due to a longer-lasting battery and the smart power level controls.

Chris, six months ago, had this to say,

Yeah. I used V6 before, so this V11 is really fantastic, especially in vacuum power and battery life.

Customer reviews on how fast the charging is:

Read what GK has to say on Amazon’s review on how fast the charging is;

Amazing suction power, great battery life, and fast charging.

Customer reviews on the battery length and life:

Love it! I have hardwood floors, and this cleans them great! Stays charged long enough for me to vacuum my 1600 square ft house with power left on battery.
The battery life is excellent. It’s so easy to dump out. The filter is very accessible.

A customer says,

The V11 wins in ease of use, power and battery life. With it, I can do my whole house on a charge.
The battery life is impressive. I vacuumed my entire office, four large rooms, and I still had 19 minutes of battery left on AUTO mode – which is plenty of power for everyday vacuuming.

Customers’ reviews on the lightweight:

The lightweight and battery make quick work of touch-ups and deep cleans. Worth every penny.
I love how powerful and lightweight it is!

You can check for more reviews at Amazon Reviews

Where to Buy Dyson V11 Replacement Battery

To buy a Dyson V11 replacement battery, you have to make sure that you are in need of it. You can do this by using our online troubleshoot techniques. This will help you confirm the need to buy a replacement battery.

After which you will have to go to our website to order for the battery. This website will display the price, and it would also help check if the battery goes with the machine you own.

Dyson v11 Battery
Dyson v11 Battery

Then you can pay using the available payment methods, which includes using your Amazon account, AmazonPay, or any other payment types available.

You can select your shipping methods, either the free 2-day shipping or you select scheduled shipping where you choose your preferred date.

Applicable taxes will be added upon confirmation of the shipping address. Delivery would be done depending on the shipping method selected.

RUL: https://www.dyson.com/support/journey/tools/970145-02.html

More choose from Amazon:https://amzn.to/3rgNBfo

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How to Install The Dyson V11 Replacement Battery

In installing the newly bought Dyson V11 replacement battery:

You must make ensure that your machine is not plugged to the charging. This, before carrying out any maintenance on it.

  • Then, you have to read the instructions in the box before replacing your battery. This will give you adequate information about how best to go about it and addresses your fears.
  • The next step is unscrewing the three Philips screws where the battery is housed. This will release the battery for easy access and removal.
  • The first screw to remove is at the rear of the handle. And the other two are on the underside of the battery.
  • Then now you can have access to your old battery and recover it from your machine’s handle. You can now dispose of the old battery according to your local codes and regulations.
  • Attach the newly bought Dyson V11 replacement battery to the handle. Secure it in place with the three screws.
  • By now, your new battery will be in place but partially charged. Having your battery fully charged before first use is important for durability.
  • After this, your newly bought battery is ready for use.

You can also check the video in the link for a better video explanation:


In conclusion, Dyson V11 replacement battery is the best option for an all-rounder, easy, and smooth cleaning process. This, by using the Dyson vacuum. This should be purchased after it has been confirmed that there is a need for a battery replacement. Confirmation can be done using our online troubleshooting system.

You can easily purchase it online on our website using the different payment methods. You can then expect to have your delivery as soon as you want it. This is by using the different shipping methods. The steps to undergo while installing your newly bought battery after a purchase has been outlined. After installation, then you can start enjoying the wonderful features. And experience of using the Dyson V11 replacement battery.

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