An Insight Into The Dyson V10 Battery Review [15 years , Is this true?]

I will give below the Dyson V10 battery review.

Dyson v10 battery
Dyson v10 battery

As we know that the era of vacuum machines with cords is over. Dyson has developed new vacuum machines that work without plugging to the socket or charging while using it. An example is the Dyson V10 vacuum machine.

The Dyson V10 battery strongly powers this. A significant issue that people have about a cordless machine is the capacity and power of the battery. Comparing a vacuum that works on a charged battery to charging as you clean may be difficult. But, this and many more is what Dyson V10 battery proudly solves with no hitches.

I am going to be discussing the Wonders of a battery in the DysonV10 review below. A battery that could compete and win vacuums with cords. The Dyson V10 battery.


Dyson V10 battery is a seven cell 525 Watts lithium-ion battery. It is made of nickel, cobalt, and aluminum battery chemistry. The battery has a very high capacity, which gives the Dyson V10 vacuum a great suction at per or even better than most vacuuming machines with cords. Using this battery with the Dyson V10 vacuum also gives it a great edge.

Dyson V10 battery power system
Dyson V10 battery power system

The Dyson V10 has an excellent feature it possesses, which helps in the longevity of the battery. It has an intelligent power management system. This is designed to help estimate the battery power that remains while cleaning. It is the innate system monitoring. A user is able to estimate the amount of battery power that remains as he or she cleans won’t only help to prolong the battery life in the long run.

Even with the battery, it doesn’t add any additional weight to the vacuum. This is in comparison to the vacuums with cords. But it also helps to improve how effective and adequate the cleaning process is.

Together with a fade-free power of up to 60minutes, Dyson V10 battery is just incredible, the battery also will last 15 years of active use.


The Dyson v10 battery life was tested as it was put in all nine settings. These are the nine settings in which it can exist with attachment combined. We were then able to get the real-world results which would be shown below;

Dyson V10 battery review
Dyson V10 battery review
Test Results For Low Power Battery Settings:

With Suction only: It gives 61 minutes

Using Fluffy / Soft Brush Cleaner Head: 56:23 minutes

Applying Torque Drive: 46:16 minutes

The Test Results for Medium Power Battery Settings:

With Suction only: 30:51minutes

Using Fluffy / Soft Brush Cleaner Head: 28:51 minutes

Applying Torque Drive: 26:57 minutes

Test Results for High Power Battery Settings:

With Suction only: 5:32

Using Fluffy / Soft Brush Cleaner Head: 9:15

Applying Torque Drive: 6:30


There have been some complaints as regards the Dyson V10 battery problems. Some of these are its short period of use when we use it at the max “Boost” power mode. This is for just 5 minutes. To this, many customers have raised issues on the 5 minutes duration at which it works. Which many have ascribed to the battery power. Some people believe that to charge the battery for more than 3.5 hours should be better rewarded than 5 minutes to work.

problems of Dyson V10 battery

Another complaint was how defective it is after a long stay in any bad place. This can also occur when placed or stored in a cold or hot environment. Many harsh environments have been noticed to reduce how durable the battery is. This product can only be charged in an extremely dry area, with a humidity level below 40%.

Aside from this, many have also raised complaints of battery life greatly reducing. This often occurs after six months of use from full charge to empty. Many complained that at that point, the battery wouldn’t charge.

And instead, there was a flash red light that indicates a faulty battery. The weight and how easy it is to maneuver was also once complained about. Dyson company has tried very hard to work on this. They are giving a smoother and comfortable experience in the process of cleaning using this battery.


It isn’t out of place to need a Dyson v10 battery replacement, especially when the former one becomes faulty. This often comes needy when after charging your Dyson vacuum for too long but could use it a few minutes. Also, you will notice that the vacuum dies almost immediately after you start it. This may be an indication to get a replacement battery.

It is also good that before you purchase the new battery, you troubleshoot your vacuum using our online troubleshooting. This is available on our website with the link;

And it will make you sure it is your battery that is really at fault. Then after you confirm, it is better to know more about the purchase of the replacement batteries.

It is very good to purchase several Dyson V10 replacement battery to give you a hitch-free cleaning process. As with this, you can easily change the batteries when the need arises. It is also good to purchase many replacement batteries to be on a safe side.


In conclusion, the above Dyson V10 battery review has shown that it is the best option for an all-rounder, easy, and smooth cleaning process. This, by using the cordless Dyson vacuum as against the usual vacuum machine with cords. It has so many edges over vacuums with cords. This includes its very high battery capacity, the excellent power management system which it possesses. And this has helped very well to increase the life of the battery. It is also called its innate system monitoring.

Another advantage is the ability to estimate the amount of time left on the machine. This helps to improve the adequacy and effectiveness of the cleaning process. It also has a 15 years battery lifetime of active use.

Dyson v10 battery review also shows that it has some problems that customers have registered. All these complaints are being worked on by Dyson to give a smoother and comfortable experience into the cleaning process using this battery.

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