So let’s take a quick look into the review of the best Dyson v8 battery replacement, this is definitely going to be very detailed and simple. I am sure we all know it’s a beautiful thing to have a replacement battery. You can easily switch at any time to your replacement battery once your battery starts getting weak. Dyson will continue to amaze us with their great products.


An example of these great products is the Dyson v8 battery replacement.

In addition to the fact that the Dyson v8 battery replacement is a great one, it also has a unique advantage of being used with a cordless machine. And guess what? Dyson has so far worked really hard on the battery that the power and capacity of this battery is just excellent.

The above is just a sneak-peak of the battery review. So let us get into the wonders of the best Dyson v8 replacement battery below;

Our Pick for the Best Dyson V8 Replacement Battery You Can Buy Now

Dyson Replacement Battery

This Dyson replacement battery is 14% longer duration than other batteery and 10% lighter than other market Li-ion replacement batteries. Built-in multiple safety protections against overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, provides short circuit protection.



Firstly, let’s start our battery review by taking a look at the excellent features of the Dyson v8 replacement battery. When Dyson first announced that it would be making cordless machines soon enough.

One of the major fears that were on the mind of everyone was how durable the battery will be. Also, the capacity of the battery that would be able to stand a vacuum with cords out.. However, Dyson has justified with the brilliance put into the design of Dyson v8 battery.

Dyson v8 battery is made of a 6-cell Lithium-ion battery pack and rated 21.6 V, 18.5 A, 2800 mAh, 65 Wh. At low power, it has a surprisingly good power of 28 Watts. And at Max power, it is unbelievably 115Watts.

Its excellent battery capacity and power give it an incredible suction power. Consequently, makes it at par or even better than most vacuum machines.

The improvement will be more significant when compared with the Dyson v7 battery. It has an increase in power rating with the current rating now 18.5A as compared to 16.2A of Dyson V7.

However, it has a downside in weight which was noticed. It is heavier than the previous versions of the Dyson replacement battery. Dyson V6 and V7. It also has a time to charge of 5 hours, which is an hour and a half more than the previous editions of battery replacement.

Dyson V7 VS. V8
Max power115 watts46watts
Charge time5 hours3.5 hours
Dyson weightHeavyLight
It has a lot to cover up for this and would make customers long for it at any time. A great plus to it is the two-year warranty that it has. This is against a year’s warranty on the previous editions. It will only tell you one thing- Dyson’s confidence in its products is on the rise and also in strength every day.

In general, Dyson V8 is a beautiful product with great features that would attract any interested customers without doubts.


The next thing that would be in your mind now, I am sure, is how long can this battery last. You cannot keep a bit to yourself again. From the above, you now understand Dyson V8 replacement battery is unique on its own. Its great features are incomparable with others. But what then is the Dyson v8 replacement battery lifespan? No problem, I will be answering your question below.

But then, the answer to that question you have in mind is not just one word or sentence answer. The answer varies, and it depends on the settings where the battery work. But still, they all give an overall fantastic lifespan and experience.

Up to 30 minutes of run time
Up to 30 minutes of run time

Officially, when you start to use your vacuum and put the setting at just the vacuum. And you are not using any motorized tool, this replacement battery has a run time of 40 minutes. But you know, there may be some situations when you feel you should get just out on the motorized tool. And vacuum as you enjoy the great motorizing feature Dyson added to the vacuum. Then, this depends on the type of motorized tool you use, the run time will be different.

When you are on LOW POWER mini-motorized tool, the run time is officially up to 30 minutes, and on LOW POWER regular motorized tool, you can have a runtime as much as 28minutes. And at MAX mode, when all the tools are in use, the run time is 7 minutes fade-free power.

LOW POWER Non-motorized tool40
LOW POWER mini motorized tool30
LOW POWER Motorized tool20
MAX POWER All tools7

Now, those up there are the official figures released by Dyson. So we had to do the test ourselves and get the real tested run time to be sure it is real.

You know what? Our test results made us even more surprised. Using the non-motorized tool and running on low power gives a runtime of 40minutes. Aren’t you also surprised?

The official figure has an exact time given. It tells you so much about Dyson’s precision and accuracy. So Wonderful! Now, using it on low power, a motorized tool provides a time to run of 28 minutes. And also, running it at Max power also gave the results of 7minutes 45 seconds run time, which is an additional 45 seconds. This shows Dyson keeps to its words by the quality products it delivers

Tested Run Times (MINUTES)
LOW POWER Non-motorized tool40
LOW POWER Motorized tool28
MAX POWER All tools7.45

Now, putting this 40minutes run time beside the 30minutes run time of V7, it is undeniable that the improvements Dyson made to this replacement battery is fantastic beyond mention.

Let me put a caveat here, please, to enjoy the great features of Dyson v8 replacement battery as demonstrated above, which includes its battery life span, it is essential to charge your battery for a minimum of 5 hours before first use. Never make this mistake! After which you can start to enjoy your Dyson v8 replacement battery.


Apart from the above great features of the Dyson v8 replacement battery, it also has its downsides or problems as we may call it. These have been pointed out by some loyal customers on amazon review. I will highlight them below:

Battery Neglected Due To Faulty Trigger Guard

The battery is inseparable from the vacuum that it powers. Many of the battery problems that we hear is usually attached to the vacuum machine.

An example is a complaint on the faulty trigger guard of the Dyson V8 vacuum. Even though this doesn’t happen to most customers that purchased the Dyson V8 battery. Some customers have commented as regards the trigger guard being faulty, this leads to them later abandoning the battery and machine in total.

An example is available in the video below:

Reduced Battery LifeSpan

Customers have also raised issues about the life span of the battery. Many complained that after just a year of using the battery, it suddenly reduces its time to work or run time.

It has been noticed to occur more often when the battery is used in max mode. Which after a short time, the battery whose run time was usually 7 minutes won’t work for more than 20 seconds before it stops even after a full charge of the battery. Read the review below as copied from a YouTube post on Dyson V8 review;

I absolutely love my animal. Unfortunately, the battery only lasted around nine months. Waiting for my new free battery in Australia. The customer service was great. The battery is my only issue of this great convenient beast. I could not be without it now. I’d kind of happily pay for the battery once a year. If I’d only know, I could have had a spare handy.

– By JVW on YouTube channel

Long charging time

5hours may be too long for some customers. Even at that, many believe they would charge for 5hours, and then the time for it to work should improve. This as against the 3.5hours of charging time for previous editions. But of course, I know Dyson will be generous enough to reduce this time to charge as more improvements come along.

Top 5 Best Dyson V8 Battery Replacement

You can purchase different types of Dyson replacement battery. We have five different types of battery replacement. This includes;

#1. OFFICIAL genuine Dyson v8 battery

The original genuine Dyson v8 battery is available on the Dyson official website below. Aside from the purchase of the replacement battery. You also have the advantage of troubleshooting your old battery.

Our online platform to troubleshoot is able to confirm the need for a replacement battery. After you confirm, then you can easily order from our website. And would be delivered as soon as you want it through many of our shipping processes. It’s worth you checking out!

The site is

#2. Dyson v8 battery Upgraded 4500mAh 21.6V

Upgraded 3600mAh 21.6V for Dyson V8


  • Battery Capacity: 4500mAh
  • The Battery Voltage:21.6V
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds

Customers’ review as regards this battery replacement from Amazon includes the following;

  • Works great but makes a tight fit

This battery has worked great, although it does make the vacuum have a slightly tighter fit on the charger. Not that big of a deal.

  • Excellent improvement

Longer run time. Replaced our old battery that wouldn’t stay charged any longer. Perfect fit.

You can view other reviews in the image link below!

#3. Battery Replacement for 21.6V Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Lithium Battery 3500mAh for Dyson V8 Animal vacuum

  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • The Battery Volt: 21.6-Volt
  • Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.46 pounds

Customers’ review as regards this battery replacement from Amazon includes the following;

  • An excellent replacement for the old Dyson V8 battery

Great product and does what it should ideally. It was easy to replace and gives life back to the V8 after it appeared to die. I would buy from this seller again

  • So far it’s amazing.

I’ve only used it a couple of times, but I can now vacuum every part of my house that I need to on HIGH. That was difficult to do with the standard battery.

You can view other reviews in the image link!

#4. Replacement Battery for Dyson v8 Motorhead Vacuum

Replacement Battery Compatible with Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum

  • Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
  • The Battery Voltage: 21.6V
  • Battery Type: High-quality Lithium Cells
  • Color: Grey
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

Customers’ review as regards this battery replacement from Amazon includes the following:

  • Perfect Dyson Battery

The original battery on my Dyson stick went out, so I went to search for a replacement. The replacement battery is a perfect fit and easy to install. After a short time to charge, it was ready to use and worked great.

  • Big upgrade for Dyson! More than 30% run time over the original.

Well constructed, excellent finish matches perfectly. It is a power house that has brought a welcome extended run time. We run in max power mode, and this battery makes a big difference. At least 20 min more run time in max power mode.

You can view other reviews in the image link;

#5. Lithium Battery 3500mAh for Dyson V8 Animal Dyson V8 Cleaner

Battery Replacement for Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Handhold Vacuum

  • Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
  • The Battery Voltage: 21.6V
  • Battery Type: High-quality Lithium Cells
  • Color: Grey
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds;

Customers’ review as regards this battery replacement from Amazon includes the below;

  • Ease of replacement and value for the money.

I bought a cheaper battery for my Dyson V8 vacuum and wound up sending it back after six months. The seller agreed to take it back. I purchased this battery, and I am pleased with it. It holds a charge long enough to do most of my floors before I have to recharge it. I genuinely believe it is a better product than the OEM battery that came with the vacuum. It’s been about three months since I got it. Btw, to replace the old battery was easy.

  • Better than the original

This battery fits the Dyson V8 Animal plus perfectly for a fraction of the price from the manufacturer. It also has a higher “mah” rating, which means your vacuum will run longer on a charge.

You can view other reviews in the image link!


The above review of the Dyson V8 replacement battery has shown that it is the best option for an all-rounder, easy, and smooth cleaning process. This, by using the cordless Dyson vacuum as against the usual vacuum machine with cords. It has so many edges over vacuums with cords. Part of which is its very high battery capacity.

The review also contains different types of replacement batteries you can get, the different features or each of them, and the various customers’ reviews.

Dyson v8 battery replacement also shows that it has some problems that customers have registered. All these complaints are worked on by Dyson to give a smoother and comfortable experience into the cleaning process using this battery.

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