Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement Review

Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement Review

As a company, Dyson has been known to provide top-class consumer technology. They were the first producers of bagless vacuum cleaners in the 90s. Since that period, they focus on products like hairdryers and the Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement.

If you’re looking to get the best replacement battery for your Dyson Vacuum cleaner, there are several things that you need to consider. One of the essential things to analyze is the reasons why you need them and their battery life.

This article explains the imperative factors that you should consider when getting the best Dyson 360 battery replacement. You will also get answers to some possible questions that you may ask about the Dyson replacement batteries.

Dyson 360 eye battery life

Dyson 360 EyeThe Dyson 360 eye has impressive battery life. Compared to similar brands, the company stands out by ensuring there are considerably top-class runtime and overall battery life. The Dyson makes use of lithium-ion replaceable batteries, which are known to be very stable and reliable.

For this product, the expected runtime is 45 minutes. Even though this may be seen as relatively low, it matches the Wi-Fi robot vacuum’s exceptional capabilities. The expected charge time for the Dyson 360s is 2 hours and 30 minutes. These specifications are also significant to the Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement.

Why need a replacement battery for Dyson 360 eye

Replacement batteries are not always thought to be important in many scenarios. However, this is a wrong misconception. As a consumer, there are several reasons why you should need a Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement for the best experience.

Replacement batteries are just as important as the main battery in your Dyson 360 eye. Since every battery has a specific lifespan and degree of efficiency, there’s always a need to make a replacement at one point or the other.

The Dyson 360 eye makes use of a lithium battery, which are fantastic batteries. However, these batteries also tend to run down in functionality over time. So, a replacement battery will provide the required backup.

Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement Review

Best Battery for Dyson 360eye 360 Eye RB01 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The best batteries are not always easily recognizable. With the increase in counterfeit batteries’ production, there’s a severe need to carefully look into the capabilities of every battery you are willing to purchase. This rule also applies to vacuum cleaner batteries.

One of the best batteries for your Dyson vacuum cleaner is the 14.8V 6600mAh battery from Hubei. Interestingly, the Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement fits perfectly into the Dyson vacuum cleaner and has all the needed technical specifications.

Tech Specifications of the Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement

The replacement battery is made up of excellent specifications for users. Unlike many other replacement batteries, this one provides short circuit protection and other added advantages. Here are some of the significant specifications of the battery:

Dyson 360eye RB01 Vacuum Cleaner Battery

  • Battery capacity: 6,600mAh
  • Voltage: 14.8V
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Weight: 650g
  • Dimensions: 130 x 88 x 100mm

Based on the Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement’s technical specifications, it’s evident that it’s just the perfect fit. A battery capacity of 6,600mAh could seem relatively lower than you expect, but it effectively serves its purpose. Besides, it has a battery voltage rated 14.8V backing it up.

The Dyson 360eye 360 Eye RB01 uses reliable lithium batteries that are known to be highly stable. Weighing only 650 g, the Dyson 360 eye is impressively lightweight and portable. The dimensions of the battery also make it very compact and easy to carry.

Please note that there are certain precautions or charging tips that you should follow when using the Dyson 360eye 360 Eye RB01. As a user, it’s essential to avoid turning on the vacuum for usage when charging. Charging while using will damage the battery.

You must keep the Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement clean before a charge. You should store the battery in a clean, dry, and cool area with no heat or metal objects. Also, please avoid leaving the battery dormant for a long time. It’s advisable to make use of them once every two to three weeks.

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Why Dyson 360 eye not charging?

Several reasons may cause your Dyson 360 eye to stop charging. Some of these problems are not due to the Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement. If you observe that your vacuum cleaner is not taking any charge, start by looking for any signs of damage to the cable. Once you notice any damage, don’t attempt to use the machine in this state.

If you don’t notice any damage to the cable, you should confirm the Dyson machine is in functioning wall-socket. If the socket isn’t working appropriately, conduct repairs by contacting the support helpline.

You may not have a damaged cable, and the Dyson machine is in the socket. If there is no problem with the cable or the socket, then you should check that the plug has a well-functioning fuse. In many cases, there’s usually no problem that surpasses those two conditions.

Why Dyson 360 eye flashing red battery light?

In some cases, you may notice a flashing red light present on each side of the battery pack. The blinking light is an indication of an under-voltage in one of the battery cells of the machine. There are conditions where there won’t be any light blinking at all. If there is no light blinking, then it indicates a full charge.

Fortunately, there is a technique to fix the problems that fix this problem. The Dyson battery pack is difficult to open; so, it may be advisable to purchase a quality battery pack for the Dyson machine.

When purchasing your Dyson 360 Eye battery replacement, please ensure you look into the technical specifications to get the product’s best. For instance, the 14.8V 6,600mAh Battery for Dyson 360eye 360 Eye RB01 Vacuum Cleaner Battery is a great choice. It has systems that help safeguard users against short circuits, incorrect voltage, internal overheating, and short circuits.


Dyson 360 Eye Battery Replacement is essential for you to enjoy your machine for the longest. With a replaceable battery, you can overcome some of the common challenges Dyson owners face. Ensure that your replacement battery has safeguard features against internal overheating, short circuits, and incorrect voltage.

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