Ridgid Octane Battery Review – Ridgid Bluetooth Battery Features & More

Ridgid seems to be doing an impressive job with their new release. The Ridgid Bluetooth battery and the Octane battery are quality products. They are designed to satisfy DIY individuals and other workers’ needs. With the 18V 9.0-amp hour battery and the 6.0-amp hour battery, it’s also a good market competition.

Ridgid OCTANE Bluetooth 9.0 Ah Battery
Ridgid OCTANE Bluetooth 9.0 Ah Battery

Undoubtedly, creating batteries rated 9.0 amps is not a piece of cake. It entails a 3P system to make it realizable. Each of these parallel cells possesses five different cells. Inadvertently, this causes the middle cells to overheat. You will also learn more about that in this Ridgid Octane battery review.

Fortunately, Ridgid seems to have dealt with the limitation. Now, their device holds 162-watt hours of the lithium-ion battery. Aside from that feature, there are other exciting things to discover about these batteries from Ridgid. In this article, you will learn more about the Ridgid Bluetooth battery and more.

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Bluetooth makes Octane Battery Different.

Before delving into more details about the Ridgid Bluetooth battery, you should know some crucial things. Majorly, the octane batteries communicate with octane tools and deliver more power under heavy loads. In contrast, other batteries don’t meet up to those standards.

Moreover, it’s crucial to note that these batteries communicate well with overall health levels, charge level, and temperature. Like some standard Bluetooth enabled devices, it can show the user’s current location and can also be locked out. However, it’s important to note that it has to be within the range of the device.

Interestingly, the battery is capable of sensing the power demands when used with power tools. In this Bluetooth Octane battery review, you will learn more about power tool compatibility.

More on Octane Batteries

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, you can sync to a mobile device to get over fifteen different notifications about the battery state. Compared to other Bluetooth tools, the number of messages that tell the battery state is impressive.

Additionally, users can go into the notification settings and set them to beep several times after a full charge. Other things that can be configured include setting them to beep when charging completes, when there’s a need to charge, and when overheating.

Ridgid OCTANE battery Bluetooth technology
Ridgid OCTANE battery Bluetooth technology

Depending on personal preference, a setting allows users to configure beeps when the battery has only a 10% battery left. I have set the device to beep when it’s on ten percent, when on zero percent, when overcharging, and when charging is complete.

There are more than a dozen functions that come with these batteries. One of the top features that I appreciate is the battery status. Due to this feature, it’s possible to get feedback on the battery’s health. Aside from that, it’s also possible to know the battery level via countdown that is visible. Hence, it’s easy to see the time it may take the battery to get fully charged.

Ridgid Octane Battery vs. Regular Battery

Ridgid Octane Battery is different from every other regular battery in different ways. You will discover that in this Ridgid Octane Battery review. Compared to other batteries, the Ridgid Octane batteries have more runtime, significantly higher than the typical 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries. For instance, the batteries with a capacity of 3Ah have twice more runtime. So, if the 1.5Ah batteries can go for an hour, the 3.0Ah batteries can run for two straight hours.

Moreover, the 6Ah Octane batteries will also have four times more run time, and the 9Ah batteries will have eight times more runtime. Batteries with higher runtimes are essential. Interestingly, if a battery has a higher runtime, it’s more dependable to use. Hence, it’s safe to say that Ridgid batteries are highly reliable compared to regular batteries.

More on the Ridgid Octane Battery

An impressive feature of the Ridgid octane battery is that it provides end-users with a fantastic experience. Besides, users can also connect with Ridgid Octane Tools. Also, this connection offers them a maximized performance and more power in high demand applications. In other words, individuals have the chance to use them for better applications and performance when connected with Ridgid Octane Tools.

With Bluetooth technology, it’s much easier to work smarter on the job site or complete the project. Thanks to the presence of over fifteen push notifications, it’s more comfortable to monitor the progress of the Ridgid Bluetooth battery.

Ridgid Octane Battery App
Ridgid Octane Battery App

Impressively, Ridgid produces batteries with security features and fantastic battery status features as well. Examples of the security feature present in the Ridgid product include locate, lock, and disable. Majorly, these features exist if the user ever needs to remotely control the battery or the tools linked to the battery. On the app, there are options for diagnostic information like temperature. For the battery status, it displays the estimated charge time and total hours utilized.

Ridgid Battery Compatibility

For any product, an important question to ask is about how compatible it is with tools. Generally, there are impressive batteries that have compatibility problems. Thankfully, the Ridgid Bluetooth battery goes beyond having smart features.

The battery is highly compatible. Outside of the physical size, which isn’t terrible, all Ridgid 18V batteries are compatible even with the first 18V tools produced in 2003. Aside from being compatible with old devices, it also works well with lithium-ion chargers.

Regarding battery compatibility, the product is impressive overall, as seen in this Ridgid Octane Battery review. Ridgid has made sure that a combination of the Octane batteries and an Octane tool will provide a 65% performance boost. For example, the cordless drill with 1300-inch pounds of torque is a tool that works with these batteries.

Ridgid Octane Battery Review


Overall, the Ridgid Bluetooth Battery is impressive, thanks to the fantastic features. As an octane battery, it communicates with octane tools better than any other battery. Primarily, that is due to the presence of Bluetooth. Additionally, it also delivers more power under heavy loads. Since users can easily customize certain functions, it makes it better to utilize. For instance, users can randomly set them to beep when charging or when it needs charging.

In moments of overheating, the batteries can also be customized to make beeps. That feature is significant in this Ridgid octane battery review. One of the significant features that consumers may appreciate is the battery status. With this function, it’s easier to monitor things like the battery’s health and other additional crucial things like the time it takes for a full charge.

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