Porter Cable lithium ion battery: what’s best choose for you

With more than 100 years of experience creating quality and execution driven apparatuses, PORTER-CABLE keeps on being a main producer and advertiser of expert review corded and cordless power tool battery, hardware and extras. Known for industry-evolving development, PORTER-CABLE presented the world’s first helical drive round observed, versatile band saw and convenient belt sander.

Porter Cable have been two lines of lithium ion batteries which can be divided into the EX series and the LX series, let us make a thorough investigation for Porter Cable lithium ion battery.

Porter Cable lithium ion battery platform offers powerful new option for professional grade power tool

New lithium-particle batteries add to extended power instrument line PORTER-CABLE presents two new battery choices for its growing line of expert review 18-volt cordless power apparatuses. Accessible in May 2009, the new PORTERC CABLE BATTERY LX (PC18BLX) and EX (PC18BLEX) 18-volt, Lithium-Ion Battery Packs are compatible with the current PORTER-CABLE 18-volt, lithium-particle and Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries to give experts decisions to meet their worksite and shop needs.

The extended battery stage is a piece of the organization’s forthcoming dispatch of seven new cordless devices, two new corded devices and two new lithium-particle mix packs intended for the client who needs proficient quality at a decent esteem.

The PORTER-CABLE LX and EX Lithium-Ion Battery Packs offer clients the minimal, lightweight advantages of lithium-particle innovation controlled by a coordinated electronic observing framework to convey boosted execution while offering most extreme battery life.

The new batteries are tradable with any porter cable lithium ion battery 18-volt cordless instrument, permitting clients to pick between more power and run-time or minimized size and light weight, contingent upon the requests of the occupation.

Porter Cable lithium ion battery EX and LX series

Porter Cable lithium ion battery

Some of the most fancy developments by Porter Cable have been two lines of lithium ion batteries which can be divided into the EX series and the LX series. For those who are not familiar with the workings of a lithium ion battery, perhaps a brief explanation would be in order so as to explain what propels the performance of the Porter Cable Battery.

In general, lithium ion batteries are characterized by being rechargeable. Given the convenience that this provides this has made them very popular among household appliances and working tools. The downside to this is that lithium ion batteries can also pose serious danger under certain conditions since some of its components are flammable. At the end of the day, the outstanding performance of both series of lithium ion batteries, each of which have their own different qualities and prices, is only counter-balanced on the negative side by the precautions that an expert user should have when utilizing them on the field.

Porter Cable LX Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (PC18BLX)

The LX Lithium-Ion Battery Pack holds 18-volts of force in a pack weighing short of what one pound. Accessible at a recommended retail , the PC18BLX is perfect for penetrating, driving screws and different applications where a lighter weight and reduced size are favored. The LX battery pack has a 1.3 amp-hour rating.

Porter Cable LX lithium ion battery

Porter Cable EX Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (PC18BLEX)

The EX Lithium-Ion Battery Pack stores double the power limit of the more minimal LX battery pack, multiplying the run-time on a solitary charge while measuring 20 percent not exactly the porter cable lithium ion battery18-volt NiCad pack.

With this expanded limit, the EX battery pack is perfect for substantial obligation applications that require high power or longer run times, for example, ventures including broad sawing or hammer drilling. The EX battery pack has a 2.6 amp-hour rating and will be accessible at a recommended retail.

Porter Cable EX lithium ion battery

Accessible across the nation through Lowe’s and other free equipment and carpentry retailers, the two new lithium-particle batteries, seven new cordless devices and two lithium-particle blend units develop the porter cable lithium ion battery proficient review cordlessly and corded apparatus line. Likewise, this extension incorporates two new corded apparatuses and a full line of new frill.

The new frill line highlights dance saw sharp edges, opening saws, responding saw cutting edges, screwdriver sets and Forstner bits. The screwdriver sets come in cases intended for smaller stockpiling and are sufficiently strong for worksite utilize. The opening saws are 2 creeps profound to slice through 2-by-4 wood pieces in a solitary pass.

Initially presented in fall 2008, the new device line additionally incorporates 18-volt cordless apparatuses comprising of a lithium-particle bore/driver pack and a scope of NiCad battery-controlled instruments, and two 18-volt, NiCad mix units. The corded instruments incorporate a 1/2-crawl hammer drill, a 7.5 amp responding saw, an 8.5 amp orbital responding saw, a 7.5 amp little point processor, 13 and 15 amp roundabout saws with lasers and a 1/2-creep bore.

The apparatuses in the expert review cordless and corded line have a three-year restricted guarantee (two years on all batteries), one year of free administration and a 90-day unconditional promise.

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