Porter Cable Drill Battery: Interesting Facts You Need to Know About

Porter Cable Drill Battery Pack

Porter Cable Drill BatteryPower tools are motorized time-efficient devices that are designed to complete specific types of work commonly performed in manufacturing and construction industries. These pieces of equipment have also been proven useful in do-it-yourself household projects such as minor home repairs and renovations. The practice of using power tools is becoming more and more popular to an increasing number of household.

If you are a handy person who likes to tinker with machines and is particularly fond of this brand, here are some interesting facts about Porter Cable drill batteries.

Porter Cable Drill Batteries Have No Self Discharge

One of the most amazing things about Porter Cable drill batteries is that they do not discharge by themselves, unlike most power tool batteries do. Ever notice that some batteries leak after they are used for some time? When a battery leaks, its power lessens since the liquid discharge is kind of like the battery’s fuel. This never happens with batteries from Porter Cable which means that a single porter cable drill battery can outlast other types of power tool battery out there.

Each Type of Porter Cable Lithium Battery Can Work for PC 18V Power Tools

Not many people know that all the Porter Cable lithium batteries can work for the 18V power tools. If you are an avid customer of Porter Cable, you’ll know that there are three types of Lithium Ion batteries that can be used for Porter Cable products. The good news is that each type of porter cable drill battery made of lithium ion can work for all 18V Power Tools that are sold by Porter-Cable.

Porter Cable LX lithium ion battery

Porter Cable Drill Battery Chargers Give the Batteries an Auto Tune Up

One of the coolest things about the whole porter cable drill battery set would be the auto tune up feature that the charger has.

The charger has a feature known as the automatic tune-up mode. With this feature, the charger can give the porter cable drill battery a small tune up so that the battery can perform at its best capacity.

This is one of the very few battery chargers that offer this kind of feature, and it really does help with the performance rate.

Porter Cable Drill Battery Doesn’t Deteriorate in Long Storage

Porter Cable drill Battery StorageWhen a battery pack is stored in a storage place like a warehouse or a room, more often than not, the battery depreciates fast because it is not being used.

However, Porter Cable drill batteries don’t deteriorate over time. Unlike most power tool batteries in the market, Porter Cable ones are very durable and are made from materials that are built for long usage.

This way, you can be sure that your battery and charger will still be intact even if you put them away in the storage room for the time being.

Charger Naturally Becomes Warm When in Use

For normal battery chargers, heating up is usually an indication that the battery is most likely overcharged and can be an indication that there is a small problem. However, when the battery charger becomes hot, it actually doesn’t mean that there’s any problem. It’s normal for all chargers to get warm when in use, which means you don’t have anything to worry about unless they already produce burnt smell.

Do remember, though, to keep the battery or even the charger, for that matter, away from areas that heat up easily.

These are some of the interesting facts to know about Porter Cable drill batteries. These batteries are top quality ones that can be found on the market. With top quality batteries like these, you’ll know that they offer a lot of cool features that a lot of other power tool batteries don’t. It does pay to know some of these facts so that you’ll know what to look for whenever you buy yourself a set of Porter Cable power tool battery.

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