Best Cordless Drill Battery: Expert Advice What’s Best Choose for You

how to choose the best cordless drill battery

We all try so much to work hard, in all aspects of life. But the thing about working in the construction industry is that it requires way more than just working hard, it requires you to be smart, while at it. The first thing you will need is the right kind of tool for the job, and the cordless drill is one of construction’s favorite device, its ability to make work easier is a bonus. But the drill is nothing without the battery inside it, taking care of the cells ensures your drill lasts more years before undergoing replacement. This calls for the need of the best cordless drill battery.

The Truth about the Best Cordless Drill Battery

The first aspect of choosing a cordless drill battery lies with the replacement rechargeable batteries for the cordless drills, and how you picked it, this is what makes best cordless drill batteries. The different components you need to put into consideration include:

The mixed use of the drills

This highly depends on the use of torque or the kind of speed that you get to use the drill. What this means is that the higher capacity of torque that you use on your particular drill requires a more significant amount of battery power. So when choosing the kind of battery pack for the cordless drill, it is first efficient to put into consideration the different job specification undertaken, whether it is light work, medium work or heavy work. For example in the case that you want to use your cordless drill as a hammer drill, it is then vital to buy at least a 20-volt battery pack.

Cordless battery warranty

Ensure that before finalizing the purchase of a cordless battery, you have been notified of the warranty and the different terms of it. Some of the cells, however, do not come with guarantees, but with regular care, the battery should last to about five years, after which you will need to seek a replacement, this is a process that requires you to buy a new cordless drill battery.

Battery voltage and capacity

In buying a cordless drill, the single most vital characteristic is in the battery type, and the kind of energy and sizes they hold to it. The best cordless drill batteries, essentially use Nickel Cadmium batteries, which is referred to as NiCd, the Nickel Metal Hydroxide batteries, primarily known as NiMH and the Lithium Ion Batteries also known as Li-Ion. These battery types have different combinations of voltage, amperes and even watts, which is the actual determination of both the power and the torque of the drill. This is what lays the specifications of how long the battery will take, and this is without the need to be recharged.

Best battery type for cordless drills

The cordless drill battery types are costly, and this lies with the fact that they are the best in the market, and it is no lie that either replacing the batteries or getting a new set will equally cost you. There is also the component of aftermarket batteries, maimed 3rd party batteries, which are cheaper than the original battery types because they are the generic version of the packs. Using the unique texts is essential. However, this is due to the basis of understanding what goes into the different brands, and this is also because they take a lot of time in designing the pack cases, whose primary aim is in protecting the cells and further increasing longevity.

Drill battery cycle life

In purchasing cordless drills, it is imperative to buy the drills that hold the proper properties to it. This is because this is what will help I making better decisions towards purchasing the best cordless drill batteries. Which is inclusive of the cycle life, discharge rate, capacity and run time, memory effect and also the voltage sizes.

The cycle life puts merely into consideration the amount of time the battery is expected to last, and also work in proper condition. One fact about all types of rechargeable batteries is that they each come to a state where they are rendered useless, and at this particular stage is when they need to be replaced. The average life cycle is at approximately 800-1000 charges, where after this it is not particularly worth charging.


For all kinds of cordless drill batteries, it is essential to learn about the aspect of self-discharge. For every rechargeable battery not in use, there is always an occurrence of it losing its charge, the most significant point about this lies with how fast this mainly happens. Regarding self-discharging entirely the Lithium-Ion style battery is the best type, and this is primarily because they hold their charge well.

Best Battery Pack For Cordless Drill

Under this specification, we have:

12 volt cordless drill battery replacement

12 volt cordless drill battery replacement

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Under this battery type we have the DEWALT BDCB 127-2 12V MAX Li-ON Battery, which is compact and also has a lightweight design, this notably assists, as it makes the battery both easy to use and fit with a specified number of products, without being able to add the extra weight. The cell has no memory and subsequently no self-discharge mechanism, which further allows for less downtime and more productivity.

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18 volt replacement battery packs for cordless drill

18 volt replacement battery packs for cordless drill

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This mainly requires the use of Energy up products, which are made from very high-quality products. All the replacement battery packs have the initiative to comply with security testing standards. The primary focus is mainly on providing very quality power materials. They are mostly fit for batteries replacement and are further designed for the primary purpose of providing a maximum trouble-free life capacity. However, it also wears out just like most batteries.

20 volt craftsman cordless drill batteries

20 volt craftsman cordless drill batteries

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This mainly puts its focus on the use of the New Craftsman 20v MAX Lithium Battery, which offers an excellent backup system, and further provides a very worthy bolt system.

Cordless Drill Battery Conclusion

It is critical to also learn about maintaining the life of the battery through storing it in a dry environment. Leaving the batteries in a damp climate only adds to reducing the growth of the battery type. It is very imperative to learn about storing the batteries in a cool, dry place.

To conclude, we learn that the cordless drill mainly depends on its battery. To ensure you chose the best cordless drill battery, you have to put lots of aspects into consideration, and this is to provide you get the most out of the life of the battery.

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