Ryobi vs dewalt : Cordless Drill and Impact Driver and Miter Saw Comparison

Ryobi vs dewalt

Today we will compare two of the leading brands out there which are Ryobi and Dewalt. Two leading power tool brands come together head-to-head here in this detailed Ryobi Vs Dewalt low-down. By looking closer at the finer details, the capabilities, material, and performances of both brands like for like, we can see exactly what they have to offer.

In the days of Diy and growing construction industry, power tools are a must and come in all shapes sizes and capacities across the tool industry. The can be widely researched and are readily available in most countries from simply ordering online from a store. Most power tools are powered using li-on batteries and this delivers a constant steady flow of high voltage electrical current, giving you the power to complete the projects you have. Its smaller out-put is even environmentally friendlies than that of standard batteries.

Ryobi power tools and equipment

Ryobi are a production company who design build and distribute their own tools like cutting tools, drilling tools, driving tools, sureface prep machines, bench tops, stationary, air tools and lighting. They are known well worldwide for the reliability and high capacity in performance.

Ryobi was established in 1996 and its website, gives off the feel of a DIY tool provider for smaller home and garden projedts. Ideal for carpenters, builders and general handy men alike. The products are marketed to those with a project or in the industry for building and repairs. Although saying this some of their designs could be used on larger scale projedts, the general category here is for small to medium projects.

They have more of a range on their smaller than industrial size tools. They have had the same 18v batteries used in their products since they began production. This saves money and time when replacing a battery for any of their products. The batteries are 18v lithium lon which means a good constant and steady source of energy is safely transmitted to your device.These batteries are the longest lasting and store the most energy. They cool the fastest and are compact so the designs of devices running off them will get better use than standard batteries.

Catering for the needs of the average diy customer. Ryobi have concentrated on its mobility with more compact designs with lighter weights and carry bags. As well as most of their products being cordless for ease of use and so on, their bags and kits are easy to store away and to pack into travel bags etc.

Their power tools are sold with all the extras you need and deals can be found on the homedepot where you can purchase single or multiple items.The price of their power tools are reasonable and affordable for the average person and the colourful, compact, modern and light weight designs make them all the more attractive.

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Dewalt power tools and equipment

Dewalt design power tools and equipment and distribute their own products online and in stores worldwide. They sell products for medium to large scale projects. With heavy duty specs and reliable history of production and sales.

Their tools and equipment menu can provide you with what you need for drilling, drving fastening, sanding, joining, routing, sawing, grinding, heat guns and dispensing machines, landscaping, dust management machines and accessories such as drill heads. They offer combo-kits where you can get a deal on ordering multiple items together. They also sell protective clothing for a work place where tools and equipment can be used.

Dewalt has a much richer history dating back to construction in 1922. Their website gives a good history lowdown and is very informative of the companies long established existence and achievements so far. Being born of a family in the construction industry, this company has not dwindle from its market. As they are still producing power tools and equipment for those in the building game.

Most of their designs are bulkier, and come in a uniform black and yellow. This is to increase durability out on a building sight and to be spotted easily in the same situation. Their prices are higher than the Ryobi, sometimes by as much as 60% if you compare like for like, on say the hammer drill deals of similar size and capacit drill. But the equipment and power tools do look more professional and longer lasting.

They have not however, forgotten the day to day diy project needs and have indeed a range of slim and compact models and designs on their website. They offer free delivery to your business address or home address and have offers on across their power tool range which is accessible via their website. They have a free catalogue option which is handy for those with a need for bulk buying or frequent shopping with Dewalt.

With more of an optional range, Dewalt has managed to cover both bases and so seems to have the upper hand on power tools when up against Ryobi.

Having said that, the price difference and the volume of products, you can get, for the same amount of money from Ryobi, out weights that of Dewalt slightly.

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Ryobi vs dewalt

Ryobi products vs. Dewalt popular products

We will concentrate on a number of aspects here, but mainly the individual products themselves. As both manufacturers have over 100 options on their sites, I have narrowed down the comparisons to the products that are sold in higher frequency compared to the others. Aside from product comparison, we will compare the companies’ dedication to quality and reliability, ergonomics, and battery.

The most popular products are the drills, impact drivers, and mitre saws. By taking a good look at what Ryobi and Dewalt had to offer in these categories, I have made a comparison between each of the following models:

Dewalt 20v vs ryobi 18v cordless drill

ryobi 18v cordless drill

Ryobi P271 ONE+ Lithium-Ion 18V Cordless Drill

This drill is recommended for home owners and those carrying out DIY. Small to medium projects ideally would suit this power tool.

It features a magnetic bit change with an easy to use, retractable cuff. This gives you an easier and time-saving option to change bits on the go, preventing the pause in your work as those few moments all add up.

The Ryobi P271 has a 24 position clutch to control the torque giving you an unlimited use of this tool, no matter how tight spot or angle is that you are working from.

With a magnetic pad at the base of this drill, you can easily keep track of and access extra bits and screws in an instant.

With the same ONE+ battery technology, this drill can be powered by any other Ryobi battery as all of its products feature this to date, making powering your Ryobi devices a breeze.

It weighs 3.1 pounds and is 9.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches in size.

This product does not come with batteries included.

The online price for this Dewalt drill is $44.12.

Dewalt 20v cordless drill

Dewalt DCD791B 20V Li-Ion Brushless Compact Drill

The Dewalt DCD791B is a compact and lightweight heavy-duty drill. It has a slimline design to get into tight spots and corners.

With the Brushless Motor technology built in, this model can give over 75% more usage time than the regular cordless drills available on the market and indeed than the Ryobi P271.

It has a two-setting high speed power transition feature that delivers ample power for slightly bigger projects, like drilling into concrete.

It is smaller and lighter than the Ryobi—it weighs just 2.95 pounds and is 8.3 x 3 x 7.6 in size.

This product also does not come with batteries.

The price for this Dewalt drill online is $112, which is $67.88 more expensive than the Ryobi.

Dewalt has only one feature that beats the Ryobi here—the power length. Other than that, Ryobi has more extra features and has the best price.

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Ryobi vs dewalt impact driver

Ryobi impact driver

Ryobi P261 18V ONE+ 3-speed inch cordless impact wrench

The Ryobi P261 features a three-speed selector that enables speeds to be controlled from 0-3200 impacts per minute. This delivers speedier project completing.

It is built for heavy-duty projects on site or at home.

It is battery powered by the ONE+ technology, so is compatible with all Ryobi charging options.

The driver tool is small—it weighs just 3 pounds and is 3 x 8 x 7.8 inch in size.

It features a notched, rubbery handle for easy grip and safety.

It also features LED lights to brighten up your project surfaces and areas.

The machine costs $99.99 online to buy.

dewalt impact driver

Dewalt Bare-tool DW059B inch 18V cordless impact

The main feature of this tool is the fast application technology, which is up to 2,600 impacts per minute—not as fast as the Ryobi P261.

This power tool is recommended for heavy-duty projects, like the Ryobi.

It weighs 5.29 pounds and is 8.6 x 12.6 x 4.1 inches in size, making this model the heavier and larger of the two.

This machine costs $145.21 online to buy, which is $45.22 more expensive than the Ryobi.

Ryobi wins hands-down here with more features, a lighter, more compact design, plus the price.

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Ryobi vs dewalt miter saw

Ryobi miter saw

Ryobi ZRTS1345 10 Inch Compound Miter Saw

The Ryobi ZRTS1345 features a built-in electronic brake mechanism, which safely stops the blade in seconds.

With a dual bevel scale on both sides of the miter saw, you have full visibility of your work.

The integrated Lazer light provides accuracy and precision during your cutting projects.

The machine weighs 25.45 pounds and is 16.9 x 15.3 x 23.2 inches in size.

The Miter saw costs $114.99 to buy online.

dewalt miter saw

Dewalt DW717 10 Inch Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Dewalt DW717 has its very own exclusive stopping technology and can produce fast stopping movements creating fast, accurate cuts, repeatedly.

This saw has built-in dual stainless steel rails that have a clamping mechanism for safe and accurate cutting.

The machine itself weighs only 2.9 pounds and is 23.5 x 31 x 19.5 inches in size, making the Dewalt DW717 considerably lighter and smaller than the Ryobi ZRTS1345.

The Dewalt DW717 costs $469.99 online. That is a whopping $355 more expensive than the Ryobi ZRTS1345.

Ryobi would come out better on pricing, but Dewalt wins here on weight and technology.

Ryobi vs Dewalt 2017 Conclusion

It is clear the two providers are reliable and their products do the job. The differences in the two companies though are such, that it depends entirely on the size of your project and taking into account other factors such as budget and general needs from the equipment you need to purchase. They both have their own speciality equipment. Ryobi makes the surface preparation machines and Dewalt has their dust management machines for example.

Here is a quick glance at the differences between both of our power tool designers, manufactures and distributors.

DesignLight weight, compact and modern with bright gree and silver design. Some heavy duty bulky designs for professional building and construction environments.Heavy weight, chunky and the uniform building site yellow and black colour design. Some slim line products which are light weight and compact.
QualiyGood quality and long life with easy to replace batteries.High quality and long lasting, more durable and stronger.
PriceAbout 60% cheaper.About 60% more expensive.
AvailabilityEasily available on home depot link found on the website.Easily available via the link to their suppliers found on the website such as ITS.
SuitabilityDiy and home and graden projects. Some medium/large specialised projedts can be catered for.Large industrial projects, such as buidling site jobs etc. some specialist projects as well as Diy and home and graden projects also catered for.

In my very detailed research on Ryobi Vs Dewalt, I find the Ryobi products to be heavier and slightly bigger in most instances. Having said that, the sizes and weights of Ryobi are not such an issue as they are still very manageable for one person to easily carry and use.

The differences between the technologies used are slight, but Dewalt win here too because they seem to be one or two steps ahead of Ryobi when it comes to power delivery, storage, and performance. They have slightly more advanced technological development within their products, adding special features, such as the exclusive stopping technology on their miter saw.

A look at Ryobi’s reception in terms of quality and reliability is a mixed bag between those who consider their products to be exclusively DIY and consumer-oriented and professionals who use their products regularly in more heavy-duty projects. In general, it is considered a top-notch value brand, suitable for homeowners and smaller scale DIY projects, but also frequently used by professionals. By contrast, Dewalt is considered a solid brand by professionals, and prides itself especially on manufacturing the best saws on the market. The price differences between the two also reflects this.

In terms of ergonomics, the differences in design, weight, and size of the two companies’ products seem to vary according to the products themselves, as shown in the aforementioned product comparisons. Dewalt’s substantially lighter miter saw may tip the scales considerably as an example, but it is to be expected since the company is heralded as producing the best saws. The price difference, again, reflects this.

In terms of battery, Ryobi prides itself on maintaining the same 18V ONE+ battery platform, making it compatible with all of their products since 1996, enabling users to seamlessly switch from product to product without needing additional battery parts. This also saves money on purchasing new batteries in the long run. The interchangeability provides comfort, speed, and one less thing to think about when working on projects at home or on site. Dewalt does not offer the same convenience, but certainly has efficiency and optimization in mind by providing the Flexvolt battery that has up to 4x runtime and can be used with Dewalt 20V MAX tools.

The major differences I see are the pricing;for the slight difference in technology that I feel Dewalt offer over Ryobi, it doesn’t seem to warrant the huge prices. I believe, for the standard of quality Ryobi offer, getting the most for your money by using their products is just logical.

After a analysis of Ryobi vs Dewalt, both of their companies are well established and well known for their high performance and value for money. In each of their own unique ways, they out shine the other. So it is easier I suppose for you to try the products and see which is best suited for you and your projects or your company.

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