Mafell vs Festool Jigsaw : Which one is better?

Mafell vs Festool

Mafell and festool come under the tools and home improvement category and are the tools which are used under carpentry. But Mafell vs Festool, Which one is better? As we known, They are power or the hand tools which have kind of similar operating mechanism.

These are the kind of saw which are used in the carpentry these are the first class products of the carpentry business which are used in the wood cutting business. These machines are used to cut and saw the woods and are the basic devices which are used by the carpenters all over the world for better and smooth wood cutting business and process.

Mafell vs Festool Jigsaw

Mafell is a precision jigsaw which is a kind of saw used for drilling and scraping the wood and make cuts smoothly and precisely It is easy to use and used by the people who want to achieve no compromises in their work. It has a compact motor Cuprex which delivers power and constant high speed. It offers the cutting depths in range of 64 to 114 millimeters. It has a strong sole plate and it ensures proper cutting of square cuts even when working over long distances. It is also helpful in the dust extraction which is done by the saw blade.

There is also a clever integrated blower and a sophisticated self-extraction chip which helps in the extraction of the dust without making any marks on the chips or the wood. There is amalgamation of some 11 blades in this tool which helps in cutting of wood, plastics, lamination sheets, metal, timber, cement board and esin panels. It also has the function of a circular cutter, a parallel fence and a guide rail adapter.

Mafell P1CC 240V Precision Jigsaw
Mafell P1CC 240V Precision Jigsaw

The Festool is also a saw which helps in the boosting the speed and the productivity of the work It helps in gaining more efficiency and bring proper and more precision to the work. It helps in creating the work and enhancing the performance which is demanded by you. It also helps in the extraction of the dust as accumulation of dust is a costly affair which wastes the time, money and health.

The Festool also helps in moving and protecting of the tools which help in providing more productive time to the work Festools are designed in a way which would help in maximizing the time energy and investment of the person and make he tools which are used by the person more valuable one.

Festool 561608 Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw
Festool 561608 Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw

When compared Mafell tools are more expensive that the Festools. The Festool 561608 Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw has a triple blade system which helps in making tear free cuts which is not available in the Mafell P1CC 240V Precision Jigsaw.

The Festools are considered to have better services as compared to the Mafells and this is the reason people tend to shift towards the Festools. But there can be no doubt about the better engineered products of the Mafells.

The Mafells tools are said to be better engineered and are made in a much better way. They are considered to be more resistant to the wear and tear and they have paid more attention to the details while designing the product.

If seen as the organization size, the Festools are a smaller unit that the Mafells and have not been operative for more time.

Both the companies provide products distinct from each other and have different strengths and hence deciding which one is better is a difficult chore. But from Mafell vs Festool article, you can make the best decision for yourself, it is up to you.

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