Makita vs Bosch Impact Driver and Hammer Drill and Circular Saw and Grinder

makita vs bosch

One of the biggest problems most buyers experience is making the right choices. The best purchase decisions are based on knowledge and not numbers. That is why before buying one of the power tools from either Makita or Bosch you need sufficient knowledge to place your purchase decisions on. With that said, by now I am sure you are probably wondering what is the difference between Makita Vs Bosch? Here is amazing guide in understanding their brands.

Previously, the power tools were heavy and used NICAD batteries that lose power when left unused, but some of the top factors most power tool buyers look for, is the size of the volts because the higher the volts the more power the tool has and this directly translates to increased torque for screws driving, miter sawing, more hammer action for impact driving and increased speed for jigsawing. Most power tool buyers also check the accessories that come with the power tool like; a belt hook, good installed LED lights, the size of the blade or type of bit the power tool takes.

Power tool buyers also look for the right batteries which will not self discharge its energy and the right battery that will provide the right voltage and ensure extended life use of the power tool.

Allow me to explain!

Makita vs bosch 2017

For you to compare Makita Vs Bosch brands and power tools, it is important for you to know that Makita is a New Zealand company that is based and has its warehouse and distribution center in Hobsonville, Auckland. Makita NZ is a company established to import and distribute Electrical and Cordless power tools, Air powered tools and Petrol powered tools alongside an array of spare parts and accessories. Makita with its Lithium-ion Xtreme technology has produced several light-weight and powerful power tools that have emerged market winners. Makita also provides lightweight, comprehensive and powerful professional tools that will ensure that the job gets done.

Bosch is a major supplier of technology and service solutions globally. The company is divided into four different sectors or business units; Building and Energy Technology, Consumer goods and Mobility Solutions. The firm employs the use of its Silver Alloy technology to produce the various products and services of Bosch are designed to improve the quality of consumer life by providing beneficial and innovative solutions. Bosch also provides products and services that are tailor-made for specific individual client requirements. Some of the top Bosch brands include; Bosch car service, diesel center, Rexroth Bosch group, CST/Berger, Dremel, Dynacord, Electro-voice, Freud, RTS, Robinar, global SIA Abrasives, Telex and ZEXEL.

Now that you understand the difference between Makita and Bosch, I am sure you are thinking of buying your own power tool but probably wondering the power tool brand to go for between Makita Vs Bosch. There are so many available options for you to choose from and this could make it hard for you to even make a choice or arrive at the best choice.

To guide you in making the right decision, here are some of the top categories you should consider when comparing Makita and Bosch.

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makita vs bosch

Makita Vs Bosch Buying Guide 2018

Quality and Warranty

The trade warranty offered by Makita covers the power tools that are used by commercial and domestic users or tools for hire. As a quality measure, all the power tools designed and developed by Makita are thoroughly tested and inspected for consistencies before leaving the factory. The remedies and statutory rights of Makita warrant for all its power tools for faulty undertake materials and defective workmanship. Makita will repair and replace each part or product on the condition that:

  1. That the product is returned back to Makita by freight pre-paid by the user, in person or through authorized service agents and on examination found to be suffering from a defect resulting from the manufacturing process.
  2. The product has not been subjected to neglect, involved in an accident or misuse
  3. The repair is not due to normal wear and tear.

Bosch power tools, on the other hand, are built to withstand the test of time as Bosch employs the use of Silver Alloy technology to reduce the corrosion caused by heat and this increases the battery life and provide you with long life service. Some of the power tools and brands designed and manufactured by Bosch are categorized into saw blades router bits/ CNC bits, cutter heads, knives and inserts and boring or drilling bits. Bosch offers the best cutting and abrasive tools. As a quality measure, Bosch specifically develops all the products to suit superior performance and deliver on maximum time service.

As a quality measure, Bosch brands and power tools are perfectly designed to fit the sole purpose they were manufactured for. Though to safeguard the consumers, the warranty period begins from the initial day of purchase and proof of purchase is required for warranty claims. The warranty and replacement is only for any power tool bought and does not include the following; if the power tool fails to work due to; accidents, failure to follow instructions, alterations, negligence, incorrect use, over charging or due to faulty installations.


Bosch batteries and power tools are designed using the innovative silver alloy technology that enables them to withstand the high temperatures inside the engine chamber. The corrosion of the power tools is significantly reduced by the manufacturer so that you enjoy long life service and comfort while using the power tools.

With that said, Makita was founded in 1915 as an electrical repair and motor sales company and over the years the company has had a rich history of producing and developing power tool products that are in line with the consumer interests and demands. The powerful and lightweight Makita tools that are powered by the Lithium-ion technology have proved to be reliable batteries loved by many consumers across the globe.

Ergonometric of the Makita Vs Bosch Power tools Design

Makita has over 100 years experience in advanced design of vehicles and power tools that can be used in: construction, drilling, sawing e.t.c. The firm also uses its Lithium-ion Xtreme Technology in its design of powerful, lightweight and professional tools that emerged market winners. The powerful, less weight and more efficient power tools offer efficient solutions for modern trade.

Bosch power tools on the other hand employ the use of silver alloy technology in its design of the power tools that ensure the products experience reduced corrosion due to heat and tremendously increasing the service life of the power tools.

Battery Compatibility and Life TIPS

Some of Makita Lithium-ion batteries included; 18V Lithium-ion 6.0 Ah: This battery provides increased productivity, longer working hours and improved working performance. It has a charge time of 55 minutes and weighs between 6.o Ah and 3.0 Ah. To get the most out of the Makita you should charge it with the following compatible chargers; DC18SD Standard Charger, DC18SF Four Port Standard Charger, DC18RC Rapid Charger and the DC18RD Two Port Rapid Charger. As a life tip, it is necessary for you to cool down your Makita battery before charging it this is to ensure an efficient charging process. The Makita battery is designed with an inbuilt memory chip that records the battery usage history and an inbuilt CPU that evaluates its conditions like over-discharging, the recharge rate after the full charge and high temperatures within the battery.

For Bosch batteries, you should not jump-start a damaged battery, using jumper cables to give jump starting aids you can experience hundreds of high volts experienced when connecting the cables. You should also try to figure out the reason for the battery weakness before giving it a starting aid. As a safety tip, you should always protect your hands and eyes from the battery. To ensure full power tool battery compatibility, all professional Bosch 10.8V chargers, power tools and batteries of will be upgraded to 12V. The 12V will represent the maximum voltage and will replace the average voltage battery of 10.8V. All Bosch professional 12V power tools, chargers, and batteries are a 100% compatible with the current Bosch professional tools of 10.8V.

Purchase decisions are hard to make especially when deciding what you really want and what is right for you. That is why this guide is here; to help you make the right purchase decisions. Use the above considerations in comparing between Makita and Bosch batteries and products. With that said, I am sure you are probably comparing some of Makita and Bosch popular products. A little knowledge on some of their popular products will go a long way in influencing your purchase decision this season.

Some of Makita Vs Bosch Popular Products, Here are some of the popular products designed and manufactured by Makita and Bosch:

Makita vs Bosch hammer drill SDS-Plus

Bosch 11255VSR SDS plus Rotary Hammer

The Bosch 11255VSR SDS has a hammer like a hook that will allow you easily and quickly store the tool. The tool has 3 operational modes the hammer only mode, rotary hammer and the rotation only mode. The Bosch 11255VSR SDS has a positioning option of Vario-lock that allows you to lock and rotate your chisel into over 35 positions so as to make maximum use of the working angle. It also comes with a brush plate that rotates to provide equal power during reverse and forward movements. The Bosch 11255VSR SDS is designed with a 35 Cord Turret Pivot that provides added flexibility and a longer useful life for the cords. The plus bit system tool of the Bosch 11255VSR SDS freely changes with the automatic bit locking, maximum impact energy transfer, and dust protection. The Bosch 11255VSR SDS is ideal for downward drilling and overhead applications as it operates with variable speed trigger that allows accurate bit starting and bound bits or fasteners removal or bound bits. It also comes with a comfortable D-handle grip is designed to provide greater control during downward or overhead drilling.

Makita HR2475 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

The Makita HR2475 1-Inch is designed with a Rotary hammer that is 0 to 4,500 BPM and 0 to 1100 RPM. It also comes that is rubberized and D shaped to provide a soft grip and increase your comfort while using the tool. The tool comes with a one-touch chuck sliding that allows for the bound bit to quickly change. It has an inbuilt torque limiter that will stabilize and control the torque. Low vibrations during idling are ensured by the No hammering function. With the Makita HR2475 1-Inch, you will receive extended service due to the carbon brushes. Finally, it comes with 3 modes of operation; hammering only, rotation with hammering and rotation only function modes.

Bosch vs Makita impact driver

Makita DT01ZW 12V Cordless Impact Drive

Makita DT01ZW 12V will deliver on power and speed during fastening and drive compact design. The tool only weighs about 2.0 lbs and is very powerful as it is powered by the 12V Makita Lithium-Ion battery. It comes with a motor that delivers 800 lbs of Maximum Torque. The tool only weighs 2.0 pounds and comes with an L.E.D ergonomic and light grip that perfectly fits into the glove for easy control. The cordless tool is best suited for general contractors, cabinet installers, electricians, remodelers, and repairmen. It does not come with the battery and the charger.

Bosch PS41 Hex Impact Driver Kit

The Bosch 12 V, on the other hand, is an impact driver that offers maximum precision at a varied speed of 0 to 2600 RPM. It is short in length and comes with a light body. It will deliver on a high torque of 930 inches on 80% impact coverage. It has three LEDs that are mounted on the head of the driver to allow you to carefully see as you use the tool.

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Makita vs Bosch grinder

Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder

The Bosch 1375A is designed with an angle grinder that produces up to 11,000 rpm. Due to this power, the tool is perfectly applicable in compact grinding and is designed for vehicle fabricators and concrete contractors. It comes with a well-designed grip to ensure comfort while in use and two-position side and lock-on slides.

Makita GA4530 Angle Grinder

The Makita GA45304 is a tool that is made in China and comes with a 4-1/2″ small circumference and angle grinder that is very easy to use. Powerful 6.0 AMP motor delivers 11,000 RPM for the most demanding applications,Labyrinth construction seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris for longer tool life.

Bosch vs Makita drill 18v

Bosch DDB181 02 Compact Tough Drill Driver Kit

The Bosch DDB181 is a light and the most powerful compact tool that has an inch driver/drill and an 18 volts basic duty that can tighten spaces, fasten overhead and drive or drill. It is competitive and compact with a 12-volt tool that is most suited for HVAC tradesman, plumbers or electricians.

Makita XFD061 COMPACT Brushless Cordless Driver Drill Kit

The Makita XFD061, on the other hand, comes with a 2-speed mechanical transmission with a wide range of fastening and drilling activities. It is designed with a motor that delivers a maximum torque of 530 lbs. It also has electronically controlled motor brushes that optimize battery up to 50% of battery energy. The carbon brushes are eliminated by the BL Brushless motor that enables a more efficient and long life application.

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Makita vs Bosch circular saw

Makita XSS02Z Cordless Circular Saw

The Makita XSS02Z is a cordless circular saw that will deliver on cutting power at the site. It has its inbuilt high torque for various cutting applications for compact designs. It produces 3, 700 RPM for efficient and faster cutting. It comes with a heavy gauge that will provide smooth, durable and accurate cutting.

Bosch CCS180B Circular Saw

The Bosch CCS180 is a cordless circular saw that has the capability to cut through the thick material at a 90 degrees angle. The saw comes with a blade-left design that allows you to easily cut when holding your saw with your right hand. It has an upper guard and heavy-duty aluminum foot for enhancing durability at the job site.


Things to remember!

The best purchase decisions are based on knowledge and not numbers.

Knowledge is power and from the above amazing facts, I am sure that you can now decide which power tool brand between Makita Vs Bosch to choose from. Use this amazing guide in understanding the top considerations in deciding between Makita and Bosch and some of their most popular brands.

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