How to fix Makita radio problems

How to fix Makita radio problems

Here is some common Makita radio problems collection, just give you guide to deal with the wrong with your Makita radio.

Makita Bmr100 Repair

If you want to repair Makita Bmr100, just following below guides step by step:

1.Take of the 4 hex screws in the front
2.Remove the 2 philips screws inside the battery compartement.
3.Pull the front of the radio and remove the board where the powersupply goes.
4.Now that you have it removed check the dc jack connector.There is a gap between the 2 GND pieces.
5.With a soldering iron take the dc jack from the board.
6.Bend the pin in the back so that you can have acess to the 2 GND contacts.
7.Remove the side GND and with a screw driver bend the bottom GND up.
8.Test it. Iam sure it will work.

Video from Stormas3000

Makita radio displays E problem

Usually the blinking E means the backup batteries are dead.

Just make sure you install the backup (AA) batteries in first (The backup batteries are AA and should go in the lower compartment on the rear of the radio), then insert your main battery to run the unit.

If its still not working after have done all this. You may have a defective DC power supply board or a break in the power cord below the transformer.

See the below video Fixing a Makita radio with ‘E’ displayed from Rosso’s Repairs. You might be able to repair it yourself.

Video from Rosso’s Repairs

Makita dab radio software upgrade

How to update the software on Makita dab radio? See this guide, will tell you the system requirements before upgrade and how to do step by step. Guide link

In order to help you easy to find out a effective solution directly for Makita radio problems, I do a lot of search and collect above questions and answers. You can leave your messages on here if you found more better ways.Thank you very much.

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