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Traditionally speaking, the thought of trimming grass brings in images of a lawnmower. But, there is a more handy option available now “The commercial Weed Eater” or “The string trimmer”. A weed eater is a handier and a more useful tool to tackle the following issues with the garden being trimmed:

1) The commercial weed eater is able to access the nooks and crannies that the bulky mower can’t reach e g. edges of your garden and the walkways.

2) The weed eater takes care of taller weeds and grass which could choke the lawn mower.

3) The weed eater can be used for manicuring and neatening around poles, tree trunks, fixed garden furniture etc.

4) It can be used on mountainous or rocky terrain, unlike the traditional lawn mowers.

Essentially, there are three types of commercial weed eaters based on the shaft type

a) Straight shaft

b) Curved shaft

c) Detachable shaft

Another classification of commercial weed eaters may be on the basis of the power source used

types of commercial weed eatersa) Gas powered

b) Electricity powered

c) Battery powered

Before you start using a commercial weed eater, the most important thing to do is to read the owner’s instruction manual. This is invaluable in learning about its features and functions, how to use the weed eater,
the precautions to be taken while operating the tool and the storage and maintenance instructions. This also gives you a run through on how to handle common issues you may face while using the weed eater. Other
than that, it also familiarizes you with the techniques, cutting direction, dos and don’ts of the product.

The commercial weed eaters safety precautions may be enumerated as follows:

1) Dress safely in long sleeves and long pants, or wear overalls to protect your body.

2) Wear eye protection.

3) Wear gloves.

4) Wear heavy closed toed shoes.

5) Wear ear protection in case you are using a gas powered weed eater.

6) Remove all movable obstructions like plant containers, rocks etc.

7) Check the trimmer lines and replace the broken or worn out ones.

8) Check the electrical cord for any damage and use insulation tape to cover any exposed parts.

9) If using an electric weed eater makes sure the cord is out of the way of the cutting line.

10) Check the fuel in gas operated weed eaters.

11) Always keep a steady hand and exercise slow strokes.

12) Do not trim close to the soil level as it may damage the trimmer strings and also make the area look ugly.

13) Keep children and pets at a safe distance while using the commercial weed eater.

14) Clean the equipment after use and store in a dry place.

Now that all the precautions are taken and you are familiar with the machine after having read the manual, it’s time to begin the grass trimming process. Make sure you start out on a sunny afternoon with no dew or wet grass.

Trimming the grass: Just hover the weed eater straight over the grass moving it from one side to another laterally. The whirring strings will cut it to the required length.

Tapering the lawn edges: This process is used to manicure the edges or the boundary of the lawn. The weed eater is held at a slight angle to give the lawn edges a tapered look.

Edging: The areas between the lawn and the driveway need to be edged. Adjust the weed eater so the strings align
parallel to the grass and give it a definitive edge.

Scything: A scything motion is exercised here to tackle long grass or weeds. The weed eater is moved and directed in as shallow U-motion repeatedly to get the right size, shape, and effect.

Weeding or grazing: To eliminate grass and weeds growing in the driveways, between stones, sidewalks and ornamental stone paths it is most efficient to use the Commercial weed eater in moves that take the cutting edge close to the weeds to be eliminated in short glancing moves.

The commercial weed eater is a handy tool to use for a trim, well-manicured garden. One learns as one goes with this tool. The more they use it the better you get. Practice does make you perfect here.

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