How to Oil Hedge Trimmer Blades: Follow This Process

It’s important to make sure all your tools are well oiled. That’s because oiling helps improve efficiency and lengthen the life of moving parts by reducing friction.

While oiling is a simple task, you should still have some level of skills in order to ensure that you do a good job. It is also important to learn on how to oil hedge trimmer given the fact that there different types of trimmers in the market.

Hedge trimmer blades, like many other garden tools, require to be oiled frequently to keep them in tip top working conditions.

But how do you go about it? Keep on reading.

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Importance of oiling

Firstly, oiling tools is one of the sure ways that can help to ensure that your tool is performing properly.

Oiling of tools helps to ensure that your tool is not faced by various operations problems which can lead to buying of another tool.

Timing and safety is of paramount importance when using a trimmer. Therefore, oiling enables a tool to be safer as compared to when it is blunt.

Lubricant oil

There are various lubricants that you can buy to apply on the blades. Because of the demand for the lubricating oil, you need to be very careful ensure that you have selected the right oil.

If you are not sure about the different oils in the market, you can often consult the manufacturers. Although, you can generally, use any oil on any tool, consulting with the manufacturers provides can help to ensure that you select the right oil especially for garden tools.

If you have a manual trimmer, you can oil it by dipping it into a pan with oil. For an electric trimmer, you can apply oil by spraying it.

Some of the most common types of oils used for lubrications of blades of hedge trimmers include Lanolin, lanotec and lanox.

How often you should lubricate

There is no number of times that it recommended as the right way of lubricating a tool. The main advice provided is that you should lubricate your hedge depending on your rate of usage.

This means, you use your hedge trimmer more, the more you should oil it.

Remember, you should oil your hedge trimmer before using it to improve its efficiency, and you should also lubricate after use in order to remove any sap or any other materials that can affect the future performance of the tool.

When you decide to spray oil on the operating parts of your electric hedge trimmer, you should avoid spraying other parts other than the movable parts.

Spraying other parts can cause friction which can make the tool to slide when cutting the bushes and shrubs.

Other methods of maintaining your hedge trimmer

Although applying the oil on the hedge trimmer tool, it is important to also involve other maintenance measures.

Firstly, it is importance to wipe your hedge trimmer blades after using to ensure it is free from any foreign materials being attached on the tool.

Also, store the tool in a place that does not promote rusting. Rust and other external materials can reduce the effectiveness of your tool.

You are also required to ensure that you make the activity of oiling a hedge trimmer a habit. This can help to ensure that the tool is always clean and well maintained.

Learning more from the internet

When you realize that your trimmer is not as effective as you bought, even after applying some oil, it is important you try sharpening the teeth of your blade.

You can sharpen the teeth by yourself from home using a file, stone or power grinder.

However, if you are not good at technical operations of tools, it is important to find an expert who can guide you to understand that cause and the solution to the problem facing the trimmer.


There are various stores that you can reach when you want to buy the oil. However, look for stores that provide additional information with regard to maintaining your tool.

Also remember, the quality of service that you performance on the yard is strongly influenced by the operation of the trimming hedge.

When the blade is well sharpened and oiled, it cuts effectively, with precision allowing for an enhanced quality of workmanship.

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