Dewalt Cordless Batteries – Easy to Replace and Use

Dewalt cordless batteries

The Dewalt cordless batteries are known for offering great power. These batteries are having a normal weight and are used on a regular basis. These batteries are having quick recharging characteristics so you can get back to your job much quicker as compared with other batteries. They get charged within 30 minutes and are ready to be used. These batteries are amazing and provide compatibility with any of the existing battery systems. They help in saving power largely and you can avail the batteries with the help of cordless tools.

The high power Dewalt cordless batteries is generally used for multi-purpose functions. You can use the batteries for longer duration of times according to their efficiency. The compact and innovative power tools offered by DEWALT are known for making your work load lighter and your time on job more comfortable and efficient.

The Dewalt cordless batteries focuses on backward compatibility and is compatible with many other power tools. Learn more you can check our previously post: Interchangeable Compatibility Is A Must For Cordless Power Tool Battery Packs .

These batteries are available with a 3-year warranty and hence boast up to 35% longer run-time and faster charging cycles. These batteries have a slide-on-rather stem up design and are having a considerably lighter weight. These batteries are so compact that the module has been stimulated out of the genuine battery and into the instrument. This helps in rendering the battery more efficiently and less expensive to the customers.

Dewalt cordless batteries

Why Do Recommend Buying Dewalt Cordless Batteries?

Dewalt cordless batteries have been manufacturing battery-operated power tools since early 90s. Earlier, the battery packs used nickel cadmium cells. But they had a big disadvantage of not being able to retain charge, because of which the tools used to run out of steam even though it would have been just charged. But this was fixed with the advent of lithium ion. With Li-on, the Dewalt cordless batteries was able to produce high voltage. Moreover, less number of cells were needed to operate tools. By using Li-on cells the battery pack became lighter in weight too.

However, in the case of nickel cadmium cells, the pack running on such cells can be refurbished easily and cheaply. It is no rocket science and you can do it on your own. Take hold of your Dewalt cordless batteries and go through the label or the sticker on the side of the battery.

Now, you will come to know about the output voltage of the battery.

In all likelihood, it will be a Dewalt 12v battery or 14.4 volts. Each nickel cadmium cell produces 1.2 volts. So, now you need to divide the output voltage by 1.2 to know how many replacement cells you need to buy. Therefore, if you have Dewalt cordless batteries, then you will have 12 cells to replace as 14.4 divided by 1.2 is 12.

In case of Dewalt cordless batteries, it is a pack of 12 rechargeable small batteries. Even if some of them are dead, it impacts the entire system and affects the charge of the tool. In such case, you need to refurbish the dead cells within the pack or soon enough you will have to buy a new set. Find a reputed dealer to purchase the cells you need to refurbish the battery pack.With Li-on, the Dewalt cordless batteries was able to produce high voltage. Moreover, less number of cells were needed to operate tools.

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