Dewalt Batteries Care Guides: Long and Lasting Battery Life

Dewalt Batteries Care Guides

Using a power tool battery is common nowadays, especially now that we are always on the go and that portable sources of energy are very much needed in different situations. One common power tool battery is the Dewalt battery. This battery, when it comes to convenience, is very much appreciated by many individuals because of its handiness and its availability on such short notice. It is known for its reliability and effectiveness when outlets are not provided, and it is most often used in the outdoors where sources of energy are limited.

When taken care of properly, a Dewalt battery can last for years. If you have a Dewalt replacement battery right now, you might want to know the proper ways on how to extend its lifespan. After all, who would not want to know such tips? Here are some effective Dewalt battery care guidelines that you should follow in order to achieve a long-lasting battery:

Dewalt Batteries Care Guides

1. Charge your Dewalt batteries as soon as its power decreases. Once your batteries reach a 70% capacity, recharge it right away. Most of these batteries last longer if this is done. It is advisable that after every use, you are going to recharge and replenish the used-up power in your battery.

2. Use your batteries constantly. Not using them frequently will definitely decrease its battery life. If you are not always using it, you can just recharge your Dewalt battery when you deem it necessary. However, keeping it idle for quite a long time is not ideal.

3. Charge your batteries completely. Make sure that you do not unplug it until it reaches the maximum capacity of stored power.

4. Keep your batteries away from wet and damp areas. It is best that you maintain a dry and cool atmosphere when you keep it away. Also, make it certain that your Dewalt batteries are always in their cases to prevent direct dents and to protect it from any damaging stimulus like moist or heat.

5. Have a backup battery just in case emergencies occur. It is always good to have a reserve battery when instances like overheating would happen.

6. Do not allow your battery to empty out. If you are using it way too much that it reaches an empty battery capacity, then you are not using it properly. When you do this, you are shortening your battery’s life and damaging it as well.

7. Remove your Dewalt batteries from the charger. When charging, keep an eye on your batteries once in a while to prevent overcharging. Doing so would prevent any damage or possible electrical outbreaks.

8. Prevent your batteries from overheating. If your batteries are too hot, it is possible for it to explode. How will you know if it is on the brink of overheating? That is, when it is already way too hot to touch. Hence, it is a safety protocol that you let it rest for a while and let it cool down a bit after using it too much. Also, avoid storing the batteries on areas prone to immense heat like the attic, in the trunk of your car, and the like.

9. Wipe away any moisture once your battery is exposed to any liquid. This prevents rust and other forms of impairment.

Dewalt batteries are built for any light to heavy duty tools, and although it can last for a long time, it still needs to be taken care of properly to be able to achieve that long and lasting battery life. As long as one would follow these tips on how to care for Dewalt batteries, then anyone can enjoy his batteries for as long as he wants.

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