Weed eater rules: Using the right way

Weed eater rules

The correct use of weed eater, can greatly reduce the error , extend the life of weed eater, will still achieve straight, good quality cut and maintain the aesthetic appearance of your lawn. therefore, a person who has bought the best cordless weed eater should know how to use it to make the most efficient and effective use of the tool, you should pay attention to the following points:

Clear the rocks & Damage

Before you attack those weeds, go through your yard and get rid of any big rocks, sticks, garbage, or any other obstruction that could damage the nylon cutting thread. make sure that pebbles, rocks and other things that you think must not come in contact with the weed eaters while trimming weed are out of the way. Along with scalping your lawn, one of the biggest problems is incidental contact with other plants in your landscape. This can cause death of your trees. Make use of your thumb to shut the weed eater switch off immediately in an emergency. Support the trimmer by holding the handle with one hand while you operate the trigger with the other hand.

Using Weed eater the right way

Stay safe and low

Stay safe and low to the ground away from you or anyone else. Make sure that before you even turn it on your weed whacker is close to the ground. Of course, don’t hold it so low that it tries to tear up the dirt. Hover it about two inches from the ground and you should end up with a beautifully whacked bed of weeds. Scalping is the process of running the trimmer too low causing damage to your turfgrass. Lots of grass and dirt will probably fly up, don’t forget to wear some type of eye protection. Wearing a long sleeves shirt and long pants are very important. Cover your body parts properly which can possibly get in contact with debris. They will protect debris from getting in contact with your skin. When operating the tool, keep it at an angle so that cut debris is thrown away from you. This can help to reduce the risk of injury.

Move it slow

Make sure the trimmer string is at a 90 degree angle to the edge of the grass. Make sure you keep a slow, steady pace as you whack. Move it gently from side to side and move forward slowly.

Cut grass after rain

Cutting wet grass can cause a weed wacker to get clogged up. This may keep the mechanism from moving freely. Start by cutting your lawn around its perimeter. Do not be in a hurry when cutting to give enough time to cut through the wet grass adequately. And need to take periods of rest to remove any clumps.

Weed eater rules

Cutting Techniques

Read the operating manual for your weed eater. Stop the weed eater abruptly if someone comes within 30 to 60 feet of you because weed eaters can fling debris violently, up to 30 feet. Don’t hold the weed wacker directly above grass to cut it. Doing this will slow it down and reduce its cutting ability. If your string trimmer is spinning clockwise, it will eject the cut debris from the right side. It will also be most effective at cutting on the left side.

Clean up

Also after use, allow the engine to idle down for a few minutes so it can cool off. There will be a few scraps left on the sidewalk, using a blower is the easiest option. Gives a more professional feel to their yards, as well as making them just plain look nicer, overall.

At last, turn the trimmer off, and unplug it or remove the battery when you’re finished. Hopefully you won’t get hurt as a result of running weed eater.

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