Best power tool manufacturer and brand’s hit products

Power tool for Engineering construction

Today, we will share my experience about the best power tool manufacturer and these brand’s hit products. First, you should know that a more accurate term for power tools that should be called portable power tools. Because in the closed controllable environment, like drilling, grinding and stamping processing, there are a better “special tool” for working more stable and high efficient.

Base on the greatest applications of power tool, which are divided into the following four categories: Outdoor engineering construction Maintenance (project team), Mobile machinery maintenance (auto repair, mechanic), Home decoration (decoration workers), Handmade workshops (DIY).

So we can divide power tools into three categories according to their purpose.

1. Engineering construction

Power tool for Engineering construction

The characteristics of this power tools are required to have a complete solution for construction. Their Product’s performance must be very stable and there is a continuous operation of quality, at the same time, to provide good after-sale and standby solutions. The representative power tool brands are Hilti, bosch and hitachi.

2. Home Improvement

Power tool for Home Improvement

Home Improvement market is the broadest, so this power tool application market is the most intense. This type of power tool features emphasis on its portability, power and price. The design emphasizes on the adaptability of complex environment, high quality and stable work.The representative power tool manufacturers are Dewalt, makita, milwaukee and fein.

3. DIY

Power tool for diy

This kind of power tools features are low price, high performance, price ratio but alway poor stability, but can basically complete the predetermined precision cutting task. Their accessories require portability, combination, reception, packaging eye-catching and cheap. The representative are black & Decker, bosch, ryobi and Harbor Freight.

Portable power tools have been invented for nearly 100 years, during this period, the performance of the motor has been greatly improved such as RPM, IPM, Torque etc. The transmission become more efficient, the shell was from the metal into a lighter and stronger plastic, injection molding process is getting better and better, the ergonomic more and more better, the power of lithium battery to make the power tool portability greatly improved.

Traced their source, each power tool brand’s hit products are obvious.

Take the cordless Hammer Drill for example,

Fein applied the patent for edge thump edge drilling in 1914, now the hammer drill is still using this principle.

Bosch’s mass-produced electric hammer Drill in 1932, there’s no significant differences in current hammer drill, so Bosch’s Big cordless hammer drill is still very good now.

Hilti is the first to produce air hammer drill, so Hilti’s air hammer drill is still the industry benchmark on the market.

DeWalt invented the rocker saw, so the product line of this saw are still excellent.

Milwaukee and DeWalt are the first movers in lithium battery cordless power tools, Their cordless power tools must be better.

Metabo began to do electric drill and impact electric drill in 1932 years, so their drilling product line should be good.

As for the power tool manufacturer and their hit products mentioned above, each brand have a long history and own culture, how to pick up? Different people have different views, if you want to share your experience, please leave your messages on here. That’s welcome.

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