Kobalt 24v Brushless Drill Review: The Most Suitable Products for Diy

Kobalt 24v Brushless Drills Review

If you’re in the market for a reliable, durable DIY drill for all your home improvement needs, then the Kobalt 24V brushless drill ranks right up there with the best of them. It doesn’t matter what kind of repairs you want to take care of, or if you’re just a pathological fixer-upper, this tool is top-class, without a doubt.

On average, the upgraded Kobalt 24V brushless drill now features more power compared to its predecessor the Kobalt 18 lithium-ion kit, it has much higher figures on torque and it’s pretty light on your wallet well, just clocking in at a measly $149. So what features are there?

Kobalt 24v Brushless Drill Features

Depending on what you want to use it for, The Kobalt 24V can leap to a max speed of up to 2000RPM. It has a 2Ah battery and a charger in the kit that can get it to full charge in about 30 minutes. This is significant because it actually takes other power tool batteries up to twice as much time to get to full charge. The 24V brushless motor also operates seamlessly to get you a massive 650 lbs of torque, which is quite a step up for a drill that only weighs 4 lbs!

The 24V also comes equipped with an LED charge level indicator which indicates the charge, which is pretty nifty because it alerts on if it’s ready to use, or if it needs some extra charge. You also get the advantage of an LED work light that shines on your work area, this means you don’t have to worry about anything obstructing your view.

The 24V kit also features a 23 clutch setting that comes right alongside the drill. This one collar system is a fan favorite, and although most people are still a bit iffy about the torque, it may not be the best in its class by a mile, but if you’re doing routine repairs around the house, then it definitely gets the job done.

Kobalt 24v Brushless Tool Combo Kit

Note that the Kobalt 24V is not designed for any particular type of heavy lifting. It’s a utility drill set that works well, has plenty of accessories, is pocket-friendly, and is very handy when you need to do a quick one.

The 24V brushless drill kit also comes equipped with a couple of extras to make your work that much easier. The Circular saw, for instance, features anything from a 6” to a 7” inch blades depending on what kind of depth you want to achieve. The 6” blade is for shallow cuts, but the saw does give you some leeway due to its circular, streamlined design, so at the right angle, you can still get some decent depth on it.

Kobalt 24V brushless drill kit also offers powerful Impact Wrenches for the avid mechanic. If you’re the type to want perfection, then the A to A3/8” variety wrenches are your tool of choice for any rusty nut giving you a hard time. The speeds give you a finely tuned finish, which makes it that much more convenient.

I did mention the LED work light a little earlier, but there is a bit of a disclaimer. Now for a standard workspace, it works fine, the only problem is it is a bit limited in terms of the span. Sure it swivels up to around 135 degrees, but Kobalt should have perhaps developed a better light.

200 lumens isn’t the worst light on the market, but the restricted span makes it a bit average in comparison to other similar specification work light. Other than that there isn’t really much to complain about this drill kit.

Further down the pecking order comes the Kobalt 24V Reciprocating Saw with a 1-1/8 inch length and an adjustable shoe. It is worth mentioning that many similar drill sets don’t often prioritize this adjustability, which is a feature that, although small, will add points on the board for the Kobalt 24V drill kit. You also get a good, firm grip so it doesn’t slip through your fingers when you’re drilling. Who wants a loose saw that slips off and saws your toes off right?

The performance of this saw the speed and the power make it highly effective for just about anything. It works pretty well even when you’re working on a wet surface, and the finish you get is very precise.

Kobalt Brushless 24V Impact Driver Review

Finally, the beast of the lot, with up to 1800 lbs of torque is the Kobalt 24V Brushless Impact Driver going up to a maximum of about 2,700 RPM. This big boy toy even gives you a whopping 3500 IPM (impact per minute). Now, again, it may not be the best in the market by a mile, but it is definitely right up there with the best of them! It is important however to know how to vary the speeds based on your work surface, the 3 different selections on speed allow you to choose what suits the kind of work you’re doing so you don’t under or over-estimate and ruin the finish.

The Kobalt 24V brushlessTest!

Now when is said and done, any piece of equipment is only as good as how it performs when put to the test. Although there are dozens of Kobalt 24V brushless reviews online, the only way to know if it actually works is to put it to the test and compare it to other similar, or perhaps better models.

Clint DeBoer, a tech enthusiast, and DIY expert compared the practicality of the 24V drill one of the fastest drills on the market, the Ridgid Genx brushless drill, and the Kobalt blew the Ridgid away by drilling 12 holes in 21.5 seconds! This number was more than 4 seconds less by what has been for a long time considered the fastest drill on the market!

This was only one of the few tests ran, some extras being speed tests on large bolts, but that is a story for another day.

The key conclusion here is the 24V outperformed many of its competitors by a near mile.

Bottom line

The specs on this Kobalt 24V brushless drill and by no means over the top, but is an impressive piece of machinery that outperforms many more garden variety brands on the market. It may not be quite popular yet, but if Kobalt keeps improving their products and squeezing out these top-class performance perks, then it’s only a matter of time before people start seeing that they are definitely worth the price on the tag.

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