Festool vs Dewalt: comparison of two most popular brand on the market

Festool vs Dewalt Sander

In this article we are going to compare festool and dewalt items and at the end of this post, you’ll be able to choose between festool and dewalt. When you compare Festool and Dewalt, Dewalt is a bit wider and taller by approximately one inch. However, Festool Systainer is the best compared to the Dewalt box although both of them are the best to hold the clamps and the saws. The Festool power cord is approximately 10 inches long and the dewalt is approximately 12 inches long.

Festool vs Dewalt Drill Screwdriver

Both of them have 142,546 reviews. We will look at each of them separately and get to see the one you would prefer.
Festool vs Dewalt Drill Screwdriver

Festool DWC 18-4500 Drill Screwdriver

When you’re hanging a drywall, you’d require a serious gun for drywall and this call for Festool DWC 18-4500 drill. The Festool DWC 18-4500 has magazine attachment which comprises of combined screws. You don’t need to hold the trigger since it has automatic push and drive system, electronic circuit, user serviceable magazine, EC TEC brushless motor and the precision depth control. Why go for Festool DWC 18-4500? You would go for Festool DWC 18-4500 because it will lessen the hard work on you. You would also like this gun because it is:

  1. Accurate
  2. Quiet
  3. Efficient
  4. Fast
  5. Gives minimal fatigue

Festool DWC 18-4500 Features

Efficiency – This gun is highly effective because it has a motor speed of 4500 RPM, has an auto-magazine which has combined screws and this would make you work faster while hanging sheets. It also has the impulse drive functionality which enhances the battery life.
Durability – This gun has EC TEC brushless motor, strong internal parts and a serviceable magazine which makes it a heavy duty gadget for heavy duty fastening work. It also has a festool ex temporary service All-inclusive having a 3 year warranty.
Accuracy – Has both mechanical and electronic depth control which has automatic cut-off so as to inhibit over-driven fasteners. You don’t have to rework since it saves you time as well as the material.
You can get the DWC 18-4500 in Hartville hardware and you’ll be able to purchase it at $570. Its dimensions are 15.5*11.6*6.5 inches. It weighs 12.35 pounds and its model number is DWC 18-4500 PLUS. It requires two lithium ion batteries and has 18 volts and 98 watts respectively. So far it has 4 customer reviews out of 5.

Dewalt DCF620D2K Drill Screwdriver

The DCF6202K is a combined drywall screwdriver and it is attached with a combination mechanism. It has a brushless motor which would give you about 700 screws per charge. It has a magazine that can hold screws of about 25-57mm in length.

Dewalt DCF620D2K Features

Has a motor speed of 4400rpm which is slightly lower than the DWC 18-4500.This motor speed would effectively and efficiently drive the screws and this will result to a maximum run time.

It weighs 3.13 pounds lighter than the DWC18-4500 which weighs 12.35 pounds. With the DCF620D2K, you’ll be able to work comfortably and would be able to work on small spaces.

It is faster to work with the DCF620D2K than DW18-4500 since it has a combined magazine which fits a lot of combined screws and it is capable to release them fast. It is easy to clean compared to the DCW 18-4500

Has a LED work light which ensures that if you’re working on areas with small spaces or with limited light, you’re able to get ample light for you to work effectively.

The item model number is DCF620D2K-QW and It has dimensions of 44.5*34*16cm and will require two lithium ion batteries. Have 18 volts and 14 watts respectively.

You can get the DCF620D2K on Amazon at a price of $377.38 cheaper than the DW 18-4500. It has nil customer ratings and hopefully you can be the first person to rate this product.

The Festool Kapex VS the Dewalt Miter Saw

The Festool Kapex VS the Dewalt Miter Saw

The moment you want to go shop for a miter saw, your wish is to get the right miter saw so that it would help you to accomplish your projects for the day. There are so many different models of miter saws in the market today and this will leave you being confused on which one to take so as to accomplish all your tasks. In the market you’ll find miter saws from big brands and still you can put into consideration the known lesser brands. Here in this article we shall narrow down to two brands namely:

1. The Festool Kapex
2. Dewalt Miter Saw

Let’s assume you’re given an opportunity to choose between the two which one will go for. After reading this article you’ll be in a better position to choose between the two.

Dewalt miter Saw

This is a known good cutting capacity saw. If you’re a professional and you’re looking for the right miter saw go for it. This saw type will complete all your complicated and complex projects. You can easily use it since it is light in weight. You’ll also be able to finish your tasks quickly using the Dewalt miter saw since it has a motor speed of 15amp and this helps it to make faster turns.

PROS of the Dewalt miter Saw
  1. It is effective and precise. The way the Dewalt Miter Saw is positioned would ensure that you make every time accurate cuts.
  2. While you’re working with the Dewalt miter saw it has a collection system of dust which would help your eyes. While working with this device it will reduce the amount of saw dust and other particles from entering your eyes.
  3. When you compare the capacity of vertical cutting with other miter saws that are there in the market, you’ll find that the Dewalt miter saw is the best.

CONS of the Dewalt miter Saw
You’ll find that the other miter saws that are available in the market are extremely lighter than this model. Carrying it from one to the other can be difficult since it is heavy although it has a handle which you can easily carry it.

You can purchase the Festool Kapex Amazon.com at a price of $599. It has 429 customer reviews and has 4.4 out of 5 customer ratings so it’s a good brand.

Festool Kapex

The Dewalt miter Saw has a laser in which you can make more accurate and precise cuts while using it. With the Festool Kapex you’ll be able to make more precise and accurate cuts since it has two lasers.

With the Festool Kapex, you won’t spend a lot of time changing the blades as compared with the Dewalt Miter saw because it has a mechanism that would allow you change blades fast.

The Festool Kapex is lighter in weight from the machine to the saw itself than the Dewalt miter saw. Hence it means you can easily transfer it from one place to another.

The inclination of the Festool Kapex is also easier than that of the Dewalt miter saw. This means you don’t need to extend it over for adjustments.

I think now you’re in a better position to choose between the two. It is good to note that you don’t regret about the choice you make. You can get the Festool kapex on Amazon.com at a price of $1475 which is extremely higher than that of the Dewalt miter Saw.

It has 118 customer reviews and 3.8 out of 5 stars customer ratings lower than the Dewalt miter saw.

Festool vs Dewalt Sander

Festool vs Dewalt Sander

Here we are going to compare the Festool with Dewalt sander. Maybe at the end of this article you would be able to choose between the two.

While using the Festool and Dewalt sander you’d notice that the Festool would vibrate less than the dewalt and this means you can use the Festool for a longer period of time than the Dewalt.

While using the Festool sanders, they’re easier on your hands and ears as compared with the Dewalt sanders. They are also unique and are capable erase a lot of material as compared to Dewalt sander.

The Dewalt sander is cheaper compared to the Festool sander that why you’d prefer it.

You can do a lot of refinishing work using the Festool sander than the Dewalt sander and still you can sand with it for 4-6 hours continuously which is worth it.

The festool sander weighs 3.63 pounds and has 120 volts and 250 watts respectively. You can get the Festool sander on Amazon.com and you’ll be able to purchase at $200. It has 21 customer reviews and has 4.5 out of 5 star ratings of customer reviews.

The Dewalt sander weighs 1.6 pounds and so it is lighter than the Festool sander. It has 20 volts and you can get the Dewalt sander on Amazon .com and you’ll be able to purchase at $119 and so it is cheaper than the Festool sander. The Dewalt sander has a high number of customer reviews of 55 and customer ratings of 4.6 out of 5 higher than that of festool sander.

festool vs dewalt router

Festool router vs Dewalt Router

Dewalt Router

The Dewalt router has a motor speed of 8000 to 24000rpm. The Dewalt router is a powerful tool and it’ll vibrate less quietly. If you’re working in an area where there is limited light, the Dewalt router has a LED bulbs which would enable you see clearly while working.

Dewalt router PROS

  • If you want your work to be up to the standard well go for the Dewalt router
  • It always runs quietly and smoothly

Dewalt router CONS
  • While working with it the trigger switch sometimes is stiff
  • You can only work with it on well lit areas
  • You can find the Dewalt router on Amazon.com and CPO outlets and you’ll purchase it at $257. It has 189 customer reviews and has 4.4 out of 5 stars of customer reviews.

Festool Router

If you’re a professional then Festool router is the ideal router for you. You can’t work with the festool router on smaller spaces since it is designed for bulky work.

Festool Router PROS
  • The Festool router is the most flexible router that you’ll find in the market today
  • If you need router that will give you performance, power and clarity then festool router is the ideal router for you.

Festool Router CONS

It is expensive

You can get the Festool router on Amazon.com, Hartville Hardware, and the woodwork PRO. You’d be able to purchase it at $970. This is more expensive than the Dewalt router. It has 11 customer reviews and 4.0 out of 5 customer ratings. It has low customer ratings compared to the ratings of Dewalt router.
After going through this article, I hope now you’re now in a better position to choose between Festool vs dewalt items.

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