Atlas Power Tools Reviews: Are They Any Good?

Atlas Power Tools Reviews

If you are thinking about buying ATLAS power tools, but you are not sure if they will be the right choice for you or not, don’t worry because in this article we will discuss ATLAS power tools in detail. If you are a gas-powered tools user and wonder how ATLAS power tools perform in comparison to gas-powered tools, read till the end and you will get your answers.

We will discuss some pros and cons of ATLAS power tools. Based on ATLAS Power tools reviews and some other factors, we can deduce if it good choice for you.

Who makes ATLAS tools for Harbor Freight?

ATLAS is a brand of, cordless, lightweight, outdoor power tools. ATLAS power tools are marketed by the Harbor Freight chain of tool stores, but who makes it for them? Good for you because we’ve got the answer.

AEG Electric Tools and DreBo Werkzeugfabrik GmbH are two Germany-based companies that are responsible for making ATLAS power tools. It should be noted that like most Harbor Freight products, most of these tools are manufactured in China.

ATLAS power tools models list

ATLAS has a wide range of products. Here are some of the widely used tools in the Atlas product department. ATLAS has two variants of most products. One for moderate use and for comparatively heavier use such as 40 V chainsaw and 80V chainsaw.

Atlas Power Tools
  • 80V Brushless Cordless 18 in. Chainsaw: You will be surprised that this cordless chainsaw can cut faster than gas and it has over 75% longer running time. ATLAS battery delivers 4X power which cuts logs and branches with minimum effort. Note that only 80V batteries can be used with this product.
  • 80v Brushless Cordless 150 MPH Blower: No engine maintenance, no gas or oil, no refueling costs, and clears wider areas when compared to gas-operated leaf blowers. Another impressive feature is the easy-to-access Turbo button. Turbo mode generates a powerful flow of air to clean heavier debris.
  • 80V Brushless Cordless 21 Inches Self-Propelled Lawn Mower:This Mower makes lawn mowing easier than ever. The 80V cordless mower has more speed, more power, and larger cut capacity which can handle the most demanding jobs. To achieve greater power and longer runtime, Automatic load sensing technology has the ability to adjust motor performance.
  • 80V Brushless Cordless 16 in. String Trimmer: Another product from ATLAS that does not require engine maintenance and refueling cost. To cover a wider area or increase the runtime, this string trimmer tool is equipped with a 14-16 inch adjustable cutting width. 80V power enables it to start or stop instantly.
  • 40V Cordless 24 in. Hedge Trimmer: ATLAS Hedge trimmer provides better performance than gas and not to forget that all ATLAS 40V tools can be powered by an 80V battery also to achieve more powerful results. It has a rotating soft grip which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to trim at all angles.

Who are Atlas power tools made for?

If you are an industrialist or an individual taking a deep interest in power tools, to take care of your lawn that is slowly turning into a jungle, ATLAS power tools are a good fit for you.

Atlas Power Tools are for the people of tomorrow, with advanced technology these tools provide power with convenience to consumers. It is lightweight and consumer-friendly, which makes it fit to be used by anyone. Its low maintenance and no refueling cost technology make it a smart purchase for everyone.

Are Atlas Power tools any good?

ATLAS has competitive pricing and one of the best customer services in its niche. With the lowest vibrations and its lightweight technology, ATLAS power tools are good to be used by anyone. The cordless tools come in handy and are fit for any sort of operation. One way or the other, it’s safe to say that the power tools for the future generation have now arrived.

While the Atlas power tools are way ahead of others in this race, something that also makes Atlas tools stand out is their compressors, vacuum systems, tool efficiency, and power solutions which run on less energy, reduce emissions and contribute to the sustainability of our earth. Let’s take a look at some of the Atlas power tools reviews so that you can get an idea if they are really good or not. When it comes to the guarantee, Harbor Freight provides a guarantee of 90 days on most of the products with some terms and conditions.

Atlas Power Tools Reviews

A customer named Ahmet purchased an 80V cordless lawn mower and reviewed that he doesn’t miss the tools powered by gas at all. He added that the tools perform better than his expectations and planning to buy other ATLAS tools to take care of his lawn. He suggested others go for them without giving a second thought!

Mike reviewed that he was a STIHL user but he did not like the issues that come with 2 cycle gas saw so he bought 80V Brushless Cordless 18 in. Chainsaw. He is very happy because the chainsaw starts as you squeeze the trigger. He added that ATLAS chainsaw has as much power as STIHL.

Flaken was having back pain issues after ditch trimming with his gas trimmer so he decided to buy an ATLAS string trimmer. He went outside for trimming thinking that he would be back in 10 minutes but he was surprised because he finished the entire front of the house in one charge and it did not put any strain on his back

Most of the ATLAS products have scored more than 4.5 out of 5 stars with a recommendation rate of more than 90%.


Whether you are interested in commercial or individual use of ATLAS power tools you are getting value for money. This means that not only are the products compatible but also highly efficient in performing at the lowest costs possible. It comes in different ranges offering a wide choice to the consumer. Overall, it can be summarized that Atlas is a value-for-money company, with several high-quality power tools that will make you want to use them all the time.


  • No Dangerous Fume: This makes the wide range of products highly sustainable in nature.
  • Quiet Operations: This makes it possible for the user to handle tasks in a more effective way.
  • No Engine Maintenance: This probably has to be the highlight of these power tools, making them long-lasting and low maintenance.
  • Instant Electric Start: It starts working just by pressing a switch.


  • Accessibility: If not purchased from the right vendor, you can be a victim of cheap quality and tempered goods.

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