Dyson Animal 2 Vs Total Clean: Exploring the details

Dyson Animal 2 VS Total Clean

So, today, we would be looking into the comparison between Dyson animal 2 and Dyson animal 2 total clean. Here, I would be talking about the similarities and differences between the two vacuum machines.

Dyson is a top company when it comes to vacuum machines. They have dished out different machines with unique features part of which are Dyson animal 2 and Dyson animal 2 total clean. And Dyson produce quality products for which they are known. Come with me as I compare these two wonderful models from a great vacuum machine company.

The Similarities Between Dyson Animal 2 and Total Clean


Both machines are corded vacuum cleaners with almost similar designs. Dyson built them both to be strong and durable for many years. Both known for their heavy weight of 7.9kg and height of 107cm, width of 39cm, depth of 34cm. With the long power cord attached to them, they cover far reasonable cleaning distance. The distance of more than 15meters especially when used with the flexible cleaning hose.


Dyson also equips these machines with a dirt bin of large capacity. This prevents frequent interruptions for emptying of the bin during cleaning process. The dirt bin has approximately 0.55 gallons capacity for both machines. And they make them transparent to help the user analyze the dirt that he or she is cleaning.


In terms of suction power, I can say they both have the strongest suction power ever seen in any vacuum, with 306 Air Watts. This provides enough suction energy for cleaning almost any floor. And with both passing any crevice pickup test they subject them to.


Added to the wonderful suction power, they have the cyclonic dirt-air separation. This helps in efficient air filtration making the two machines HEPA vacuum cleaners. Thereby capturing at least 99.97% of dirt particles 0.3 microns or larger in size. Thus, therefore makes both asthma and allergy friendly.

And also, because of the hygienic bin emptying, you don’t need to get your hands dirty. Just press the button and the bin empties itself.


A very important similarity between these two vacuum cleaners is the presence of a self adjustable cleaning heads. This is usually the main cleaning head. It works so well that it adjusts the suction in which it uses to clean different surfaces automatically. Making it suitable to clean both hard floors and soft, delicate floors. While using the vacuum cleaner, you can easily feel the difference in the amount of suction being used. They also have a brush roll positioned under a transparent cover that helps the user monitor it’s actions and act appropriately.


They also both have;

  • Combination Tool- This consists of both the dusting brush which cleans dust and other smaller particles from very sensitive surfaces. And the crevice tools best suited for narrow and tight spaces like corners, holes, gaps etc. They both make up the combination tools and best suited for difficult to reach areas.

  • Tangle-free Turbine Tool; Dyson designed this with a counter-rotating brush with two angled brush heads. They help in cleaning hair and other similar dirt from floors like carpets and upholstery. They work with a clean air turning that produces a string air stream which strips of the hair off the brushes after being picked.

  • Stair Tool; Designed for simple effective cleaning on stairs. Usually smaller than the main cleaning head and makes it so efficient in cleaning stairs. And also suitable for upholstery and other smaller areas.

WARRANTY: And not to forget the 5 years parts and labor warranty that they both come with.

Dyson Animal 2 VS Total Clean

The Differences Between Dyson Animal 2 and Total Clean

The major differences between these two vacuum cleaners is the presence of six additional attachments that comes with the Dyson Animal 2 Total clean. This includes include Reach Under Tool, Carbon Fiber Soft Dusting Brush, Tool Bag, Mattress Tool, Multi-Angle Brush and Articulating Hard Floor Tool. This is the reason why it was given the name “Total Clean”. They are summarily all attachments one may need or find useful while cleaning an apartment and they are discussed below:

Reach Under Tool

From its name, this attachment helps in cleaning hard to reach areas and it helps to reach awkward places that are very difficult to reach. It does this by extending, bending, twisting to remove dust and allergens from these areas. Best suited for hard to reach areas, between furniture and walls, cleaning under appliances, furniture, sofas etc.

Carbon Fiber Soft Dusting Brush

This helps in picking fine dust up from sensitive and gentle surfaces by the use of its densely packed soft carbon filters which helps to prevent stasis of the dust being removed.

Tool Bag

When you don’t use these vacuum tools, it is appropriate that you store them in a cool and dry place. The best place for you to store them is the tool bag, with this, you won’t need to worry about misplacement and they are easily available to hand when you need them. Aside from this, it helps in smooth transportation of your tools during the cleaning process in which they can be carried on board the unit. Especially the very important ones that you use at the moment of cleaning because it would be practically impossible to carry them all on board.

Mattress Tool

Dyson particularly design this for mattresses, couches, upholstered furniture, curtains. It is the most perfect instrument used for removing dust from these materials. While using it, you gently press the tool onto the surface to be cleaned thereby allowing the strong suction produced to pull out deeply embedded dirt and even bed bugs. Even though we have better equipment made for this purpose like the mattress vacuum cleaner, this can also get the job done

Multi-Angle Brush

It twists and locks at different angles for effective cleaning in high-up areas of your home. It is very efficient for doors, high bookshelves, ceiling fans

Articulating Hard Floor Tool

They use this forcleaning tiles, hardwood floors, laminate and other bare floors. With the aid of it’s swivelling mechanism, it helps to reach under and around various objects and barriers with ease. It can be used to pick almost any dirt off the hard floor and even designed for cleaning elevated hard to reach areas like the bookshelves, ceiling fans, top of doors

In summary

we have looked at the Dyson Animal 2 and Dyson Animal 2 Total Clean vacuum cleaners and we talked about the similarities that both machines share and then the differences between these two models especially looking at different attachment tools that come with each of the models. We also looked at their functions each and we ended this by talking about where best to use them.

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