10 Weed Eater Safety Tips: Everything A Gardener Need To Know

Weed Eater Safety Tips -Adjust speed

A gardener should be aware of certain tips with which he can carry out his work efficiently and almost effortlessly. Listed in this article are some of the weed eater safety tips that we think every gardener should know when carrying out their duty with a weed eater.

Periodically check the tool for broken parts

It is imperative that the tool be checked periodically for broken parts. This can be after one or two uses or occasional checks. Most gardeners skip these checks and end up using the tool thereby claiming that it has malfunctioned and is of poor quality. Like any other form of machinery, checking if everything is in place and still in good working condition, will lead to optimum and impressive results delivered by the tool.

Check the fuel and gas level

This is a prime tip that every gardener should know if they own a weed eater that is gas powered. Fuel check to establish whether the tool is able to function is necessary. No gardener wants to start a job of weeding out a certain part of their lawn and midway through the job, get a sudden machine stop because of inadequate fuel. Think of it this way, the importance of checking the fuel or gas indicator in your vehicle to determine how much gas you need for a journey is the same importance the check on you weed eater tool requires as well to establish how much gas it needs to complete a given job.

Clear all barriers

Before embarking on a weeding excursion, clear out all barriers in the form of stray stones and obstacles in the path of your weed eater tool. These barriers play a significant role in damaging parts of the tool and also additionally may cause harm and injury when they are hit by the blades of a weed eater. Basically to avoid scenarios of flying objects and small stones in the air, clear out all barriers in the path of your weed eater.

weed eater

Protect yourself and other people

Protective wear is recommended when carrying out the duty of operating the weed eater. Protective wear that is in the form of an overall that covers both your arms and legs is recommended. Goggles that cover your eyes to protect them from flying objects is a necessity. Wearing a scarf that covers your nose and mouth is also advised. When operating the weed eater tool, as earlier mentioned, close windows and doors around and look out for any pets or young children who might be fascinated by the tool and be drawn closer to where you are working from thereby getting hurt in the process by the flying debris and objects.

Start the engine on firm ground

When starting the weed eater tool, the gardener can choose between two methods of starting the tool. One is by laying it down and starting it while holding it firmly against the ground; the other is by starting it while it is holstered to the safety belt worn by the gardener. All in all these two methods of starting the tool should be carried out in an open space to reduce any damages that may be caused upon impact of starting the machine. The firm ground provides the necessary stability one needs when starting the tool.

Adjust weed eater speed

The best cordless weed eater comes with speed variants that allow the user to operate it basing on the need, nature of work and efficiency required. Gardeners should know the right speed to be used for the tool when in residential areas and when in non residential areas. It is important to note that a higher speed projects a louder noise from the machine whereas a lower speed projects a softer sound from the tool. The ability to know which speed to use considering the noise that will be given off is a skill that should be harnessed by any gardener.

Wee eater speed

Operator awareness

As earlier mentioned, the operator of the weed eater tool should be conscious of people and pets that are within the vicinity of his work. Flying debris and grass clippings may not cause a serious damage but will deliver a painful hit. Stones and broken debris should be cleared out by the operator to ensure that none of them is hit by the blades of the tool.

Allow the engine to idle down

When using the weed eater tool it should be noted that like any other machine it will heat up as a result of its use. It is advisable that after its use, one reduces the speed to the minimum so as to allow the machine to cool down and adjust to running on the lowest of speeds. Immediate shut down of the tool after it has been used will lead to a cut in its life span as it has not cooled off the right way. Therefore a good five minutes of running at the least speed after use will enable the machine to cool down and then you can turn it off.

Turn off before performing maintenance

It is common knowledge that maintenance of any machine is performed in its idle mode or state. The same logic applies to the weed eater tool as well. Before embarking on a maintenance routine, make sure the tool is turned off as you do not want to lose a finger or two because of ignoring this simple requirement. Maintenance is an important aspect.

Safe storage after each use

Before storing your weed eater tool, ensure that you have cleaned it thoroughly of any debris picked up and any grass clippings that may be attached. A clean tool maintains its original state as there are no external objects that may play a role in leading to its degradation. Furthermore keep the tool dry and free from wetness or damp places. The water may accelerate the rusting effect on the metallic areas of the tool. Ensure to drain out the fuel after use into a fuel container or a jerry can to keep it for use another time.

Listed above are some of the weed eater safety tips that we think every gardener with a weed eating tool should be known to and familiar with so as to maintain a good working condition or state and efficiency of their tool.

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