Leaf Blower: A Beautiful Garden Or A Lawn Helper

Leaf Blower tool

In the process of maintaining your beautiful garden it can be tough choosing between a lawn helper and a leaf blower, lets have a beginners guide into what the difference and characteristics of of both methods are and why you should go for a leaf blower.

A leaf blower is known jast as its name goes as a tool used in the garden to blow out leaves from the garden. Typically mounted with a handheld wand, they are traditionally powered by electricity or gasoline engines. Gasoline engines are known to have two stroke engines but it has since been re-invented to have four strokes.

Since its inception in the 50s by Aldo Vandermolen, the sudden drought conditions that hit Carlifornia was a major reason for its acceptance and subsequent adoption due to the ban of water for the use of garden cleaning tasks. Annual sales jumped to over 800,000 due to its wide acceptance as they are easier and time conserving compared to the traditional means of manual lawn helpers. Some units are built to suck leaves via a vacuum and properly tucked into a bag.

Leaf Blower tool

Manual lawn helper: A leaf blower

Before the invention of leaf blowers the practice of maintaining lawns was done largely by manual means where you employ trained professionals to help you in the day-to-day maintenance of the lawn. However, this practice have proven to be less efficiwnt over the years as man has proven to has proven to be somewhat unreliable due to natural limitations.

Leaf Blower Pros And Cons

The leaf blower has come to take over from the traditional means of maintaining the lawn. However, The traditional means of cleaning the garden has actually refused to go away without a fight as it is proving to still be very relevant in our daily activities. The manual gadening maintenance system has proven to be very slow and time consuming in its operations unlike the leaf blower which has the capacity to do what humans can do in a shorter time. Due to the fastness of the leaf blower it has gone on to prove to be more efficient as it goes on to perform its role in very short time frame. Leaf blowers have proven to be relatively cheaper to maintain than keeping manual lawn helpers. This is so because the average speed of a human being can not be considered to the speed of a leaf blower. Durability, The average human being has a limited capacity to do tasks because of obvious human limitations but leaf blowers have been built to process tasks at a higher rate than human beings. As good as the leaf blower machines have been since its invention in the 50s, they have proven to be a threat to the environmental sanitation of the planet in general and the immediate environment where it is being used.

These polutions have been largely traced to the use of combustion or gasoline engines that some of them carry rather than electricity. It is however important to note that electricity powered leaf blowers have no such concerns as the gasoline powered leaf blowers. Less Stress: With the use of leaf blowers you can totally eradicate those bruise palms pains and sore hips by adopting the simple solutions that leaf blowers have come to provide. A very unusual advantage that the leaf blower gives you is the ability to dry your car after washing, I know you would be surprised but with the vacuum like air that the leaf blower produces comes handy for your car. Why you need a leaf blower: Despite reporting over 4000 cases of injuries related to leaf blowers in 2013 in the United States alone, it still remains the safest means of quickly cleaning your garden and getting rid of those leaves lurking around and disfiguring your lawn. As it helps you save a lot of time and give your garden the best possible look within a very short time.

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What to look out for when purchasing a leaf blower

The most important thing to look out for when buying the best leaf blower is its certifications as those stickers bearing the approval of NCS.CPSC.IEC, and a whole host of other certification agencies as they have been approved by a host of these agencies such as government agencies, suppliers and retailers as well as manufacturers. However, it is important to be very cautious when buying products of Chinese origin as regulatory standards are somewhat different there than that of the United States of America. Its also important to look out for a warranty sticker to know if your leaf blower has a warranty. If it does, it is important to fill the form and mail it to the manufacturer as this is the way you are sure of buying the right quality of leaf blower and being elegible for warranty claim.

Safety Measures when operating your leaf blower

As with all machines it is of utmost importance to keep out of the reach of children or minor. Adults under the influence of drugs or alchohol are strongly advised to stay away from operating a leaf blower just like every other machines. Adults in unstable mental conditions are also advised to keep away from leaf blower as it can cause severe injuries. Before operating your newly bought leaf blowerit is highly recommended to read the manufacturer’s instruction before operating. When cleaning the leaf blower it is important to unplug the sucket entirely before removing any attachment. It is important to always stick to manufacturer’s instruction in order to prolong the life of your equipment

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