Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

best cordless impact wrench for automotive

Even though you can possibly live without one of these impact wrenches it would make your job a lot easier without a doubt.If you want to buy one, you’ll probably want to go for the best cordless impact wrench for automotive that you can find and this article will give you all the information you need to do just that.

While the old impact wrenches were powered by compressed air but now they’re battery-powered, light weighs portable impact wrenches that can be carried around all day with no problems.These new electric impact wrenches are very small but are still able to pack a lot of punch and they’re perfect for fastening bolts or screwing tightly since they have tons of torque.

They are also known as air guns or torque guns, the impact the wrench has rotating hammer knocks that make twisting bolts extremely easy.

Update 2018: Comprehensive Guideline On Choosing The Best Cordless Impact Wrench

automotive cordless impact wrench

1. Critical Factors in Your Choice of Automotive Cordless Impact Wrench

There are lots of cordless impact wrenches out there and to be able to the best cordless impact wrench for automotive work you must first understand the key specifications that will give you critical information and help you make an informed decision.

1.1 Torque

Traditionally, torque is a measure of force that makes an object to rotate around an axis.When we’re talking about the best automotive cordless impact wrenches, their ability to rotate very fast is crucial in determining its performance.

The impact wrench is able to deliver high torque with minimal user effort by storing the energy in its rotating mass before swiftly delivering it to the output shaft.Thus, the most important factor in choosing an impact wrench is if it has enough torque to remove a fastener.

Very often the cordless impact wrenches will show two torque values: one for fastening and the other for unfastening or nut-busting.The first value is always lower.

1.2 Drive Size

There are various sizes but the most common one is 1/2″ and it’s this popular because it can be used for most applications.The next size people usually buy is 3/8” but even though it comes with a smaller total package it will have considerably less torque than the number one, the 1/2″.

1.3 No Load Speed

This parameter reflects the speed the wrench will turn on when it has no load.Having a higher speed makes screws fasten more quickly but at the same time, this comes with the price of a lower torque.Even though having a high-speed wrench is ideal, the more important high torque characteristic takes precedent so the best cordless impact wrench for automotive work is the one with high torque.

The manufacturers give the no-load speed because when the tool starts screwing its speed will vary, influenced by the difficultness of the job it’s used for.

2. Top 3 Best Automotive Impact Driver

Choosing is very difficult.To make things much easier for you, we’ve selected the top three wrench drivers that are best for automotive work.

2.1. DEWALT DC820B Cordless Impact Wrench

DEWALT DC820B 18-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench

  • Model: DC820B
  • Anvil: 1/2
  • IPM (Impacts/Min): 0-2,700
  • Torque: 1,740 in-lbs
  • Speeds: 1
  • RPM: 0-2,400
  • Battery Volts: 18V
  • Battery capacity: 2.4 Ah
  • Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 Year

It’s very low-weight, easy to handle and with a very high torque which makes it one of the best automotive impact wrenches. It’s ideal for any jobs as it is able to deliver 1,740 inch-pounds of torque and it makes fastening very quick and easy.Its impact mechanism will always direct the torque with absolutely no kickback.

The impact wrench can be used in any heavy-duty jobs as it is able to supply enough constant torque to do the job done.It has no load speed of 0-2,400 RPM and a 1/2” size that makes it compatible with the most projects, such as rotating tires or replacing old suspensions.It works incredibly well, is compact, feels great when used and has an outstanding warranty.

More than that, you’ll be able to use the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B for a very long time as it’s reliable and durable and it will maintain its performance over long-term use.

It works as I intended to used it for; its very handy working on the railroad tracks doing my routine tests and adjustments.

Super impressed with this little guy. I was afraid it wouldn’t have much power, but it definitely was able to remove the bolts torqued between 80 and 130 FtLbs. Only used it once so far, but it was able to take care of all the bolts during the suspension update on my car. Very pleased at the performance for the $$.


2.2 Milwaukee 2454-2 Impact Wrench For Automotive

Milwaukee 2454-22 Fuel 3 8 Impact Wrench Kit

  • Model: 2454-2
  • Anvil: 3/8
  • IPM (Impacts/Min): 0-2650 / 0-3500
  • Max Tightening Torque: 1,400 in-lbs
  • Speeds: 2
  • RPM: 0-1200 / 0-2650
  • Battery Volts: 12V
  • Battery capacity: 2.0Ah
  • Weight: 2.4 LBS
  • Warranty: 3 Year

It’s one of the most popular tools used by electricians and mechanics.It is a new addition to the growing M12 line and it’s a huge step forward for cordless tools.It’s a 3/8” square drive with more rubber around the handle that gives a much better feel.

Compared to the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B, it has a lower torque of 1,400 in-lbs but that is still sufficient for most automotive projects as it has the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor which outperforms most competitors with its constant power output and no heating problem.It has two different speed ranges you can operate at and two different torque settings.

In conclusion, the Milwaukee 2454-2 is a very nice addition to the M12 line, with its ergonomic design, low size and its constant power.It’s an automotive cordless impact wrench that will handle most of the projects you’ll have with no problems.

For a Shadetree mechanic this tool is fantastic! It has made so many jobs easier while working on my for a Shadetree mechanic this tool is fantastic! It is made so many jobs easier while working on my vehicle. I honestly should’ve bought one years ago!

Very powerful. I work in a body shop and so far it has exceeded all my expectations. It can take apart light duty screws on door panels and headlights on level one and bed bolts and bumper bolts on level 2. If your looking for a good impact this one is very worth the money


2.3 Craftsman C3 Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

Craftsman C3 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Kit

  • Model: C3
  • Anvil: 1/2
  • IPM (Impacts/Min): 0-3,000
  • Max Tightening Torque: 300 ft-lbs
  • Speeds: 1
  • RPM: 0-3,000
  • Battery Volts: 19.2 V
  • Battery capacity: 4.0 Ah
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year

It is the most convenient impact driver Craftsman produced this far as allows you to experience the freedom of battery-powered devices without any loss of power.It has a motor that can provide up to 3,000 RPM/IPM and 1750 in-lb of torque which makes it one of the best automotive impact drivers on the market.

It can be easily maneuvered with only one hand and the LED light is very efficient and dependable.The light stays on for 6 seconds after you’ve released the trigger allowing you to double-check your work before moving on.In addition, there is a speed control which is very useful when you’re facing projects that can’t deal with too much torque.

This tool can be used in any projects with its incredibly high torque and speed.It works great both when fastening and unfastening and it can easily remove stuck screws.Simply put, it’s a great, powerful tool that can be used in any number of automotive projects with no disappointments.

Awesome tool for an awesome price! Takes lug nuts off with ease and made quick work of my strut bolts and mounts as well. I used this to replaced my rear shocks and front struts on my car, the job would have been impossible without this tool. Highly recommended!

This impact exceeded my expectations. It’s first task was removing the wheels on a 3/4 ton truck. It passed the test.



Choosing the best cordless impact wrench for automotive work may seem more difficult than the work itself, as the market is flooded with competitive products that offer high power coupled with the freedom of the battery-power tools.There really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t replace your old compressed air powered wrench or the electrical one with one of these cordless efficient impact wrenches.

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