An Overview of Festool vs. Makita Which One Should Know About

Festool vs. Makita

If playing with wood & other stuffs are in your hobby, then you might end up needing a good & awesome power tools to cope up with your hobby. Well, now the actual thing pops up when one needs to decide between two great competitors in power tools that is Festool vs. Makita. Both these brands are excellent in power tools & have their individual special abilities and specifications. Today, in this article we will cover some of the most crucial & vital points regarding Festool vs Makita & discuss about their functionality and reliability and features as detailed as possible.

Festool vs. Makita: Difference between the reliability, quality & the warranty

Festool has always been a great choice for numerous workers and the cordless technology of Festool initially impressed the market. But now the Makita power tools products also impress the market with their brand power and good quality products. The track saw system, new trim cum plunge routing way, the pin gun attached within the model, and much more.

Even many people claimed that nowadays just investing money for cordless technology is worthless and this is the reason why many people prefer Makita over Festool. Even many people claimed that the battery and power life of Makita is far better than Festool & Makita also works on multi batter cum power platforms. Also the quality feature of Makita is proven to be more reliable than Festool. Now coming over to the blade technology the Makita blade works in more efficient way than Festool. The blade quality of Makita is far better and reliable than that of Festool. Last but not the least, the warranty feature of Makita is very good as compared to Festool.

When it comes to reliability then Makita is far more reliable than Festool. In the battle of reliability & durability of Festool vs. Makita; Makita always wins. Further, the blade technology of Makita is way better than Festool. Last but not the least, the warranty feature of Makita is better than that of Festool.

Festool vs Makita drill

Festool 564535 CXS Compact Drill Set
Festool 564535 CXS Compact Drill Set

First let us review the dill system for Festool; well Festool comes in triple tools in just one single piece (i.e., 3 parts in 1). It is engulfed with quick fix which enables the mechanism of the Centrotec chuck and also chucks which is keyless in nature. It also has a perpendicular angle mechanism attached which helps in the areas where the spaces are tight enough. No matter how deep drilling you do but the battery lifetime is considerably longer and it also needs just half an hour for full recharge of the batteries. Festool provides 3 full years warranty on machine parts, battery & specific other parts. It has weight of less than 2 pounds and this makes it quite easy for extended hours of operation. Festool is engulfed with advance technicalities and thus it has safety features inbuilt which helps the power tool from protection against over heating & over current.

Makita CX200RB 18V Brushless Cordless Combo Kit
Makita CX200RB 18V Brushless Cordless Combo Kit

Makita on the other hand have some of the cool features; its weight is roughly 2.9 pounds which makes it quite smoother for longer hours of operation. Its drill architecture is quite unique in shape and size and has almost eight inch of diagonal size which makes it suitable for hard core drilling purpose. Makita power tools is engulfed with brushless direct current motor which helps in obtaining maximum torque which is needed for ultimate drilling experience. Makita can also be used for wide range of drilling utilities; it even provides an RPM up to 800 for ultimate drilling experience. It also has good battery life.

Now when comparing about the drill review of both Makita & Festool; the weight factor is good for Festool when Festool vs. Makita is compared. Festool weighs around 2 pounds whereas Makita weighs around 2.9 pounds. This feature enables Festool to be a perfect power tool for longer duration of operation.

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Makita guide rail vs Festool guide rail

Festool uses the FS 2700 rail guide (110 inches approx.) which is engulfed with the Festool cut saw (TS Plunge). This helps in precised cuts & drills; it can also be up to 130 inches long & deep. This power tools is also integrated with guard rail (type is splinter) as deep cut line and prevents excess wear & tear out and scattering.

Festool 491937 Guide Rail
Festool 491937 Guide Rail

Festool is a fully integrated system which uses one’s Festool jigsaw &routers with the rail guide for wide ranged capability. During the cutting & drilling operation the dual stripes of high quality rubber makes sure that the power tool doesn’t slips. It also provides smooth cutting operation as it advance mechanism helps in reducing the friction between the gears and drills and rail guides.

Makita 194367 7 Guide Rail
Makita 194367 7 Guide Rail

The Makita rail guide on the other hand provides extreme sharp cutting edge technology which helps in smooth drilling with higher efficiency.

Now when comparing the reviews of guide rail between Festool vs. Makita the guide rail of Makita is much stronger and smoother than Festool and it allows smooth operation due to its rubber slips which helps in good operation.

Makita SP6000J cordless track saw review

Makita SP6000J Plunge Circular Saw
Makita SP6000J Plunge Circular Saw

It is featured with the ultra powerful 13.0 motor of AMP type which helps in best standard performance. It also help in most perfect cutting & drilling and delivers a smooth finish mirror type finish. It is also engulfed with automatic electronic speed control which helps in maintaining proper speed balance under good load for polish cutting. It also has multiple speed control dial (2200 -6,200 RPM) and thus it enables user to sync with the speed to the surrounding application. It also has built in safety feature which helps in protecting from burning or overheating.

This model is one of the best models when anyone is comparing Festool vs. Makita; it provides good RPM which helps to acquire smooth mirror finish of the surface. It is also engulfed with advanced safety features which provide safety from overheating and short circuits.

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