Properly Repairing your Porter Cable Battery and fix its problems

Properly Repairing your Porter Cable Battery and fix its problems

Ever had a problem with your porter cable battery? Has it been sitting in your storage for a long time? Well, it’s a problem that you can fix. Let’s enumerate the different problems that we can encounter with our power tool battery as well as the solutions on how to fix it.

There are common problems that we encounter with a porter cable battery. Here are the following problems:

Shorter Battery Life – When you left your battery in your storage for a long time and has not been used, there will be a tendency that your power tool battery will discharge fast. Another cause of short battery life is overcharging. Charging your battery for a long time is not advisable unless your tool instruction says to leave the battery on the charger. Draining your porter cable battery all the way down can also cause this problem. It can damage the poles permanently. You must recharge your battery as soon as it starts to slow down.
Overheating – Heat is a big problem for a porter cable battery if being stored in a hot and humid area. It can damage your battery, and it may eventually cause an explosion. If the battery is too hot, never use it right away or let it cool down first.
No Power – This problem is commonly caused by overcharging. Not only do you shorten your porter cable battery’s life but you also damage your battery.
As we always believe, every problem has a solution. Let us know the methods on repairing your porter cable battery.

Step 1: Gather all the things needed for the repair. Prepare all the specific tools and materials that are needed like a screwdriver, soldering equipment, and new batteries for replacement. You must also determine the type of battery case you have.

Step 2: Determine what battery type you are using before buying the new batteries for replacement. You must know the size, capacity, type, and voltage of the battery. The size of the battery depends on the space of your battery pack. If you’re having a difficulty in determining its size, you can measure it or search online about its measurements. There are different types of batteries. Porter cable battery has the NiCad, NiMh, and the Li-on battery type. Hence, you should determine the correct type that you need. Voltage determines how fast the battery releases energy. You can buy new batteries online or in hardware stores near you.

Step 3: Change your batteries. Disconnect first the connections in the old battery pack. Cut the heat-shrink if it is available in your battery pack. There are other batteries that do not have a heat-shrink. Remember the exact formation of your old battery pack for your reference. Do not use too much heat when using a soldering iron. It may damage your battery, or it might cause an explosion.

Step 4: After changing batteries, always remember to dispose it properly. Throwing rechargeable batteries irresponsibly is illegal. It is a hazardous material that might cause damage to the environment.

Porter cable batteries offer you the best batteries that you could have. If you encounter problems with this product, you can do your own repairs on your porter cable battery as long as you take safety precautions. Always remember that if you don’t want your battery to be damaged, better use it properly and don’t store it in an inappropriate storage area. Seek advice from the experts of porter cable batteries on how to properly maintain and fix it. They certainly know what are the dos and the don’ts for your porter cable battery and what’s best for it.

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