Hurry And Get Your Porter Cable PC18B Battery Pack While It’s Hot!

Porter Cable PC18B Battery Pack

I am always very picky when it comes to choosing my power tools and I am particularly interested in the brand name and the place of manufacture.

Whenever I need to buy a power tool like a power drill for example, which is not too often, I go for a Porter Cable power tool brand. Today I will recommend Porter Cable PC18B Battery Pack, it it one of popular products I like. If you are a lover of power tools like me, then this article is meant for you, so just keep on reading!

Porter Cable PC18B Battery compatibility

Did I hear you say; why Porter Cable PC18B Battery ?

Well, like I mentioned earlier, I don’t buy power tools too often and that’s because Porter Cable power tools are particularly durable and I have been using a power drill purchased three years ago without any problems whatsoever.

Porter Cable is an American based company founded in 1906 by R.E. Porter, G.G. Porter and F.E. Cable, so am sure of its reputation and quality.

They specialise in the production of power tools like power drills and cutting saws as well as their accessories like drill bits and battery packs.

Alright, I not a salesperson for the company and am not earning a dollar marketing it’s product!

However, I can’t help but praise a good product when it’s being tried and tested by me.

One of such products is the Porter Cable PC18B Battery pack.

You might be wondering what makes this Porter Cable Battery pack so special.

The reason is simple actually, I have been using the Porter Cable Battery PC18B pack for two years now without any complaint.

I was initially using the porter cable battery power pack with model number PC18BL which consists of a single lithium-ion battery and 1Ah cell and it worked well for my power drill but with the PC18B upgrade, I now have a high output nickel cadmium, 1.5 Ah cell battery that provides as much as 500 recharges with excellent run-time after every successful charge.

This battery pack is compatible and interchangeable, it can be used on a variety of Porter Cable power tools and this makes it a handy battery pack to have around.

PC18B Porter Cable Battery Features To Look Out For!

Porter Cable PC18B BatteryThe PC18B Porter Cable Battery pack has the following features you should look out for;

This battery pack weighs approximately 1 pound. It’s dimension is 8.8 x 5.9 x 3.5 inches. The voltage of PC18B Porter Cable Battery pack is 18 volts.

The Porter Cable Battery pack also comes with a Three (3) year warranty and a One (1) year free service agreement.

If you think that’s cool! Then you will love it’s 90 day money back guarantee as a side-dish. This means you have ample time to review its performance before you can actually decide whether it is the right package for you.

So, if you are eagerly looking for a battery pack to power your favourite power tools, then you should look no further than the PC18B Porter Cable Battery pack.

What is even more exciting about this PC18B Porter Cable Battery pack is that it’s price is just under $30 which is quite a bargain for shoppers looking for a seamless combination of elegance, functionality and durability.

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