Universal tool battery charger: The best technology availabe today

The universal tool battery charger is a contemporary battery charging technology without necessarily using wires. It is a system that is required in the contemporary world especially the military because it can be applied in charging of multiple batteries. Its application in a international space station is a major advantage in ensuring that less cargo passes through the station In fact, research has identified a new universal charger hat can applicable to different electronic brands.

This saves time and allows users to purchase an electronic that best suits their needs because they are not worried about charging Consequently, it enhances the activities of crew members because universality creates an effective mechanism of ensuring that a gadget is charged with relative ease.

Cordless Power Tool Universal Charger

Currently, cordless power tools have undergone extensive improvements from the traditional ones across of folds and features to enhance charging For example, Lithium-ion batteries alongside the recent brushless motors have sufficiently provided a similar torque and necessary speed within a package that increases the degree of lighting On the other hand, this improvement has enhanced the performance of the cordless tools because they have increased their runtime created by one battery charger. Also, it has reduced the concern and risk where a cord is lost.

However, extensive research into the universal charger has provided an opportunity for improving and making the cordless tools a reality. In particular, research into the area of connectivity and universal charging have created a new frontier of power tools to be consistent with the battery platforms so that the underlying prickly problems can be resolved for better experience or duced new evolution of high-tech electronic devices.

On this basis, many electronic manufacturers have introduced new battery platforms so that the underlying prickly problems can be resolved for better experience of professionals and contractors. The underlying principle is ensure the cordless tools are easy to charge and harder to lose.

The Base Unit Of Universal Charger

The manufacture of a universal charger is composed of a base unit that has functions to promote the charging experience. the voltage requirement of the Base unit is 28V that are supplied from a direct current power source installed from an express rack or a better designed junction box. Several manufacturers prefer mounting a base unit onto the express rack, but others prefer locating it to another location within the desig It is imperative to ensure that the base unit has enough space measuring about 18x9x5 inches. the main unction of the base unit is to host a functionality that is used in the mechanism of batter charging This functionality requires an adapter and it has been revealed that unused adapters should be stowed and proper dimensions should be 5x4x2 inches.

Adapters should be specific to the kind of battery type and should be labelled with sufficient information that will guide effective and sufficient charging of the battery.

Extensive research in the recent past has focused on the creation of a dual frequency system of wireless charging that is applicable to charge multiple devices at the same time. This has eased the challenges of charging devices like smartphones, laptops, computers and even tablets. Here, the universal charging is not restricted by the standard of wireless of the device or its supported frequency. A multi-standard transformer level of efficiency. Therefore this is the main feature that makes it a universal charger because it is not level for distributing power is a new technology that properly works within a spectrum of frequencies and a high level of efficiency, Therefore, this is the main feature that makes it a universal charger because it is not restricted by frequency and efficiency of the device being charged, it can be noted that this is the real revolution of a universal charger that has revolutionalized the cordless tools.

The Concept Of Study

The concept of study enhances the performance of a universal charger in its functionality for distributing required power to different devices that are being charged at the same time. Here, the technology has succeeded in addressing the issues that can be a major trouble of traditional wireless technologies. Initially there was a major concern of incompatibility that existed among three traditional standards for wireless charging Such traditional wireless technologies include: Qi, Rezence and longtime powermat standard. their functionality was only applicable to devices that contained a similar standard. In this regard, traditional cordless charging technologies have taken a forward step in ensuring in combating a problem that existed in the technologies used in Blu-ray and another elaborate skill used in HD DVD. There is an engineering concern hat can be limited by incompatible nature of wireless standards.

A universal charger is an idea strategy that can be used to resolved this engineering concern Basically, a universal charger that supports all standards is the only remedy to this problem that should be resolved.

The challenge of standards is created through their operations on basis of varying frequencies. Forexample, Qi and Powermat have their functionality optimum at 200kHz while the other traditional wireless technology Rezence is operated on a frequency of 6.78 MHZ. this variation meant that a universal charger was not reality or it had to operate within all standards of frequencies. Technical, the ability of a universal charger to properly function within a varied range of frequencies is based on the nature of the transmitter coil Cordless charging tools is supported by a transmitter coil to distribute high-power signals to another receiver that is compatible to the receiver device within the device that is being charged The engineering concern about the cordless tools is that they are founded on a transmitter coil that is only optimize to function within a single frequency.

The best solution of dealing with this problem has always been developing a universal charger that i able to function properly within a varied of different frequencies. These operations should be real-time and able to work at the same time across a variety of devices regardless of their frequency of standard. A common prototype that is developed measures approximately 125×8. 9 centimeters consisting of a transmitter coil that is optimized to function properly within a 200kHz. another protype can be used to operate in the outer coil that supports a frequency of 6.78 MHZ. the design allows the coil to lie within a similar plane so that it can support a compact size. This design is just spacious enough to ensure that it is able to fit two smartphones on either side. Similarly the suitability of the prototype is existence of a filtering circuit that is specifically provided to coils from interacting alongside themselves to cause efficiency problems.

This research has considered the efficiency of the charging platform that has two receiver coils that are incorporated with different frequencies of 200khz and 6.78MH. This was a success fore enabling the model for two dissimilar smartphones. In their study, they practically revealed that the charging platform was sufficient to distribute power to all the receiver coils within different frequencies that occurred in the range of 70-80 percent. Another discovery in the system indicated that the receiver coils were supplied with power disregarding the position they were placed within the underlying charging platform the results of the study indicate that a multi-device and standard universal charger was not supposed to be characterized by fficiency problems. another technology that has enhanced development of universal charger can be evaluated through inductive technology and Bluetooth devices.

Universal Tool Charger Inductive Technology

Inductive charging technology can be applied into a universal charger for a cordless power tool because of its underlying concept of contactless energy distribution. Basically, an inductive cooktop and an elaborate Powermat electronics can also been applied to create a phenomenon of universal charging for a cordless power tool. In this system a wireless system starts operation immediately a charger is plugged in within the set of compatible battery. the transmission of magnetic field caused by indication causes the charging effect within the cordless power tool. This technology utilizes an internal copper coil that serves the functionality of a receiver. As the process continues, the alternating magnetic field causes an induction o voltage that enters into the coil. Consequently, charging starts through flowing of voltage into the cells until they become full.

Universal tool battery charger

Bosch is a distinguished manufacturer that gas effectively used this technology in manufacturing of more cordless power tools. Through inductive charging the batter is able to stay for a longer period of time at any time it is idle and lying on the table. there is no continually proceed with removing batteries and occurrence of switching that exists between the dead and charged batteries. Basically, this provides a fundamental benefit tor manufacturing this product line because it reduces the occasional time constraints Restricting the need to expose existence of all contact points within the charger demonstrate that it is not easily affected by environmental risks like dust, dirt and other forms of debris.

Universal chargers are required to feature a tool called “Foreign object Detection”that offers an important cordless power tool detection of other devices that can be charged. This will show presence f any other devices besides a compatible battery that has been connected to the charging pad In the event that the system detects a device, the universal charger will remain off until that devices is finally disconnected from the system. this is an important safeguard because it protects the universal charger from possibility of power damage from other inductive material like nails and bolts that are likely to come in contact with he charging pad .

Currently, this technology has only been applied to the bosch’s 18V platform because it is properly served through a combination of a charger and battery. However, the batteries can properly work with the presence of available tools and it is important that they are kept intact. Universal charging for cordless power tools contains batteries that fall in the range of 2.0-4.0 Ah potential. Precaution should be exercised to ensure that the capacity of the battery does not exceed 6. 0Ah provided by common batteries manufactured the company. In utilizing this system, it is possible that the system will be maintained charged all throughout and this minimizes the need for extended longer runtime.

Bluetooth Batteries

Lastly, the bluetooth is another important technology that can be applied in manufacture of universal chargers for cordless power tools. This is a common technology that is applicable artphones and other electronics using wireless speakers. In the manufacture industry, this technology has been properly utilized by Dewalt in manufacture of similar universal chargers that function on the basis of a bluetooth technology batterie, this is not commonly applied as a common tool with the ordinary purpose. The Bluetooth enabled s have incorporated the lithium ion material and is rated 20V with an 2.0-4.0Ah. This universal charg has effectively been used in both Android and apple through the connection of a addewalt’s Tool Connect lows the universal charger for cordless power tools to be monitored remotely including the battery lever his App. This gives its users a good ability to utilize and control cordless power tools in the battery remotely including the battery level .

The advantages provided by this design of the universal charger for cordless power tools include it can send a signal when it is out of range, it automatically gets disabled when it is placed out of range, it can for an application for “Lending Button”that is suitable for sharing batteries. As such, the users benefit from this technology because they are able to select a specific time duration for the cordless power tool for lending out In a situation where time is exceeded the battery will automatically shut down and sends a signal alert.


In conclusion, The universal tool battery charger has benefitted from One-key system that is utilized in inventory management and enables precision control tools. this is achieved through connection to a web-based application that can be compatible with a mobile phone. As such, the user is able to set the cordless power tool in a manner that is desirable to the user. For instance it is possible to control speed and other features like torque through an upload using a mobile device. Therefore the one-key system requires hat a cordless tool and battery are downloaded and incorporated in a mobile application Universal charger or cordless power tool continues to be a major area of research that is likely to be improved by extensive reasearch.

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