Best Dewalt Charger Reviews: Bestsellers on the market today

Best Dewalt Charger Reviews

Dewalt is one of the leading power tool battery brands available in the market and a preferred choice among power tool users. Apart from many useful items produced by the company battery chargers deserve special mention. With their long list of excellent productions, we have shortlisted some of them so that the users can choose between the top quality models. Below is a comprehensive list of reviews of the best Dewalt battery chargers:

DEWALT Pod Style (DW9116 7.2-Volt to 18-Volt) 1 Hour Fast Battery Charger

Dewalt DW9116 chargerThe DW9116 Dewalt battery charger is one of the top-recommended and most ordered chargers on the market. It is compatible with all Dewalt 7.2V – 18V batteries (except uni-volt batteries). It has a five-light LED indicator to display its charge status, and it features Battery Thermal Protection System.


  • The pros of the DCB101 Dewalt charger are the following:
  • It charges in 1 hour or less.
  • It has a five-light LED indicator to displays its charge status
  • It features Battery Thermal Protection System.


The cons of the DCB101 Dewalt charger include:

  • It is hard to find since it is one of the only battery chargers that offer multiple voltages for post-type 7.2 volts to 18-volt batteries.
  • Some consumers have also reported having returned the product because it did not charge their non-Dewalt battery.

DEWALT MAX Li-Ion (DCB101 12 Volt MAX and 20 Volt) Battery Charger

Dewalt charger DCB101This DeWalt charger is slightly primitive compared to the above model, but when compared to other similar categories DCB101 outmatched others. The charger supports a maximum of 110voltage. Classic LED lights are also present on the body to provide you a better understanding of charging, discharged, power line faults etc. Downtime is minimized to 1 hour or less while juicing the batteries. The product has 3 years of warranty and has been Energy Star certified for being environment-friendly.

The DCB101 Dewalt battery charger is a top-rated battery charger which runs on 110 voltage and charges all Dewalt MAX Li-Ion batteries (12V and 20V) in 1 hour or less. It features a LED indicator which communicates the battery charge status. It is also Energy Star qualified and has a 3-year limited warranty.


The pros of the DCB101 Dewalt charger are the following:

  • It charges in 1 hour or less
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty


  • The cons of the DCB101 Dewalt charger include:
  • The indicator light only has one color (red); blinking red means it is charging while solid red means that it is fully charged.
  • It will only work on 110-volt input.
  • The batteries fit awkwardly in the charger and needed to be jammed in.
  • Lack of added features

Dewalt Flexvolt Charger DCB118

This is a unique Dewalt charger with a slight modification to make it more portable and increase runtime. It’s a 5 Amp model which supports a maximum of 20 Volts. The product is XR rated which means it delivers an extra 33% runtime compared to other 20 Volt models.

Three LED is added to provide the current state of charging. The unit is made portable having a curb weight of only 1.42 Ibs. There is a limited factory warranty along with 30 days money back guarantee on this product.

Dewalt Flexvolt Charger DCB118

Dewalt Charger DCB103

Another Dewalt charger with dual port and dual standby facilities. While port 1 can charge all Dewalt devices running from 12Volts to a maximum of 20 Volts, port 2, however, is designed to charge all Dewalt Li-Ion batteries (except uni-volt) ranging from 7.2Volts to 18Volts.

Downtime of this charges is consistent on 1 hour or less. Diagnostic LED lights give accurate and current status of charging and discharged. The unit has an extraordinary 3 years warranty, 1-year free service contract and 30 days money back guarantee.

Dewalt Charger DCB103

DEWALT MAX Jobsite Charging Station (DCB102BP 20-volt) with Battery Pack

DEWALT MAX Jobsite Charging StationAnother top-rated Dewalt battery charger, the DCB102BP can charge up to two Dewalt (12V – 20V) Li-Ion batteries at the same time. It features two (2) USB charging ports for charging compatible devices as well as a LED Indicator. It includes one (1) DCB204 20V MAX Premium XR Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

The pros of the DCB102BP Dewalt charger include:

  • It can charge two (2) batteries simultaneously.
  • It has two (2) USB charging ports.

The cons of the DCB102BP Dewalt charger are the following:

  • It is heavy; it weighs 4.7 pounds.
  • It is inconvenient to use when charging only one (1) battery at a time.

DEWALT MAX Li-Ion 12V – 20V Battery Charger

DEWALT DCB115 MAX Lithium Ion Battery ChargerThis DeWalt charger has inspiring footprints and runtimes that exceed the previous models. Overall charging time takes 1 hour or less which eventually minimizes the downtime. The device is powerful as well as portable with a weight of 1.67 Ibs. A series of LED panels are present which assists you in diagnosing problems like overheating, power line problems, charging, discharged etc. There is a three-year warranty for the charger along with 30 days of satisfaction guaranty.

The Dewalt DCB115 is one of the newest Dewalt chargers and can charge all 12V – 20V Dewalt Max Li-Ion batteries in 90 minutes or less. It features a yellow LED for Hot/Cold Pack Delay and is backed by Dewalt’s 3-year limited warranty.

The pros of the DCB115 Dewalt charger are the following:

  • It has screw slots on the bottom and can be wall mounted.
  • It is not a power drainer; it pulls less than 1mA without a battery inserted.
  • It is energy efficient; it uses a switch mode power supply converting line energy into charging energy.

The cons of the DCB115 Dewalt charger include:

  • It will not run with 220-volt input.
  • It will not charge the older nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • It charges in 90 minutes or less while most battery chargers boast charging times of 60 minutes or less

Best Dewalt Charger Reviews

The Dewalt charger listed in the above section are all unique in their own kind of way. While some give you more efficiency, the another one gives you more power and a longer span of service warranty. The list is handpicked as the top best quality Dewalt battery charger models so that users can pick the right ones according to the needs.

The Dewalt battery chargers featured above are the current top-rated and bestsellers on the market today, and hopefully, this comprehensive review will help you decide which Dewalt battery charger is best for your power tool battery needs.

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