The Best Dewalt Cordless Battery Charger: Reasons Why You Should Go For It?

The Dewalt battery charger is the perfect battery charging accessory. It is an affordable, light-weight, piece of equipment that you can safely use to charge your 12V – 20V Li-ion batteries in 90 minutes or less.

Dewalt is one of the leading power tool battery makers available in the market and a favored choice among power tool users. Below is a list with reviews of the best money-saving Dewalt cordless battery charger and reasons why you should go for it:

DEWALT Cordless Battery Charger DC9320BP

DEWALT Battery Charger DCB115
This unit is not like the above two. DC9320BP is a dual port Dewalt charger and supports two Dewalt batteries ranging from 7.2 Volts to 18 Volts. Both the batteries get simultaneously charged within 1 hour or less. The unit is categorized under the power source of cordless electric and has the highest Energy Star certification. For customer satisfaction, there is a 2-year warranty along with a 30 days money back guaranty.
The DCB102BP Dewalt charger can simultaneously charge up to two (2) Dewalt 7.2 volt to 18 volt NiMH/NiCD/lithium ion batteries in one hour or less. It has a 3-stage charging system which provides maximum run time and extends overall life of your batteries.


  • The charger can charge all the Dewalt 18-volt battery tools
  • It can charge 2 batteries simultaneously


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

The best Dewalt cordless charger is a favorite purchased because it allows you to charge two batteries at the same time, using the same amount of electricity. In addition, it also extends the overall runtime of all of your batteries, thanks to its efficient 3-stage charging system.

The Dewalt cordless battery chargers featured above are the current top-rated and bestsellers in the market today, and hopefully, this comprehensive review will help you decide which Dewalt charger is right for your power tool battery needs.

If you are looking for Dewalt 20v charger, they are here:

The Best Dewalt Cordless Battery Charger


There are different models to choose from but whatever choice you go with, you can be sure that it will get the job done. The Best Dewalt charger comes with a ton of features, some of which include:

Features Affordability

This charger is one of the most affordable battery chargers out there in the market. Models start at around $35 up to $120. If you don’t need too much power, then you should opt for the cheaper models while power users will prefer the pricier ones as they output more power.

Coupled with a powerful performance, this brand of battery chargers gives you incredible value for your money. Other battery chargers cost more while still not giving you the satisfaction of a reliable performance.


This battery charger charges all Dewalt 7.2V – 20V NiCd/NiMH/Li-ion batteries with the sole exception of Univolt batteries. This wide range of usage allows the users to use only 1 charger for multiple cordless products.

The Dewalt charger completely charges the batteries fully in 1 hour or less (depending on the capacity and voltage of the battery) thereby minimizing downtime.

The chargers all come with the patented Dewalt® 3-stage charging system which maximizes run-time and extends the overall life of the battery.


Most battery chargers are poorly designed. This makes usage very cumbersome and stressful. The Dewalt battery chargers are the exception to this rule.

Years of research and testing are spent on the design of these battery chargers. This allows for easy usage and better aesthetics in the workshop.

Weighing at just 1.3lbs, the chargers are very lightweight. This will ensure that carrying the chargers around from room to room does not leave you with back-pains and the likes.

Design should not be an over-looked factor when choosing a battery charger as it might pose issues later.


The Dewalt chargers also come with some extra features to enhance the user experience.

It comes with a diagnostic LED indicator which communicates a host of information to the user. The LED indicator indicates when the battery is charging, charged, or when the battery is too hot or too cold.

It can also communicate a power-line problem, and when the pack needs to be replaced to the user.

Extras like these are what set them apart from other battery-chargers in the market.


A battery charger can either make or break your productivity. By choosing good quality chargers such as the Dewalt cordless battery charger, you are effectively ensuring increased productivity and convenience in the workplace.

Incredible features such as the low-power consumption, the switch-mode power supply system, and a great design makes this product an extremely useful addition to the workplace.

Different Dewalt cordless battery charger such as the BD200, DB201, DB202, DB204, and the DB205 all exists for different price ranges and requirement. If you need more power, then go for the DCB115 model and you will not regret the decision.

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