Best Dewalt Cordless Tools: What to Expect from New Dewalt Tools 2019

Best Dewalt Cordless Tools

Best Dewalt Cordless ToolsUsing cordless power tools is the rage nowadays, and as someone who is into new technology and stuff, I am always excited with the thought of using new tools that can help me do easy and heavy duty chores at home. The year 2019 is fast approaching, and I can’t wait and see how Dewalt will top its amazing new cordless power tool collections this upcoming year.

Well, I did some research to make me always ahead of the information, and guess what? Dewalt has incredible things in store for us next year! If you are someone who is keen on using power tools and power tool battery packages, then this article is for you. If you are simply looking for the best Dewalt cordless tools, then this article is also for you!

Below is the list of amazing Dewalt cordless tools that will certainly make it big this 2019:

ToughSystem Music Player – Dewalt Cordless Tools

DEWALT TOUGHSYSTEM MUSIC PLAYERMusic has always been something that excites me, and if you are a music geek like me, then you will probably be dying to have this music player on your holiday wish list. This music system is a three-dimensional sound system. It is very durable, portable, and easy to use. The sound blasting from this system is of high-quality that certainly competes with the other HD music players in the market recently.

Planning a long journey but afraid that you might short on battery supply to sustain your music party? No worries! What I love about this product is the free Dewalt charger in lithium-ion that goes with it. This built-in battery charger can accommodate charging options of 12 voltage up to 20 voltage.

Dewalt FLEXVOLT System Battery Pack

Dewalt FLEXVOLT System Battery PackThis is my personal favorite! This Flexvolt system 20/60 battery platform is the ultimate game changer. Before, I have to change battery pack for various power tools I use, but now, this new FlexVolt System is the ultimate battery pack for all Dewalt power tools. It automatically changes the voltage for every piece of tools I use. It’s money-saving and less hassle on my part. Plus, you can even charge it using the Dewalt charger in 20 volts. I honestly like and would recommend this fantastic battery power tool battery to my friends.

Moreover, it is compatible with both corded and cordless power tools. It also has about three times more power than the typical 18-volt battery pack.

FLEXVOLT Dewalt Charger (DCB118)

Dewalt Flexvolt Charger DCB118Well, if you got to have an ultimate battery pack for all your Dewalt power tools, it is only right and just to have this equally amazing FLEXIVOLT Dewalt charger. This fast-charging item can charge batteries in 60 minutes or less. It may look bulky and heavy, but it actually weighs around 1.5 pounds in all.

At first, I was hesitant in using this Dewalt charger with my 60V battery pack; I was afraid that it would overheat after several uses. Only to find out later on that this Dewalt charger has an internal fan that cools the battery inside and reduces heat. As if this feature isn’t enough to convince me that this is indeed one of the best value Dewalt products I have, this charger is also compatible with all 20-volt batteries and 60-volt batteries. This means that you can actually use this one to charge your 60V FLEXIVOLT System Battery Pack!

These three cool and best Dewalt cordless tools are indeed worth every dollar I spent. Though these three cost me a huge sum of cash, I didn’t have any regret at all. I mean if you are one of those people who constantly use several power tools in a day like a handyman and a plumber, then the 60V battery pack and Flexivolt Dewalt charger are a must!

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